So, this is my best friend Kiersten (bottom right) and I (top left).  For the past few days I’ve been trying to convince her that she’s adorable but she refuses to believe me.

She has been quoted as saying that she’s “lame” and her “face is dumb."  SHE IS CUTE AND ADORABLE AND SHE NEEDS TO STOP

So anyway she’s known as tumblr user AmazingSuperiority and if she just so happens to get a bunch of anons telling her she’s adorable then you didn’t get the idea from me ok

P.S. This year is the fifth anniversary of when we met. Go us~

anonymous asked:

This might seem super stalkerish but I've been looking through your blog and I was wondering how you and your best friend met? And what it was like to meet her for the first time irl? And you haven't really talked about her lately so how are you two? Still close? Sorry, I'm just curious and I have a long distance friend who I hope to meet someday so you guys are kind of my inspiration. :P

Oh sure, it’s no problem, anon!

Okay, uh, let’s see… Ashley and I first met on deviantART bc someone she talked to on there made a journal asking his followers to go greet her. I was like 12 at the time and reasonably new to the internet so I decided, sure, why not.

So I went to her page and read her latest journal and left a comment bc for some stupid reason i thought i knew her already for some reason??? idk i thought she went to my school or something. So I left a comment and she replied and we literally just started chatting about god knows what

flash forward a week or two (idk how long it was) and i was on her page and i saw she had a yahoo email address so i figured, “oh, we can chat on yahoo!” (bc i’d talked to this girl on chat programs for a while before she seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth) and so i sent her an email and she started chatting all the time! (it’s also important to note that we first bonded over alvin and the chipmunks)

we started chatting on yahoo on june 28, 2008 (according to the emails i have bc i never delete shit) and not even a year later, on a spring break very much like the one i’m on right now, we met in person like march 14, 2009?

I don’t remember much about when we first met and i’m almost 100% sure i didn’t even look at her face until after i jumped out of a moving car to tackle her in a hug. XD We flew all the way to Texas from Kentucky and the first thing i do is risk life and limb to give her a hug

(friends and family on both sides of this situation were like “you’re going there/having them come over? what if they’re axe murderers?” what is if about people assuming other people kill people? and with axes???)

but yeah, it was pretty spectacular and i’d always so glad i met her bc she’s the best thing to ever happen to me (love you dear <3)

but yeah, we’re doing just fine, anon! talking every single day and always exchanging ideas. lately we’ve been talking about like twelve different hetalia aus and all kinds of good shit. she told me she got an ask asking her to tell me to answer a question? I’m going to assume it was you.

Sorry!! i didn’t get an email about an ask and that’s how i usually know i have one bc i like using the mobile blog bc my phone feels easier to navigate even if the app is pretty shit (i had to go to my activity to see the ask on mobile at all and when i found it i immediately took a screencap and sent it to ashley. XD but i’m answering this on the desktop version bc it’s easier to type)

i’ve been liking a ton of shit recently instead of reblogging it bc i wanna queue up a ton of shit at once, so that may be why i haven’t mentioned her lately. don’t worry, we’re all good :)

ahhh!!! being someone’s inspiration is incredible, especially considering i don’t FEEL very inspiring OR inspired and now i feel a little pressured!! but i really hope it works out for you and your friend! ldrs are rough and tough but if you’re strong you’ll be okay! it take a lot of work and commitment to stay in an ldr of any kind, but as long as you’re both willing to put in the effort, it’ll all be okay, friend!

thanks so much for the ask! if you even wanna chat just hit me up, and if you don’t want anyone to see it, don’t be afraid to come off anon (and if you don’t have an account, i completely understand, don’t sweat it)

i spent over two hours making a giant transparent france for ashley’s blog


my hand is super cramped from holding the mouse

i don’t even like france all that much

here check it out tho (it’s 1.78 MB):

and for the hell of it, i made this picture of romano holding a flower transparent too:

i never want to make another transparent again