A Sense of Reality || hikigaeru-seji

Whiteness. That was all the jinchuuriki saw when his eye lids slowly lifted themselves. Was he awake? It definitely felt like it. Where was he anyways? Had he fallen asleep in the middle of training again? He didn’t even know… Slowly, he raised his body off of the grassy surface below him, trying to adjust his vision to the new light. He rubbed his eyes to speed the process up a little and while he did so, he began scanning the area.

It looked like one of his previous training grounds, but he wasn’t too sure still. Why would he doze off here anyways? His blue orbs were finally seeing clearly after a few moments of sitting there and when they did, he gradually lifted his body completely off of the ground.

Had he been training with anyone? Man, maybe he was more tired than he thought to not remember that. If he was, they wouldn’t be surprised if they just left him. When he fell asleep, he fell asleep pretty hard. 

His feet began moving on their own as he searched for anyone that could be around. It really was a beautiful area. Green, waterfalls everywhere, it reminded him a lot of his travels when he was younger. 

Naruto continued to examine the area more before a flash of white caught his attention. His feet carried him over to it, a smile widening over his features as he come closer to it.