hikikomori girl


Nothing new to post this evening, so this will be like the night I did the GIF-set on Tomie shortly after I’d re-watched it.. I haven’t seen this film in a long time either, the last time I watched this from start to finish was before I left for Japan last year. It’s a South Korean horror film called ‘Loner’ (also known as Wetoli/Hikikomori), it’s about a girl who after being regularly bullied at school and then one evening publicly beaten after getting caught stealing from a clothing store (forced to do so by her bullies), becomes a hikikomori, a shut in, unable to leave her bedroom, shortly after she commits suicide in front of one of her bullies. The story then focuses on the dead girl’s best friend, saddened by the fact she couldn’t help her, combined with a family secret she discovers, she too soon becomes a hikikomori, only this time with much more prolonged dark/destructive results.

This film has some great scenes as it progresses and a near perfect soundtrack to accompany it. It’s been far too long since I’ve watched some of my old favourite Korean horror films, A tale of two sisters, the Whispering Corridors films, D-DAY, etc.

Makes me nostalgic when I see these films.