hiking with bighorn


Summit Series: Grotto Mountain and Mount Lady Macdonald. I combined these two because Teeko and I hiked these both on the same day last year. Grotto and Lady Mac are adjacent mountains right near Canmore AB (the town is visible in some of the pictures). As you can see, they are frequented by bighorn sheep!

Fun fact: Mount Lady Macdonald was named after Sir John A. Macdonald’s wife (Sir John A. Macdonald was the first Prime Minister of Canada). :D

Fun fact #2: In one of the pictures you can see a helipad. This was constructed for a failed tourism venture - a tea house was going to be built partway up Lady Mac so that tourists could be flown up to it from town via helicopter!

Fun fact #3: Grotto Mountain contains a cave called Rat’s Nest Cave on its south-facing slope. Unfortunately I have never been inside the cave (accessible via guided tour only), but apparently it has really cool features like prehistoric artifacts and pictographs, paleontological specimens, and of course stalactites and stalagmites.