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Space Shower TV + - Watanabe Mayu special Interview part.

I know this video is very VERY old now :P but finally I finished translating it \m/ It took me quite a long time though, since I was also stuck with other translations and my school’s homework. But I’ve managed to finish it somehow, though it’s super late m(_ _)m forgive me about that.

The interview part throughout this video is transcript by Hiro L (本当にありがとうございました) and I’ve asked his permission to use his transcription to translate. So now, here it is (I wonder if you could read it while watching lol) 

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anonymous asked:

Why are sister group A-sides so much better within the last year? All of them got nice songs while AKB got dull songs like Labrador Retriever, Kokoro no Placard and now the 38th single. Maybe the issue isn't AkiP since he does great content for sister groups the issue might just be Mayu who is not able to do anything else but boring idolish songs..

What’s wrong with Kibouteki Refrain? It’s the classic AKB sound a la Iiwake Maybe, First Rabbit, or Juuryoku Sympathy. It’s a song you’d expect from an Acchan center. The sound many people have been asking to return to ever since Acchan left.

This song has a composition that’s satisfyingly interesting to me, with the overlapping layers of vocals in the chorus and a more danceable tempo than the more recent releases. Just because a song isn’t UZA or Kamonegix does not make it boring, and you have to remember that the Japanese fans tend to not prefer that kind of song, if Request Hour is anything to go by. ‘Boring idolish songs?’ they’re idols! This is what the fans expect!

Anyway, I hate the argument that it's  Mayu’s fault. Apart from the obvious (if he didn’t think she was capable why would he reward her with center?), we already know that she is capable of more complex themes. Look at Ikiru Koto. Look at Hikarumonotachi. Look at B stage songs she has centered, like Inochi no Tsukaimichi. None of those songs were hindered by Mayu’s presence.

So back to your premise, why does it seem like Akimoto is throwing too-straight pitches to AKB compared to the sister groups? I don’t have an answer for you on that, but I am certain it’s not Mayu.