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So Im planning a trip to Scotland soon and really have no idea where I would like to really visit. Since you seem to know alot about Scotland, is there anywhere you would suggest I visit? Sites to see?

i’m actually most definitely not the first person you should ask about doing touristy things in scotland as i haven’t been there yet (i’ve been to the uk, but not scotland), so instead, here’s @kazliin​‘s guide to scotland:

Edinburgh (the capital) - there’s loads to do in Edinburgh including Edinburgh castle (make sure you’re there for the 1 o'clock canon), Edinburgh Zoo with the pandas and the penguin parade, Edinburgh dungeons if you like cool scary historical tours, if you’re there from the 4-28th August definitely go to the Fringe Festival because it’s full of really amazing acts and shows. There’s also lots of museums and historical things to visit like Greyfriars churchyard. 

 Glasgow (the biggest city) - Glasgow is full of things to do. There are lots of amazing museums like Kelvingrove, Riverside and the Science Centre and historical things like Mackintosh house and the Tall Ship. Glasgow also has a really good music scene so there are big venues like the Hydro or little famous ones like King Tuts where people like Oasis and Paramore played before they were famous. Glasgow is also the best for shopping so places like Buchanan and Sauchiehall street and good places to go. There’s also lots of weird and wonderful things to see in Glasgow like Sharmanka and there’s plenty of theatres and opera houses if you want to see plays/shows/opera etc. Glasgow is also surrounded by lots of mountains (as are lots of cities in Scotland) so there is plenty of outdoor activities and hiking to do 

 For other outdoor things, Scotland is very beautiful so there are lots of things like Lochs to go and visit if you want to do outdoors stuff. Loch Lomond is very pretty with lots of good walking trails and hiking opportunities around it, as places like Loch Ness (plus you can try and spot the monster). Scotland also has hundreds of castles and they are always worth going to see. Some like Doune Castle have had famous things like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Game of Thrones filmed there and some like Eilean Donan are very beautiful and full of lots of history, especially Jacobite stuff. 

Wherever you are in Scotland, there is almost guaranteed to be a castle nearby and they are always worth visiting because they usually have fun guided tours or cool things to do and see. 

There are loads of other historical things in Scotland that are really fun to go to. Places like the Wallace monument in Stirling (it’s not just a monument, there are historical reenactment, costumed guided tours and things like archery), Calanais standing stones, the Antonine wall, St Andrews cathedral etc. It all really depends on what you’re looking for, cultural, historical, outdoors or city life. 

But you can pretty much guarantee whatever city you go to, if you pick up a tourist brochure at the local visitors centre there will be tons available to do. 

Apart from that just remember to pack an umbrella. Because you’ll need it.

From what I’ve picked up in my research for BtDS, I know that Scotland is known for scotch (of course), and mead and fruit wines (there’s a couple interesting small wineries that specialise in those things). 

Also, there’s a railroad line from Glasgow that goes up to Maillaig (which is roughly where I’ve located Torvill lol) called the West Highland line that has been rated the top rail journey in the world (even past the Trans-Siberian railway). It goes past Loch Lomond, I believe. Parts of the Hogwarts Express were filmed there, as well as in Maillaig, and also from Maillaig you can take ferries or other trains out to islands in the Hebrides, which are another set of really great locations for hiking and photography and things. 

As for other cities you could visit if you’re in the Highlands and stuff, I’ve heard Inverness is pretty cool. It’s the capital of the Highlands, and there you can find Macbeth’s castle, the fields of the battle of Culloden, etc. Fort William is also on the West Highland line, and is the location of Fort Con, which is a pop culture convention! Besides that Fort William is good for hiking and outdoorsy stuff, and is also the setting for a lot of films as well (Braveheart, Harry Potter, etc)

If you’re really looking to get away, the Orkneys are a good place to do so, though I hear it gets terribly cold up there all the time. There’s some fascinating cliff structures up in the Orkneys that definitely influenced the look for Torvill, so yeah. 

If you…. um. Want to go seal watching (because why not?), harbour seal pupping season in Scotland is from mid-June to roughly mid-July or August (followed by the moulting and mating seasons), and you’ll get to see tons of the cuties all over the Hebrides and Orkney and Shetland and stuff. There aren’t as many harbour seals as there are grey seals (and I know you’re not going to Ireland but bruh, Wicklow City in Ireland has their own Katsudon – look up Sammy the Seal!) but from the photos I’ve seen they’re all ridiculously cute. 

Hope that helps?

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What do you think would be the Chocobros' ideal wedding day and honeymoon locations with their wife S/O?

I’ve done the honeymoon series for the boys, so you can read up on that one if you would like to! Although, let me summarize it.


  • I honestly think he would love being in Altissia for the honeymoon. It seems like an expensive place to honeymoon at, but him being a prince, I’m pretty sure he could afford it. In my honeymoon series, I had him spend the honeymoon in Altissia and travel around there for a bit.
  • I think his ideal wedding day would be sometime in the fall - not too hot and not too cold. I feel like he would enjoy the weather and enjoy the leaves changing color and such. Also he definitely wouldn’t mind if they get married on the day they met. He’s a romantic guy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he would suggest that date. It would’ve been a huge bonus if it took place in the fall season.


  • Prompto would definitely enjoy traveling around, no location in mind, and just try to stay like one or two days in certain location and then move to another. He’s a little too energetic to stay in one place. While Altissia is a romantic city and there are LOTS to do there, I doubt he’d be able to afford giving that to his wife. So he wanted to be able to make up for it by trying to show his newly wed the most beautiful scenery he found throughout his travels.
  • His ideal wedding day would have to be in the Spring where everything is barely blooming and just have a beautiful outside wedding because of that. He doesn’t care when in the spring season he wanted to have the wedding, but I think the day he realizes he falls in love with his wife (girlfriend at the time) would be that date he wanted to wed.


  • I think Ignis would like to take his wife to Galdin Quay, which is what I had him do in my honeymoon series. Fancy and he would’ve been able to get a decent deal there since he probably knows the people there. I wouldn’t be surprised and I could see him wanting to take good care of his wife. Good view of the beach and such.
  • For that type of honeymoon, it would be most ideal to try to have the wedding in the summer. It would make sense because otherwise it wouldn’t be a good idea to take her to Galdin Quay.


  • This bad boy would take his wife to honeymoon by hiking and stuff. Like Prompto, he doesn’t like staying in one place, so he’d want to take her to places such as a hidden swimming hole that barely anyone knows about. Tourist towns and maybe finally in the end, take her to one of his favorite place. He likes going camping and just having fun for the honeymoon. He’s not one of those guys that like to spend a lot of money on the honeymoon as well as the wedding.
  • For an ideal wedding date, I think he wouldn’t care, but not the winter. He wouldn’t want his s/o to get cold while traveling. He’s considerate of that, so he doesn’t want to have the wedding in the winter unless his s/o requested to do that. I think he would’ve liked to pick the date the two of them got engaged. If it is at all possible. Other than that, it is up to his s/o to choose the date.

Carabiner ‘Grenade’ Survival Kit With Sharp Eye Knife - By The Friendly Swede

As the name says, this survival kit employs a sturdy carabiner, and this addition makes it possible for you to carry it around as a keychain or hooked on your backpack. At first glance, however, this survival kit doesn’t seem like it could help out in an emergency situation, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I’ve been working on Avenue a little today and I’m so excited I have so many ideas but at the same time I still have no idea what I’m going to do with all the space???

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make a “farmer’s market” out of the diff npc tents you can add like Katrina’s tent and Redd’s fireworks stand :-) like around the town plaza and move the tree to another spot for a park or something.

the interiors are gonna be fun to design. basically a replica of my apartment, an antique store, and a restaurant of some sort.

Joey’s has a house in Avenue as a tent in a secluded woodsy area bc we like to hike and camp and stuff. ^o^

I can already tell I’m gonna be brain dumping a lot of town ideas here so be prepared for that lol

I was really productive yesterday in non-school things (of course), so I’m hoping to be productive in school things today. Last day of classes is next week. Omfg. Once I go to the chiro, I’ll be able to get back to lifting (it’s only been 3 days off so it hasn’t been a big deal lol). Sam and I decided that instead of California which, although awesome x 1mil, would have cost us way too much than we can afford – we are heading to North Carolina! I know, seems like an odd alternative. But some of his family is there and they’re letting us borrow their Jeep! So we’re going to do some coast stuff and some hiking stuff! Best of both worlds which is exactly what we wanted!! Plus, we’ve only had to spend $300 for round trip, nonstop tickets which are at great times. We won’t have to rent a car, and we have a free place to stay for some nights (they’re offering that we can stay with them every night but we’ll be spending some nights in other cities). There will be extra expenses along the way but not the immediate $1000 blow of airline and car rental with the Cali trip we were planning. We can’t afford that kind of trip yet… Extra plus is that we get to see his family, and I really like them. So that planning is finally off our shoulders and we’re both very excited for the trip!

Another good thing is that I was able to plan around this golf outing that a partner invited me to! It’s an outing that real estate people are invited to. I looked at the email list for who’s going from my firm - 3 equity partners and ME. !!! The partner who invited me said that she chose me because she likes me! Lol. This is a great opportunity to keep my foot in the door while I’m making the transition this summer to a different internship (for which they’re all excited for me). Plus, I think it’ll be a fun event. I suck at golfing because I’m too aggressive and am not great at aiming. She said she sucks too.

Things are good. NYC is planned. NC is planned. Gonna get my neck in order. Yes, finals are coming up and I don’t feel prepared. But what can ya do.


A story about ticks. Ticks are like the worst hazard if you are hiking in the woods or underbrush. And I have read that because of global warming/climate change the problem is worsening because of shorter winters. This gives these nasty insects a much longer span of time to breed. And if you get bit by one of these and don’t notice it, you can get extremely sick, sometimes life threatening if it is a deer tick. That disease is named after Lyme CT. Anyway here’s my story, I’m dying to tell it. So I was in Lebanon CT and at the back of the old burial ground I noticed the ruins of a collapsed barn or something. So I hiked across the old stone wall and climbed down behind everything. It was like the graveyard of old tractors. They were everywhere along with much rusted machinery and of course the collapsed barn/shed which had two tractors itself inside. Fascinating stuff. I hiked through a lot of underbrush, as I took the shots above. We decided that this was our last stop and started heading back to reality. As we were driving I suddenly felt something crawling on my hand-it was a tick. So I flicked it out the window. Or at least I hoped I did. We stopped to eat at some burger joint in Manchester CT. While sitting at the table there was another tick on my hand. I brushed it off on the other side of the table. Then my wife saw one in her hand! She hadn’t even gone back in the woods with me. We both decided to go and check ourselves in the bathroom. I took my sweatshirt off, nervous ticks were all over it. I placed it on the chair on the opposite side of the table. Then a big party came in. The mother I found a bit obnoxious. She’s like yeah we have a baseball game at 6:30(it was about 5:45) but we are hoping you can feed us and get us out of here quick even though there’s 7 of us, 5 kids, maybe you should feed them first. So the staff says let us get you a table in the back, we will do our best. So the mother says “why can’t we sit right here??” (Table next to us.) They’re like well OK. Then the mother walks over to our table and says(pointing to the chair with my tick infested sweatshirt on it) “are you using this chair?? You don’t mind if I take it do you?” Then she picks up the sweatshirt, and puts it right on top of my wife’s vest. Sweet. And takes the chair. The whole incident irritated me a bit. What a pushy, power driven mom I thought. So I said to the wife, when I leave I will tell her the sweatshirt and probably the chair were covered with ticks. She says don’t you dare. So I never did. And the moral of this story is: if you voted for Trump then there is no such thing as climate change.
Manchester CT 4 22 17

when I grow up I want to be a chill lesbian who likes hiking