Reasons to Watch "Star Trek: Beyond"

- Sulu in the captain’s chair
- Sulu keeping photos and mementos on the helm
- Sulu rallying and supporting his crewmates while imprisoned
- Sulu busting out with Uhura to help send the distress signal
- Sulu being a sassy little shit because the man can fly helicopters and manual planes of course he knows how to fly an old-school starship Kirk do you even know what a helicopter is? Didn’t think so
- Sulu enjoying classical music
- Sulu getting more development and exposition than he has in the past two movies, and even more development than in some of the old Trek stuff
- Federation Starfleet officer Liutenant Hikaru Sulu

if my nearsighted eyes didnt fool me, then i saw ben at jim’s birthday party at the end of the movie. he probably just got invited as sulu’s plus one, but what if he’s just really close to the crew of the enterprise? 

ben taking demora to visit papa hikaru at work, and the crew absolutely adores her. bones buys her these squeaky shoes (bc he remembers joanna used to love them so much ssshh) and chekov chases her around the corridors, bumping into spock who’s very confused as how to proceed with this tiny human. 

scotty demands to take her on a tour around the engineering section, and demora gets very excited when she sees keenser because he is tiny!!! just like her!!! but he’s got different skin and he’s working on the enterprise, and sulu feels a little bit :( when demora tells him she wants to be an engineer like uncle scotty. 

uhura pats his shoulder and tells him he should let demora be whoever she wants. (but she secretly steals demora away to teach her alien languages sshh dont tell sulu)

demora draws a picture of all the bridge crew for jim’s birthday. frankly, its shit, but jim hangs it on his quarters like it’s his most prized possession and calls her galaxy’s best artist. 

just. basically. i want sulu thinking that he has two families (and he’s glad for it, how many people get to have two loving, supportive families?) but when he sees demora playing with his shipmates he realizes that he really only has one, and it’s this big, boisterous, wonderful family of ragtag space explorers, his husband, and his daughter.

“ Attention, John Harrison. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. If you do not surrender to them immediately, I will unleash the entire payload of advanced long-ranged torpedoes currently locked on to your location. You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration.

If you test me, you will fail.


  • Jim:Mr. Sulu?
  • Sulu:yea, cap, what's good?
  • Jim:you can fly this thing, right?
  • Sulu:wow, what kind of... can't believe you'd even ask me this shit. this is ridiculous. of course I can fly this damn thing I'm hikaru sulu who do you think I am? honestly...
  • Jim:alright, sorry.
  • Sulu:don't come at me like that again, sir.
  • Jim:I got you, mr. Sulu.
  • Sulu:damn straight.
  • Sulu:except we're not
  • Sulu:straight...

Dear All of Science Fiction Fandom:

September 8 is fast approaching. Many of us know full well the importance of that date. I wonder, can we get all of fandom to just take a moment on that day –September 8, 2016– to stand quietly, raise your glass to the heavens, and simply say:

“Thank you, Ms. Ball.”

John Cho: You know, I had requested that my husband be Asian.

A.V. Club: Why was that?

John Cho: The reason was that I grew up with some gay Asian male friends. You don’t really see Asian men together very often. It’s very rare in life. I’ve always felt that there was some extra cultural shame to having two Asian men together, because it was so difficult to come out of the closet, so difficult to be gay and Asian, that they couldn’t really bring themselves… It’s easier to run away from people that look like your family. I wanted the future to be where it was completely normal and therefore, aside from the gender, they look like a traditional heterosexual couple. So that relationship, to me, the optics of it are that it looks very traditional on the one hand and very radical on the other.