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Space Shower TV + - Watanabe Mayu special Interview part.

I know this video is very VERY old now :P but finally I finished translating it \m/ It took me quite a long time though, since I was also stuck with other translations and my school’s homework. But I’ve managed to finish it somehow, though it’s super late m(_ _)m forgive me about that.

The interview part throughout this video is transcript by Hiro L (本当にありがとうございました) and I’ve asked his permission to use his transcription to translate. So now, here it is (I wonder if you could read it while watching lol) 

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Mayuyu staff's Photo News 2013.01.19 「幕張ソロライブ~!!」

Makuhari Solo Live~!! 

Good evening everyone~!!! 

Today (though the date of this news has changed) is 

Commemorative solo live of “Hikarumonotachi”~Let’s all find those who light~, the performance was at Makuhari Messe!! 

Thank you very much, everyone who had come~!!! 

External image

The live this time, together with the theme “Those who light”, so the setting of the stage had the atmosphere of the near future!

The costume was of course Android Mayuyu~!!!! 

And and, when the live began, 

the fans was waving the blue penlights

which also had the theme color of “Hikarumonotachi”. The venue was filled with blue widely!!

It was really beautiful!! 

External image

And also, this time in addition to the main stage, there was a center stage ahead of the stage-passage!! 

And more, from that center stage, Mayu-senshu rode on a gondola with heart-shaped balloons attached to it

and spinned around the audience…

We had challenged a difference way of performing that never had before!! 

こちらはアンコール後、♪シンクロときめき を歌いながらのゴンドラまゆ選手
This is a picture of Mayu-senshu riding on the gondola while singing Synchro Tokimeki ♪ after the encore

External image

On the gondola that you can feel close up to the audience, 

Mayu-senshu had risen up her tension more than before~!!! 

Throughout the live, anyway, from Mayu-senshu’s body the enjoyment was overflowing, so  

Us staffs too was enjoying a lot than usual. 


We will try our best to bring you lives or events 

that we could enjoy together with everyone in 2013…

so please continue to look forward to it~!!!

I love the stages in this live. And the parka too!!! I want that!!!

Oricon Monthly Chart - November, 2012

So here’s the result:

1. “Kitagawa Kenji” – NMB48 : 11/7 (350,108)
2. “Ai no Beat” – Kis-My-Ft2 : 11/14 (287,105)
3. “MONSTERS” – The MONSTERS : 11/28 (160,139)
4. “Masquerade” – 2PM : 11/14 (150,736)
5. “THINK ‘BOUT IT!” – THE SECOND from EXILE : 11/7 (117,994)
6. “Hikaru Monotachi” – Watanabe Mayu : 11/21 (108,405)
7. “Powder Snow ~Eien ni Owaranai Fuyu~” – Sandaime J Soul Brothers : 11/14 (103,836)
8. “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi-tachi yo” – Momoiro Clover Z : 11/21 (87,783)
9. “UZA” – AKB48 : 10/31 (81,502)
10. “BRAVE IT OUT” – GENERATIONS : 11/21 (79,137)

Congrats, AKB48, NMB48 and Mayuyu-san!!! I think Kitagawa Kenji is a good song, though, so I’m not so surprise when I see NMB got the first place :D.

As for Hikarumonotachi, I’m very happy, since it was released nearly at the end of November, and got a higher sale than Momoiro Clover Z and even AKB’s UZA. So congrats, Mayuyu-san. (I love this song!!!!)

And UZA also makes it to the top 10, so congrats, AKB48-san.  I’m looking forward to next single. :D

Notice of implementation of making up the cancelled events of “Hikarumonotachi” launch event (Part 2).

Notice of implementation of making up the cancelled events of “Hikarumonotachi” launch event (Part 2).

On January 14, 2013 (Mon), due to the bad weather caused by the snowfall,

events after 15:45 of Watanabe Mayu “Hikarumonotachi” launch event (Let’s play with Mayuyu! The Dokidoki festival) were cancelled, but

the date for the make-up of the cancelled events has been decided. Please check the following.


March 30, 2013 (Sat)


TBD (We plan to be at Tokyo’s outskirts)


The details of the make-up event including the location for the event and the contact methods for the winners

決定次第、渡辺麻友オフィシャルHP(http://www.watanabemayu.jp) にて発表させて頂きます。
will be announced on Watanabe Mayu Homepage (http://www.watanabemayu.jp) as soon as they are decided.

<本イベントに関する問い合わせ先> info-mayuyu@sonymusic.co.jp
<Reference about this event, please sent to> info-mayuyu@sonymusic.co.jp

Although we have caused a lot of troubles to everyone,

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

From operation staffs of the Watanabe Mayu “Hikarumonotachi” launch event

Translation for part 1 is here.
I’m looking forward to this event :D (even though I couldn’t go D:)