mark oliphant conservation park
crafers to mount lofty summit

• everyone bailed on today’s hike, but i decided to solo it.

• hadn’t been to mark oliphant before but figure it would be okay. it’s a nice park, but quite… boring. poorly maintained park, but i assume it’s because it is hardly used? wanted to check out the waterfall, but the rain had made the trails quite damp and sludgy. my shoes are nice and muddy.

• the waterfall itself was just trickling, despite the rain all week.

• i cut myself a few times on my legs, due to the overhanging branches.

• decided to leave the park instead of checking out the other trails.

• after getting in the car, i decided to go to crafers instead. there is an alternate route to get to the summit that isn’t as strenous as the waterfall gully to summit hike.

• walked on the way there, decided to try and run back. i didn’t push myself at all, but the run felt good. other than the bit where i stacked it and slightly rolled my ankle and landed on my wrist. now my wrist hurts a bit.

• but i ran, guys. i ran! woah!


i will be shifting slightly the direction of this page from surivalism and prepping to backpacking and my upcoming thru-hike.

not a complete conversion as i will be taking key points from all areas and finding common ground.

i am positive survivalists can learn a great deal in minimalism and efficiency from hikers and backpackers. 80lb bug-out-bags and combat boots arent going to cut it anymore.