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REBORN’s new monthly art English translated, Fran as September’s character! (Open Image in new tab for Full Size!)

  © to Amano for the lovely art of Fran!

English Translation by @hikaru-sora, do not delete credit to the translator!


What have I’ve done
Oh Adrien, that’s not how it works. Someone save this child.

Adrien definitely draws too much influence from Ouran High School Host Club. He is basically Tamaki Suoh. But I wonder what all that “Princely Charm” would look like by Adrien towards Marinette… Hmmm
(Probably pre-reveal where Adrien realizes his crush on Mari and doesn’t know any other way to flirt with her)
Can you believe I wrote this script omg

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10 Ways Hikaru and Kaoru are you and your best friend in Anime form

1.) that look you give your best friend when you see someone you both hate:

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2.) when you see something that is only funny to you two and nobody else, but you can’t stop yourselves from laughing

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3.) Getting dressed up for a night out or just because

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*and looking beautiful AF

4.) when someone says your best friend is their best friend

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*Or when someone says that you two are lame

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5.) looking back at the pics you took together and realizing that if anybody else ever got a hold on them they could destroy you… *feat Kyoya and please ignore Tama xD*

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6.) Running away from the people you piss off with your jokes

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7.) When you have a rare touching moment and you say how much you love them

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8.) gossiping all the time

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9.) when a cute girl or boy walks by and you both approve

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10.) trying to explain to someone why you both did what you did, but your only explanation is “well…we thought it was a good idea at the time”

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*these are the a few of the reasons the Hitchiin twins are totally you and your bestie

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I just found out that Fantôme is charting well in the US, as well as other countries outside of Japan. (It’s #1 in Japan too tho) I am just ECSTATIC for Hikki tbh. First of all, after listening to it myself, it’s my favorite album of hers tbh (Ultra Blue is a REALLY close second, though). It’s just so polished (and what else would you expect from Utada?) and beautiful. It’s so BEAUTIFUL. I just can’t get over how good this album is. It has surpassed expectations and I didn’t even think that was possible. I love Utada so much. She is my inspiration, my idol, my favorite musician. She is the reason I am a musician. She’s just so aaaa I love her. I’m so happy right now tbh


I remember a long long time ago… and I’m going to date myself, but WHEN YOUTUBE WAS STILL NEW… I heard Hikki’s cover of “Shounen Jidai” from her 20th birthday stream and the melody has haunted me ever since. maybe it was the fact that I had to wait 30 minutes for the damn thing to even buffer over a dial-up connection, but no other cover I’ve heard since then is quite as bittersweet and nostalgic as Hikki’s version for me. not even perfect goddess Natsukawa Rimi (I still love her though!).

ANYWAY the point of this was, I can’t believe I first saw this over 10 years ago now. I’m sure there’s some people out there that don’t get all the hype about Fantome. just, before you give us your Very Important Opinion about how boring you thought it was, please imagine how it feels for those of us who watched her grow over the years from a precocious teenager into a beautiful, hopeful, strong woman with a “normal” family. this album is like the Toy Story 3 of J-Pop for millennials. let us have this moment to celebrate her return and her happiness.

(that said, don’t worry– I enjoyed Fantome too!)


Ah, so the reason for Lafarga’s animosity for Lantis is probably because he’s not sure Lantis isn’t going to betray them to Eagle Vision & co. After all, he’s been gone from Cephiro for so long that who knows where his loyalties lie now that his brother is dead and he really has no ties to Cephiro (probably).  

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Hello cutie! I ABSOLUTELY love your lovechildren au and I was looking around the tag and, if it's not too much, may I ask for some more Atsushi&Hikaru backstory? About their relationship and things like that? Thank you! :D

Thank you very much, I’m so glad you like it!!ヾ(*´∀`*) wish I could draw more for it! 

Atsushi and Hikaru are indeed very close but at the same time a bit “far” because of their completely opposite personalities. 

They became really close because of the positions they played in baseball since they were children even though Atsushi was always a bit jealous because being a catcher, Hikaru “stole” all their father’s attention during the years. It doesn’t look like that but Atsushi is one that needs a lot of love and reassurance and he always thought his father loved Hikaru more than him and preferred him because he basically was Miyuki’s carbon copy talking about baseball XDD 
It’s true indeed that Miyuki trained more with Hikaru when they still lived all together, but also papa’s advice in both pitching and batting helped Atsushi to become the strong player he now is. 
We can say that Atsushi on the other hand is really, really close to mama Eijun, and not only because he wanted to become a pitcher like him. As Atsushi really seeks love and attention, of course he is more close to Eijun that always hugs him and cuddles him and pours all his love into him. With Eijun, Atsushi feels safe and he loves him so much that’s probably why he still wanted to become the ace even when he started to hate the pitching position, to make him feel proud and “repaying” him for all the love he received from Eijun. 
Hikaru on the other side really admires and believes in his big brother. The pitcher he loves catching the most for is of course his mama Eijun because damn those pitches. but aside of Chiharu that was always his “official” partner in the team’s battery (bc he was/is the ace), Atsushi has the same unpredictability and thrill in his pitches of Eijun’s. Hikaru really wanted for Atsushi to believe more in his pitching and get better at it.

While Atsushi, as he became more and more introverted during the years, started to feeling a bit embarrassed or uncomfortable sharing all his thoughts and secrets with somebody (even his lil bro and his parents) Hikaru tells everything to his big bro. 
And by everything, I mean everything. When Hikaru started being attracted by Ryuuichi (when he was still “Kominato-senpai” and had black hair) the first thing he did was seeking advice by his big bro, that was startled and didn’t know what to say because, you know, Ryuuichi always had this thing for cute female idols and has a lot of magazines so- he’s probably straight? He didn’t want to break his lil bro’s heart. No worries tho because also Ryuuichi in the end confessed to Atsushi that he was starting to feel something for his brother and I can’t say he didn’t laugh. 

After the fight, Atsushi started feeling more comfortable sharing his thoughts and asking advice from his lil bro ESPECIALLY regarding sex.You know, as I said Hikaru always tells everything to his big bro and that means also all the amazing sex ordeals he has with Ryuuichi like trying to fuck in the showers without nobody noticing, doing blowjobs in the dugout during practice etc.
I said it somewhere in the tag answering an ask about Atsushi and Chiharu’s relationship already but despite his calm and cute/shy façade, Atsushi is an M, he enjoys rough sex and likes toys a lot. BUT being really shy this part of him really struggled to come out (it started when he popped a boner once when Chiharu got mad at him for something and it all went downhill from that). Chiharu loves to experiment new things and he’s also that kind of guy that really likes to take care of his partner. It doesn’t matter how long foreplay is as long as Atsushi feels good and comes a lot of times. 
So back to the brothers, Atsushi started to seek Hikaru’s advice regarding sex things, especially blowjobs because he didn’t really tried them and thought he had to get better at it more bc he wanted to make Chiharu feel god. Hikaru was very enthusiastic to help his brother for once, since he rarely asked for something. 
(In my mind he actually trained him by guiding him by voice while Atsushi was ACTUALLY doing a blowjob to Chiharu but this is just my dirty mind) (Chiharu loved every second of it since he has a bit of a incest kink) (shh stop it my dirty self)