If people couldn’t tell how excited I was to create Hikari this morning considering getting up early in the morning is not my thing.

Currently I have two versions of her I’m considering the only real difference is the skin color.   One is standard well…standard Caucasian skintone that is relatively similar to my current character on the left while the right is a more blueish skin tone that was originally kind of a joke put forward by Fyrielle and Vyreus to make the blueish character possible.   Though not the most extreme version of that since blue is kind the whole motif it wouldn’t that weird for me I guess.

Included the back and the side of the blue version just because.   I can’t make up my mind which version I prefer.  Curious to see what others think.

Edit: Decided to stick with the Blue variation :)

banettegirl asked:

Can you do an ikarishipping ship meme like you recent geekchicshipping one please?

I really wasn’t going to do anymore, but I’ll make an exception since I actually like IkariShipping and because you said, please :)

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older: Dawn, normally staring doubtfully at herself in the mirror although, never does it whenever Paul’s around at least, so she thinks when in reality, he’s always near and watching even when she doesn’t know it, which would explain the often times when he’s being additionally gentle and comforting towards her that seems kind of suddenly from her understanding, but never complains about it either.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s: Neither.

Clings to the other during scary movies: Neither of them per se considering Dawn is already snuggled up against Paul by the time movie even starts. Regardless, can still feel the brief moments when he’d hold onto her tightly with his arm around her whenever she does tend to flinch.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly: Paul, claiming it’s to get where he needs to go faster without having to wait for Dawn to shower first, but the rough, passionate kisses from her neck to her cheek to her lips and erotic caressing of her body normally says otherwise.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone: Dawn, at least with the intentions, but not even having the opportunity once stepping right out of the bathroom to feel Paul’s arms around her, and hurriedly guiding her to the bedroom with him; hardly being patient at all with wanting the towel off of her body.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving: Paul, usually intertwining his fingers with hers during the moment of a red light, while Dawn’s absentmindedly staring out of the window, evidently not expecting it. Regardless, cheeks drastically turning a deep shade of red that Paul normally teases her about.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events: Paul, and Dawn always knows what it means, though still continuing to feel shy and slightly embarrassed whenever the naughty touching is initiated. Regardless, fulfilling to his lustful, oversexed desires in private, anyway even if just for a moment.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night: Dawn, typically during nights she can’t sleep. Needless to say, always has Paul staying up with her too to keep her company even if he’d rather be asleep, he’d stay awake cuddling with her, while tiredly listening to her random comments or strange questions.  

Asks “what are you thinking about?”: Dawn, she’s genuinely used to Paul’s usual moments of silence, but still can tell when he’s just being quiet and when he’s actually thinking about something. Although, he’ll randomly kiss her lips just prove that ‘it’s nothing’, and for her to stop worrying.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do): Paul, although enjoys slightly more either hugging, kissing, or carrying her in his arms; those ways of touching Dawn evidently being his favorites.

My rating for this ship: vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

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There are so many other words you could have rhymed with blog and you chose dog. I expect more out of one of my fav humor blogs

Listen here nonnie. I had a whole story prepared about a bog covered in fog, in which a frog who just wants to snog is floating in a clog, looking for a place to get out so he can slog through the smog and find a missing log and cog for his dog before they have to travel to Prague… BUT we work in facts. And that whole situation doesn’t science out. Ain’t that just the way.

(Your fav?? Stop it. You’re my fav.)

2015 48Group Draft - Draftees’ preferred groups

This list is based on fan reports of the draftee handshake event on 150426. (Double entries in case of double preferences.)

■ AKB48
Ogino Yuka
Kageyama Yuuka
Kasai Kana (would also like SKE48)
Kawaguchi Mami
Kusakabe Aina (would also like HKT48)
Shimazaki Hikari
Seiji Reina
Takahashi Kira
Chiba Erii
Nagayama Rin
Nishigata Marina
Nishikawa Rei
Nishimura Nanako
Hiwatashi Yui (would also like NMB48)
Matsuoka Hana
Mizuno Airi (would also like SKE48)
Muranaka Yuki (would also like NMB48)
Mega Yako
Yasuda Momone
Yamabe Ayu Team A

■ SKE48
Kasai Kana (would also like AKB48)
Kamimura Ayuka
Hori Shion
Mizuno Airi (would also like AKB48) 

■ NMB48
Imamura Maria (would also like HKT48)
Kubo Satone
Kawano Nanaho
Tanino Arisa (would also like HKT48)
Nishinaka Nanami
Nomura Nao
Nomura Miyo
Hiwatashi Yui (would also like AKB48) 
Hongou Yuzuha Team N
Matsui Rina
Muranaka Yuki (would also like AKB48)
Yasuda Momone

■ HKT48
Inoue Ruka
Imamura Maria (would also like NMB48)
Kusakabe Aina (would also like AKB48)
Tanino Arisa (would also like NMB48)
Hazama Miharu
Murakawa Vivian Team H 
Yasuda Momone

■ Anywhere is ok
Izumi Reina
Isshiki Rena
Shibata Yui
Michieda Saki

□ No info
Akasaka Misaki / Ando Erina / Iwata Hina / Shibuya Hikaru / Shirai Kotono / Sugawara Maya  / Someya Marin / Mukouyama Aira  / Yamane Suzuha


スポーツ女子 アスリート女子の無防備なゆえのエロス画像は344枚 絶対に負けられない戦いがあるのっ! ってな そんなにあるわきゃねーだろ。 でも戦う女子の無防備なゆえのエロス 最高! サッカー女子が乱交? 日本代表と同じ青のユニフォームに身を包んだ希咲あや&HIKARI選手のカリビアンジャパンがデカマラ黒人&熱いラテン巨根と対戦。


boys don’t wear makeup? sorry we didn’t get the memo *puts on more lipstick*

i was inspired to do a closet cosplay of my favourite litchi hikari club boy, raizou! it just so happens that i got some false eyelashes from spreepicky and since i rarely use bottom lashes i decided to try them out! (you can get 10% at 30$ with my code “criedwolves” btw!) and this lovely military coat i’m wearing is from sheinside.