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Name: Michaela
Age: 22
Country: Korea

Hi! I’m Michaela, a Canadian currently living in South Korea. I’ve been living in Korea for over a year now… even though my original intention was to only spend a few months here and then continue on to other countries. I have been to Japan for short trips (twice) but other than that I haven’t actually travelled to many places. Just back and forth between Busan & Seoul mostly (Busan is better, but I’m currently in Seoul and will be heading back to Canada in mid-July).
I do hope to travel to more places (this time with my boyfriend maybe?) after I spend a bit of time back in my home country. We’ll see how it goes!

Anyways if we’re pen pals you’ll hear all about how I left everything, hopped on a plane without planning much, and whats been happening since then. I should also probably give a fair warning that I’m not really a fangirl so if you’re looking for someone to gush over Korean pop idols with, look somewhere else please!
I do love music though (who doesn’t, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like music) and I’ll listen to pretty much anything (any genre, any language)!
I also am, very slowly, learning Korean (and I mean super slowly, just vocabulary mostly). Actually I thought my Korean would improve coming here (not that I knew much to begin with) but instead my English is getting worse so pretty soon I will have no language at all, just a seriously good talent for charades.

I feel like this is getting pretty long… maybe it’s not and I’ve just spent too much time writing. Either way! I’m looking for a few people to be pen pals with (should I have started with this? maybe) over email/SNS and eventually when I’m back in Canada maybe we can switch to snail mail. I can’t really do it in Korea since my address isn’t permanent and I have to be really frugal as a visa-free traveller (I am unfortunately not rich). Also if you’re not a native English speaker that would be nice because as good as my English might seem in this post (?) it’s really not this great usually (I’m being really careful?) and I need someone who isn’t going to get annoyed by my bad grammar and other mistakes.

Ah I forgot to go over some of the stuff I like to do (hobbies and whatnot). Apart from travelling and listening to music… I like to go hiking with friends (in Busan you can go at night! There’s no scary animals! It’s really strange!!), drawing (fashion designs mostly but when I’m back in Canada I have enough art supplies to start a studio so I usually do a lot more), and gardening (but I can’t in Korea). I also really really love going to cafes (when I have money) for hours on end to drink hot choco/strawberry smoothies, people watch, and draw in my sketchbook while listening to music. I think that’s the best way for someone to get a feel of what kind of person I am? You know, apart from everything else I just wrote.

I’m gonna cut off there and hope that somehow someone (you?) has read this whole thing and thinks we’d get along and become good friends. For now I’m setting my preferences as seen below (limiting who can contact me sorry!) because I’m only looking for a couple pen pals right now. Maybe later later when I’m in Canada and have more time and money I’ll have a new post with a less limited age range and whatnot. But for now I’d prefer to find some friends around my age (see below).

Thanks & looking forward to hearing from someone (hopefully)!

Preferences: 20-27 only please! And please note, right now I can only do email but later when I have a more permanent address I’d like to do snail mail.


Milky Way Galaxy over Mountain at Night, Deogyusan mountain in South Korea. von tawatchai prakobkit

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