Today’s americanhikingsociety‘s My Public Lands @Instagram Takeover Travels to Wyoming

“Last year’s #NationalTrailsDay was a huge success thanks to federal land agency partners such as BLM.  In 2014, over 144,000 Americans got outside to explore trails in all 50 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and Canada at one of the over 2,100 activities that took place from local parks to BLM managed lands.   Over 21,000 volunteers contributed their time & sweat to spruce up our nation’s trails resulting in 1,360 miles of trails maintained!  Over 550 people attended events that took place on BLM land last year which included hikes, bikes, and various trail projects.

For example, volunteers this year can join a guided natural history hike on Peak Divide Trail in BLM Wyoming. Many sagebrush songbirds and plants are found along the trail and will be identified throughout the hike. The trail winds through two miles of badlands on the southern edge of the Wilderness Study Area, offering spectacular views of the McCullough Peaks area and the Bighorn Basin. Visit the @AmericanHiking website for more information about this and other National Trails Day events.”  

Photo by Lisa Marks, BLM Wyoming

Good Morning!

I actually didn’t sleep in today. Plan was to workout and walk Cocoa and then Sam and I were to go to that hiking trail. Plans ended up changing. :/ 

My back is hurting pretty bad from last nights activity so I’ll probably just be stretching it off then relaxing until I feel its okay to move lol 

I had a nightmare –I’m very insecure about my legs and I had a nightmare that I was in school and our teacher started making fun of my body. Saying that I don’t have a feminine figure and to make it worse my friend in that class was making fun of me too. I ran away to hide in the bathroom but then these guys tried to mess with me and I ended up fighting them…lol it was so weird. 

I then waited to talk to a counselor to change my class, but while I was waiting in the lobby I was sitting next to my high school crush. hahaha and then I woke up. 

Anyways, I hope you are having a better morning than I am. ^_^ 

If you are in the USA then have a good Memorial Day. 
don’t forget what this day is really about.