hiking in evening wear

How to spot a geology student:

-Wears Northface, Patagonia, L.L. Bean, or some combination of the above. If not that, they’re wearing work out gear.

-Wears Tevas, Chacos, or hiking boots every day, even though your campus definitely has paved sidewalks.

-Has a gigantic water bottle clipped onto their overly rugged backpack.

-Likes terrible puns.

-Has been to every national park in a 300 mile radius.

-Bites rocks.

-Tries to get you to bite rocks, too.

-Will not shut UP during Jurassic Park.

-Uses the word “accreted” in a non-geologic, non-ironic manner. Wonders why no one knows what it means.

-Lots of suppressed anger towards people who don’t understand the difference between paleontology and archaeology. Ten times more anger if they’re studying geoarchaeology.

-Unsure of how many rocks are in their backpack at any given time.