Arizona: Sedona, Flagstaff and Page

Arizona: Sedona, Flagstaff and Page

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The second to last weekend of my stay in Phoenix, AZ, my mom decided to accompany me on an exploring weekend in Sedona, Flagstaff, and Page, Arizona. We hiked, we sweated, we drove, we took pictures and we marveled at the beautiful landscape. I think pictures tell a better story in this case, so keep scrolling for some of my favorites from this unforgettable weekend. Sedona 1: Trailhead Sedona 2:…

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Symmetry in the tunnel cut by West Fork is hard to find unless you lean in close and see it from the rock’s point of view. It looks especially alien in black and white, when red stone and green trees blend into shape and texture found nowhere else. Curiously this tunnel carves both sides of the canyon depending on the bend, as though some great worm had chewed its way through in ages past. Check back tomorrow to see the broad stream and tall walls at our trail’s end!

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