18 February, 2017: A Walk Through the Park

“Jensen, how much sauropod feed have we got left in storage? The ranger depot’s running low.”

“Negative five tonnes.”

“…negative five tonnes?”

“We had to dip into the other species’ reserves to keep up with demand.”

This is a discussion that we have regularly around these parts. There’s a reason why we have so few of the larger animals. Their dining bills are through the roof, and they don’t even tip us. They don’t have opposable thumbs, nor the ability to read, and therefore cannot circle the varying amounts of 10, 15, 18, and 20 percent. If they could, I also assume they wouldn’t. They’d be those customers.

Work on Vista View’s final installment – The Conway Trail – has completed. I took a picture of Loretta, one of my interns, with one of our two brachs in the background on the aforementioned trail (I can’t tell which one – their head crests have different markings, but it’s very difficult to see in this shot). With the pathway’s finalization, the gigantic enclosure has completed all phases of construction (maintenance withheld). And for those of you who are worried that the brachs, camarasaurs, or brontosaurs will squash any guests – fear not! Low-frequency soundboxes built along the trail deter them from getting too close.

My work isn’t over, however, as I have to begin overseeing the final touches and facilitate the introduction of animals in several other soon-to-be-revealed attractions. Hold onto your hats, folks. It’s going to be a fun time.

The Huxley Paleozoo will never be finished. If anyone ever declares this place “finished,” consider it under new management. The fauna and flora here require constant care and attention, and as our first wave of construction and fine-tuning concludes, you can always expect even just the slightest bit more.

- Erick