hikaru and koaru

Ouran Host Club is the Definition of FRIENDSHIP

I truly believe that this show Is the definition of friendship…

Friends laugh, not at you, but with you. 

Even when your at your peaks end, they’ll be there to cheer you up.

They’ll be silly with you.

And save you

When you need to be saved..

And comfort you when your scared, worried, or lonely.~

They’ll give you bear hugs out of the random.

They’ll try to help, even when you really don’t want it..~

They’ll make you feel special.~

And give you piggy-back rides.~

And lend a helping hand.~

Their smile




Than all of the money

In the entire WORLD.~

So be glad. You have the greatest friends in the world.~

First Impressions

Request: “Hey hey hey!! I just got an idea for a Markilpier imagine (cause I’m obsessed XD) anyway, imagine you take mark to finally meet your family and your mom instantly likes him but your dad thinks you could do better and your older brother just doesn’t like him but when you burn your finger helping your mom he helps you and your brother and dad soon like him! I know it’s loooong! Anyway thanks and I love your blog!”

For: xxximaginesxxx

Word Count: 1177

A/N: Hey! I made the older brother into older brothers XD twins
I kinda just had fun with this one xD
I also may or may not have based them off of Hikaru and Koaru from Ouran Host Club.
Oooooops. Hope you liked it tho!
Xx ~Taylor

You paced back and forth, furiously gnawing at your, now, non existent nails. Tonight was it. It was the night Mark met your family. Mark seemed more laid back about it than you. You were a bucket of nerves. A pair of hands wrapped around your waist, pulling you back into his chest. “You okay?” Mark asks, smiling slightly.
“Mhm…” You reply. “Are you ready to go?” You counter, covering up any previous nervousness and anxiety your body held a few seconds earlier. He nodded and you both retreated to the car, speeding off towards your house.
As you arrived the memories of your childhood flooded back. Your bothers teasing you, having family movie nights, helping your mom cook dinner… A small smile played its way onto your lips before it was smacked away as the anxiety crept back into your mind. Mark got out, jogging to the other side of the car to open your door, even though you were fully capable of opening it yourself. You thanked him with a peck on the cheek before you walked up the small path leading to your house. Once in front of the door, you grabbed ahold of Marks hand, giving it a gentle squeeze before knocking at the door lightly. Shuffling and a bang was heard followed along by a chorus voices screaming “I got it!” The door swung open to reveal your brothers. They blink twice, their faces reflecting one another’s before they both break out into a grin. “[Y/N]!” They scream tackling you. A chorus of laughs erupt from the three of you in the group hug.
“Kael! Kyan!” You grinned before gesturing to Mark who looked like the nerves just hit him. “This is my boyfriend, Mark.” You smiled. Mark offered his hand, each of the boys shook it.
“I’m Kael.” Kael shook his hand firmly, Kyan doing the same. The boys looked the same. Same eyes, hair color, haircut, almost identical voices too. It almost seems like they try their hardest to make everyone confused on which one is which. Though being their sister you could tell by their voices and personality. Their voices were slightly different if you listen closely but they usually sound almost the same. Kael and Kyan also had this habit of talking in unison, like some freaky super power. It annoyed the hell out of you sometimes.
“Come on In Nerd.” Kyan opens the door, ruffling your hair as you stepped inside. You and Mark didn’t take but two steps into the house before your mom burst through the kitchen.
“[Y/N]! My baby!” She wails, enveloping me in a hug. “Oh my goodness, you must me Mark!” She says hugging him. “it’s so nice to finally meet you! [Y/N] talks so much about you!” Mom gushes, making you blush slightly. Mark laughs lightly, hugging her back.
“It’s nice to meet you too Mrs. [Y/L/N]!” He smiles as a blush spread its way onto your cheeks for most likely the first of many.
Soon following your mom was your dad. He scoops you up in a tight hug before turning to Mark, pokerface in play.
“Daddy, this is Mark, my boyfriend.” You introduce, biting your lip nervously. Mark offered his hand, your dad firmly shaking it.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr. [Y/L/N].” Mark says. The night goes on, your family sitting in the living room, socializing and sharing embarrassing stories. After a while Mark announced that he had to go to the bathroom. As soon as he left the room the judgements started flying.
“I think you could do better.” Your father comments. It felt like a slap.
“What?” You ask, disbelief written across your face.
“Yeah, me neither.” Kyan adds waving his hand. Kael and Kyan exchange a few looks, as if communicating telepathically before looking back at you and saying in complete unison.
“We don’t like him sorry not sorry.” That felt like another slap.
“Oh come on I think he’s a sweet young man!” Your mom tries to defend you.
“No. I don’t approve.” Your dad shakes his head. That, was a shot.
“But dad-” you started to protest but Mark walks back, looking chipper. “I’m gonna help mom with dinner, you comment as you and your mom retreat to the kitchen.
Your mom instructs you what to do before leaving as you turned the stove on, snatching the ingredients frustrated as all hell. You stomped open to the cupboard, swinging it open, with a little too much force. You stumbled backwards, your arm hitting the stove as you try to steady yourself. The skin hadn’t touched the surface more than two seconds before a strangled inhuman noise escaped your mouth. You collapsed to the ground, cradling your injured arm as the door swung open, Mark rushing to your side.
"Oh my god [Y/N].” He gasps, panic filled his voice. Mark scoops you up bridal style, rushing you out of the kitchen, past your now chaotic family, and to the bathroom. Setting you on the counter, he took your injured arm lightly in his hands, holding it under the sink. He turned it on, causing you to hiss at the sudden contact. Tears streamed down your face as you sniffed. “SHH…. It’s okay… I got you. You’re okay…” Mark cups your face with his hands, wiping the tears away with his thumbs. Leaning forward, he kisses your forehead before pulling you into a tight but light hug. You wrapped your uninjured arm around him, sniffing again before smiling and mumbling an ‘I love you.’ He said one back before helping you put aloe gel on your burn before wrapping it in a gauss bandage thing. You advert your attention to the door. The whole family was standing there, staring. A blush made its way onto your cheeks again. “Uhm…” You were trying to come up with something to make it less awkward when your dad interrupts you.
“Mark, I give you full permission to date my daughter.” Both you and Mark stare at him in surprise.
The twins exchange a look before smiling into the bathroom.
“Yeah, you’re cool Mark. Welcome to the family.” They simultaneously speak yet again, sending a grin your way.
“SEE!” an outburst erupts from your mother. “I TOLD YOU! DIDNT I TELL THEM [Y/N]?!” She smiles smugly, earning an eye roll from you.
“Well I think that went well…” Mark grins.