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The hosts helping their s/o through a panic attack?

Sure! I hope you love it and I’m so sorry it took so long !

Tamaki: Tamaki would hold his s/o in his arms, rubbing their back as he waited for the shaking to subside. He wouldn’t ask them anything, just let them feel his presence and support, he knew they would talk about it when they were able to, and until then, he just wanted them to know that they would be there for them, throughout it all.

Kyoya: Kyoya would talk about the science behind panic attacks, trying to give them remedies to calm down as they began to shake and cry. They would crawl into his lap and he would rub their back, realizing that just being there and waiting for them to calm down was a better remedy than any science fact he could spit out.

Honey: Honey would try and make his s/o smile to calm them down. He would bring them sweets and their favorite blanket to cuddle into with them while he spoke soothing words to them, also sneaking in a few jokes to try and get their smile back.

Hikaru: Hikaru wouldn’t really understand what was going on at first. He would probably just ask them why they couldn’t speak or looked like they’d seen a ghost. Only when he saw the trembling and the actual fear in his s/o’s eyes would he realize something was actually wrong, and he would take them into his arms, apologizing for being an ass earlier, running his fingers all over their body.

Kaoru: Kaoru would immediately stop whatever he was doing and try to target the source of the anxiety, if it was nothing he could control he would sit next to his s/o and pull them into his lap, hoping that his presence would be enough to help them calm down.

Mori: Mori wouldn’t say anything, just run his fingers through his s/o’s hair and entwine their fingers together, rubbing his thumb in circles on their palm, humming a soft rhythm, hoping to make their mind stop racing and they could calm down enough to talk about it.


Day 18 Of BenKaru - Out With Friends

Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters: Hikaru Sulu, Ben Sulu, Nyota Uhura, Pavel Chekov
Pairing: BenKaru
Rating: PG
Word Count: 593
Day Eighteen of the BenKaru 30 Day Challenge - Out With Friends
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They arrived at the sports bar as the space was beginning to fill up. Ben hovered behind Hikaru, his hand fiddling with the cuff of Hikaru’s opposite shirt sleeve. He gave soft apologies and kept his head down as they worked through the crowd towards a booth on the edge of the space. The booth was already occupied by two people, both of whom Ben had the pleasure of meeting before.

“There you both are,” Nyota said, a smile on her face, “And here I thought we were going to have to send out a search party.”

“Not this time,” Hikaru said, edging into the unoccupied bench. Ben moved in next to him, letting go of the man’s shirt sleeve in the process. Once he settled, an ease seeped into him.

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hikaru-mikazuki replied to your post “You remind me of someone.” (Hi! :D)”

“My boyfriend who also happens to be your evil twin!” she chirped, ‘testing’ his level of godness with a bit of teasing “Nice to meet you ‘Good Shisui’! I will try not to be a bad influence for you.”

            Oh– so wait which twin? So far he’s encounter two of them–  he hasn’t had a chance to be A, B, or C. Kind of interesting that one of the other two had a girlfriend– he supposed they had more time to mingle while he stayed to his duties and other miscellaneous things. Remind didn’t even seem to be the correct word for this.

So he’s– ❛ Good Shisui ❜, that’s a nice way on setting them apart.

❝ I highly doubt you can do that. ❞

Day 17 Of BenKaru - Arguing

Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters: Hikaru Sulu, Ben Sulu
Pairing: BenKaru
Rating: PG
Word Count: 538
Day Seventeen of the BenKaru 30 Day Challenge - Arguing
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Hikaru woke up with a start. Nothing outside had caused him to jolt awake. It was his mind, his heart.

He was late.

His eyes jerked towards the clock. 8:19 PM. Oh god. Hikaru wasn’t just late. He was over two hours late.

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