So, I'm a hiker now.

6 months ago, if you had told me I would consider myself a hiker, become outdoorsy, and hike 30 miles in one day, I probably would have said you were nuts. However, here I stand; well, sit…at my desk, day dreaming of my next hike. 30 miles (and god knows how many training miles down), yearning to go on a backpacking trip and start camping, figuring out how I can become a “Trail Maven”, all while figuring out how I’m going to hike my next 30-miler which will up my ante to 60 miles in 2 days, within 6 months. 

How did I get to this place? And who have I become? I’m not quite sure, but I love it and I love her. I feel at peace with not only myself, but our gorgeous planet. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I feel an amazing desire to push myself further, harder, faster – to be healthier and eco-friendlier.

Here I am. The new hiking me. Let’s see what I’ve got for you.