hiking trails up the surrounding mountains


Pinnacles National Park, CA

Located right in the middle of a quaint little town in California. Soledad is your original beautiful Little city, with old architectural designs and old school culture. Mexican men in groups of 5 with their old beautiful, traditional cowboy hats and smiles that will melt you. We ended up going to the visitor center there first to see if the park was open, once we got there we drove through millions of almond trees, that surrounded us and welcomed us into Pinnacles National Park.

This park was one of our favorites! The hiking was amazing, we ended up climbing rocks, and caves, climbing an awesome mountain. The park is beautiful, clean, and they had some awesome trails! A river runs through the whole park, there is water everywhere. You can stumble onto some waterfalls, we ended up really enjoying the feeling of feeling like children again and really exploring every inch of the area.

After exploring and hiking, we ended up setting up for dinner right in the parking lot. Had some soup and grilled cheese sandwiches lol. Twas a magical day!

Because in life we must!


Glacier National Park - Canada

After spending a short amount of time in Mount Revelstoke I decided to head to Glacier National Park (in BC Canada) in the same afternoon to finish the day with a more challenging hike. I stopped at the Illecillewaet Trailhead which offers several trails leading up into the mountains and I chose to do the 6mi round-trip Great Glacier Trail. After a steady uphill ascent, crossing rivers and climbing switchbacks the trail opened up to an incredible view. I was surrounded by peaks and rushing waters from dwindling glaciers. I did some rock hopping to climb higher and then sat on the summit for an hour while taking in the scenery. I’m glad I made this stop and would highly recommend this trail for anyone passing through the park!

After finding that the park campgrounds were still closed for the season, I made my way down the mountain to free recreational site campground at Waitabit Creek in the small town of Donald. There were plenty of campsite including some prime ones along the river with views of snowy peaks. 

He’s Too Pasty To Fight

This is for the Superbusters Challenge for the fabulous @jalove-wecallhimdean

Definitely my first challenge entry ever, so I am a bit nervous on how it turned out but definitely enjoyed it. Let me know what you think. Feedback is welcome! I also do not consider myself a writer and do this purely as a hobby, so I am sorry in advance for any spelling/grammatical mistakes.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam and Garth

Word Count: 6,600ish

Warnings: Language, Violence, Fluff, Angst, Implied Smut if you wish, a little bit of everything I guess.

Prompt: “He’s too Pasty to fight”

Stir-crazy didn’t even begin to describe what you had been feeling. In the last string of cases, you had been sick and Sam and Dean left you behind to recover. Now that you were up and back to your usual self the supernatural beasties remained quiet. You had already spent hours digging through news articles, police databases, and even supermarket tabloids.

You laid yourself across one of the tables in the library staring up at the ceiling tossing a tennis ball up and down. Sam contently sat at the other table, enjoying a break in cases so he could catch up on some reading. Dean was either working on the impala, making a beer run, or clearing a pool table with some poor fool. You couldn’t care less, he had completely ignored you for weeks after things ‘heated’ up between the two of you. And by heating up you meant a quick make out session abruptly ended by a pizza delivery man going to the wrong motel room. After that, things never picked back up.

Lost in thought, your motivation left to catch the ball and it fell to the floor where it bounced and rolled to Sam’s feet. Sam picked it up and tossed it back at you, catching you off guard and caused you to yelp in shock. He chuckled a bit.

“Sam,” You whined. “Find us a case.”

“Something will come up soon.” He assured.

“We haven’t tried to kill Crowley in a while.” You pondered. “Up for a challenge?”

“If we wanted Crowley dead, he’d be smoke by now.” Dean said entering the room with a six pack already slugging one down.

“As much as he is a thorn in our side, hell hasn’t been as… hellish with him in control.” Sam agreed with Dean.

“Anyways, something came up I think we should check out.” Dean purposed.

“What? Anything! Please!” You asked excitedly.

Dean still talking to Sam explained. “So this chick, Tara. We helped her months back on a case where her brother’s ghost was…”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sam acknowledged remembering.

“Well, me and her we… uhh…” Dean quickly glanced your way. “Exchanged numbers.” He vaguely stated, your lips pursed knowing exactly what he meant. “She sounds like she’s in trouble.”

Dean played the voicemail on speaker. “Dean, god I hope this is your number. This is Tara from Silverton. You and Sam helped me out with my brother a while back and said I could call if I ever needed your help again.” You could hear the anxiety in her voice. “People are disappearing left and right. It literally feels like a ghost town. I’m leaving for Ridgway tonight. Can you please call me?”

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You were once again awaiting the arrival of your best friend, miss Veekoh. You were currently brushing off some of the fence posts surrounding your current garden, making sure no bugs were busy worming their way inside to ruin its stability.

The plan, of course, was to go on a hike up the mountain, plus make a sliiiightly massive detour to see the area surrounding your place of employ. You had a backpack filled with trail provisions, of course.You normally wouldn’t care, but you’d hate to be asked for water and have none for your guest! It was at least a nice night out, without clouds clogging up the sky or your neighbor’s flying machine seconds from crashing into you.

You knew he wouldn’t be around to disturb things since he had thankfully finally repaired his machine with scrap and flown off a while ago. You wondered how long it would take until this version of his flying contraption crashed and burned as well.

The view (Nash Grier)

•Sorry I haven’t written anything lately, I’ve been so busy with school so hope you like it, basically y/n goes on an adventure w Nash and things happen. Btw I like to keep my work at least PG-13 thank you• x

Today was the day you and your friend Nash were going on a hike up to a really cool spot at an elevation of about 9,000 feet, and the view was pretty frickin spectacular. Nash had never been on this hike before or seen a view like this one so you wanted to totally outdo him with this amazing hike. Ever since you and Nash had met, and become good friends, you were always competing to see who could come up with the coolest/funnest thing to do instead if just sittin around on your phones all day. This time you were sure he would be speechless.

You met at his apartment in LA before driving to the San Jacinto mountain range. “Hey Y/n” he said as he smiled warmly and tussled your hair. “Omg Nash stop it took me 4 tries to get this braid right” “well it looks perfect to me so congrats” he said smirking “thank you for noticing”. You got into his car and started to drive down the highway.

As you pulled into a parking spot at the foot of the mountain you looked around. Good thing it wasn’t too busy this weekend, the trails would be somewhat empty. You got out of the car and stretched. “Oww my butt hurts after being in the car for so long” you say to him, “yeah same lets get moving so I can get the blood flowing again” he says laughing. You pay for your round trip tickets for the gondola that will take you halfway up the mountain. The view from the gondola is pretty rad but you can’t wait till you hike to the top of the mountain. Nash starts swaying back and forth purposefully rocking the gondola, and you scream a little and grab the handle. The conductor gives him a disgruntled look and shakes his head. Your attempt to muffle your laughing was pitiful at best and you both look at each other smiling. Finally the ride was over and you step out feeling a little dizzy from the rocking. Nash sees you swaying and takes hold of your shoulders keeping you steady, “you alright?” “Yeah, your antics in the gondola threw me off balance a little” you say smirking and he chuckles to himself. You start hiking up the mountain and you are surrounded by forest. Tall pine trees huge crags of rock and you think you hear a stream near by. You have always been close to Nash but you didn’t want to tell him how you really felt because you were afraid of loosing his friendship and you weren’t sure if it would be worth the risk. You walked one in front if the other until the trail widened, then Nash started walking beside you. You glanced down at his hand wanting to take hold of it, and wondering if he would feel uncomfortable if you made a move like that. But then to your surprise, he took your hand in his before you could even finish your thought. You looked at him and smiled, feeling very content. After a while of walking he suggested that you both take a rest so you find a fallen log and sit down. You stretch your leg and look down at your feet but you can feel the silence getting more awkward. But thankfully Nash asks you if you have any snacks, so you hand him what you have and share what’s left. You start walking again and after about 15 minutes you feel your foot cramping, “hey Nash I’m getting a really bad cramp in my foot can we stop for a second?” “We don’t have to stop, just hop on my back!” You smiled and jumped on his back, he grabbed your legs, hoisted you up and started walking. How Nash was so strong really surprised you and excited you a little, you giggled. “What’s so funny missy?” “You’re so strong Nashty, I wasn’t expecting you to be able to carry me this far”, “well I like carrying you, plus you’re light so yeah. Why, do you like that?” He said smirking, “yeah, it’s comforting” ‘and turns me on a little bit’ you thought to yourself.

Finally you reached the top. And hell was it gorgeous. Nash’s mouth opened in awe at the view. With a blue sky, mountains as far as you could see and a slight fog hanging over the valley, it couldn’t get any better. “Wow” was all he had to say apparently. He didn’t even take out his phone to snapchat it. “Thanks for bringing me up here to see this Y/n, it’s beautiful” “I’m glad you like it Nash” ” you know what else is beautiful?” He turns around “you”. Now it was your turn to open your mouth in awe. He did not just say that. This is not happening. “What are you saying?” “I’m saying that I like you. A lot. I’ve been waiting for the right timing to tell you but I can’t wait any longer. You are so smart and so funny. I love how you’re kind to people even when they don’t deserve it. Sometimes me especially. You aren’t just another pretty face, you have a beautiful soul. And I want it all to myself.” After he finished his little speech he looked down at his feet. “Nash”, “yeah” “I like you too. A lot.” He breathed a huge sigh and smiled so wide you felt like you were melting. He wrapped his arm around you and kissed you. Then he took out his phone, “I’m gonna take a picture with this view” “yeah it’s pretty” ” I wasn’t talking about that view” and he took a selfie with you instead. “Lovya” was the caption. I Love you too Nash.


Hiked up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail and Crawford Path to the summit of Mount Washington, tagging Mount Monroe along the way. Descended via the Gulfside and Jewell Trails. Trip and trail report coming. The long-and-short of it is that the Ammo provides amazing scenery, from waterfalls to views of the surrounding valley. Couldn’t have picked a better trail to climb New England’s highest peak! [photos taken with GoPro Hero 3+ Silver]

Puddles - story by Tessa Gratton

I don’t know what made me do it.

The giant puddle was like every puddle: a hole in the world reflecting back light and sky. I’d always loved them, been fascinated by them. Wanted to close my eyes and leap through into that mirror world. As a child, I would skim my fingers along the surface, distorting the reflection, and then sit back to watch it slowly, slowly right itself.

Tiergan Fitch used to push me into them when he found me poking around his family land. He patrolled it on a red dirt bike, lording around like a knight on a stallion; I was the trespasser and thief. “Yo, Izzy, you like puddles so much, marry them,” he’d say, chin lifted. He’d raise the pine staff he always carried and charge. His bike would veer close and I’d lose footing only to tumble back into the water. As he peddled off, he zigged and zagged to smash through every single other puddle.

I thought he was a heathen who hated water. Everyone else thought he was just a bully, until we were in sixth grade and Juliet Banks decided he was beautiful. She looked up his name in a baby name book and told all of us, “It means strong willed, so of course he can be difficult.” Her lip gloss and eyeliner made her look older, and she started wearing real bras like the grown-ups wore, that she said her mama bought her at the mall. Soon all our friends were begging for push-ups and tinted lip gloss, and I was alone in my jeans and training bra thinking Tiergan was a dick.

It became a game. I’d creep into the woods after a rain, toes quiet in my sneakers, hair all pulled back to avoid snagging in the thin pine needles. The best puddles were along the hiking trails, since most of the forest floor was covered by years worth of soft, rotting needles and leaves. The air smelled better than peach cobbler, all clean and fresh and alive with rain, electricity, pine resin. If I was lucky, I’d find a boulder off the mountain, pocketed with tiny fresh water circles. I’d climb up and sit cross-legged in front of the best one, surrounded by cool, damp air and the pointed tips of the trees. Tiergan would have to get off his bike and come up on his own, get his hands all dirty against the rocks. He’d glare at me and reach down to scoop all the water out of my puddle.

Once when I’d just turned fifteen I yelled after him, “What’s wrong with you?”

His bike skidded to a halt and he didn’t look back. From my position on the boulder I could see the top of his head, the swirl of his cowlick. I didn’t think he was very pretty, like stupid Juliet Banks.

“My mother drowned in a puddle,” he finally said, before taking off.

Which I knew was a gee dee lie. His mama ran off with a professor from St. Mary’s. Everybody knew that.

I stopped playing our game. There were puddles in town, in my own backyard. But in town they got filmed over with oil, and that was all shiny and rainbowed, but you couldn’t see the other world in them, couldn’t imagine falling through to find your other self. And in my backyard, Daddy was too near.

At school, in the cafeteria, I caught Tiergan watching me from his table with the other Freshman who’d made the football team. Or rather, I caught him looking through me like I was as transparent as water. I flipped him off, which Juliet and Tabitha noticed. “Oh my God, Iz, what are you thinking! Does he like you? Oh my God!” They went on and on, while I stared at Tiergan Fitch, fluttering their hands and begging for the scoop on how we knew each other. I told them he pushed me into a puddle once when we were kids.

That afternoon it stormed so hard we all ended up in the school basement in case of microbursts. On the way home, I veered immediately into his woods and ran so hard down the hiking trail my footprints made fresh little puddles in the mud.

A half-mile in, a huge puddle – more like a tiny lake – cut across the track. I fell to my knees beside it, ignoring the cold mud that squished against my socks and the hem of my skirt. I froze. The surface of the water was perfect. Still as glass, and so wide I could see the whole gray sky with its leftover waves of clouds. The tips of pine trees poked against the edges like a ruffled border. I panted from my run and was overwhelmed by the scent of resin and rain.

I leaned over, and there I was: red-cheeked, hair falling out around my face, hands pressed to my chest where my heart beat a hundred times too fast.

Something under my reflection moved. Another face like mine, with huge round eyes. But no mouth. In its eyes were secrets. I darted out my hand to grab at it. Instead it grabbed my wrist and tugged.

I fell in, all of me collapsing into the water, and it was deep – oh, so deep. Tiny hands grasped at me, and I whirled around, not struggling. It was dark here, black like a cave, and the water clear and clean as rain. Light spilled down from overhead, from the puddle.

Eyes surrounded me. Each pair like tiny caves themselves. I couldn’t breathe, and the water was freezing. But I wasn’t afraid. Their secrets pressed at me, whispered through the rainwater, and I stared at them, at the hundreds, the thousands of them. I opened my mouth to reply, to tell them my own secret.

Water poured into my mouth. I jerked, flailing back, kicked for the surface, but they were above me now, too, with their huge eyes. My lungs spasmed, my stomach, my throat, all begging for air. I reached out, grasping with my hands, and the things slid smooth cheeks and cool fingers against me. I could hardly see them anymore, the weight of the water in my lungs and stomach dragging me down.

Something hard knocked into my shoulder. I grabbed at it. Rough wood. I circled my hands around it, and felt myself lifting up.

The creatures whispered their silent, rainy secrets after me, scratching my ears, but I clung to the wood and was pulled up, inch by inch, until my head broke the surface and hands tugged under my arms. My fingers dug at the mud and I coughed and choked, tears hot on my face. I rolled away from the puddle, puking out all the dark rainwater.

On my back, I opened my eyes. The sky was blue as the last of the clouds faded. Birdsong pinged and rang all around, and I could hear the slow drip of water off the pine needles.

And there was Tiergan Fitch, leaning against his staff with his mouth pinched and eyes worried. “The rain washes too many secrets away,” he said. “It isn’t good where they collect.”

He crouched beside me and helped me sit up. I didn’t even mind his warm hands on my back.


image by snowcat via flickr creative commons.


I took these photos on my hike from Mitsutoge-san to Tenjō-san (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

This is a really great hike in the Fuji-goko (Fuji five lake :) area :3 
You need to be good on foot though as the climbs are steep and not always arranged in a way that permits you to take a rest :D

The easiest way to get to the starting point is to take the train to the Mitsutoge station and to walk up Mitsutoge-san :)

It was nice to hike the first few km to the beginning of the trail.
The road reminded me of the road that Chihiro and her parents took at the beginning of the film せんと ちひろ の かみかくし (Spirited away :) I felt like it had something magical to it as if with each step you were slipping back into mother nature leaving civilisation behind  :3

I met other hikers on the trail and I like the Japanese custom of greeting people with a friendly “こにちは” :)
The first person I met on the trail was a old man (probably in his 60 ties who was carrying a basket on his back and a hiking staff in his hand :)
I was impressed how nimble he moved around the steep trail :D
I think he was gathering herbs or mushrooms :)
The beginning of the trail was impressive it was really narrow and steep the green of the trees was shining down on me from above and the brown of the trees was producing a warm enjoyable atmosphere :3

From time to time the wall of trees opened up to permit a view of the surrounding mountains and a place to enjoy a different kind of air :)
The air in the forest is nice and earthy it makes you feel like walking through an ancient place that was forgotten by humans. Everything that is left to remind you of the existence of other human being is the noise of the train and the motorway in the valley beneath and the rail on the side of the trail but this only serves to intensify the feeling that the civilisation with all its buildings and commodities was nothing but a faint dream of which only the sounds and rails are left.

From time to time you stumble on Jizō statues but the farther they are away from the trail the more they look like long forgotten remnants :3

Since the area around Fujiyoshida is quite humid there were many clouds and at some point I was engulfed by clouds which left me with a wonderful view of the trees and the shape of the mountains :)
The whole maintain felt like it was breathing and looking at you.
Where the rock was bare you could see water running down or a wet shine which made it look like it did just grow while you weren’t looking :3
One thing I particularly liked was the deep and fresh green of the plants which made them look strong and vivid while giving me the feeling that I had nothing to fear :)

You should be very careful though because there are bears (Japan is the country with the highest density of bears :) and because the trail can be very narrow at times :)

Once you got past Mitsutoge-san the trail gets easier and you can walk in the shade of small trees on the back of the ridge between the two mountains.
Sometimes the clouds got so dense that I could hardly see and I had to be careful because a step too much could have meant that I would fall several meters down the side of the mountain :D

One thing I regretted was that I didn’t bring any food with me besides some energy bars :|
The hiking guide I used (lonely planet) mentioned 2 mountain huts which offer food and drinks but one seems to have been dismantled and the other one was closed so I was hungry after the first half of the hike (^-^;)
Fortunately I brought enough water :D 

Here are a few things I would recommend you for this hike :)
-good hiking boots
-a hiking staff
-something to wipe off your sweat
-enough fluids to drink (you can refill your bottle on some of the springs along the way :)
-a bear bell to keep them at a safe distance :)
-a compass
-a good map of the area
-a smile (^-^)

I started working on my saw vice but I’m only making slow process as there are many things I have to take care of right now :)
Also I need to spend a lot of time doing homework so I only spent 3 h in my workshop this week (^-^;)
I wish I could spend more time building stuff :D
しがた が ない :D