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Hey guys, It’s Kitty! (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) Wow, I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve started drawing again (;Д;) … Please excuse my poorly edited ‘celebratory’ picture! BUUUT, that is not the point of this! AH!! I’M SCREEAMIN GUYS. LIKE R U GUYS SERIOUS??? 590+ FOLLOWERS? TO THIS BLOG???? \(T∇T)/ Wow. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I’m forever being amazed by you guys! Who would’ve thought that this (∩╹□╹∩) Shouty!! Trash!! Blog (∩╹□╹∩) is worthy to be followed by all y’all … Even though I’m not on a lot these days (Nursing pathway is ajdjsfak) and even though I totally suck at replying… You guys still give me so much love (●♡∀♡) Some of y’all know that, this year especially, I’ve seriously had my downfall(◞‸◟). I know that my depressed self was too much for some, but you guys… you guys stayed ◎ܫ◎. I literally started as an EXO-blog now I became BANGTAN-TRASH + ZYX LOVER and y’all still stayed (°o°:)… This seriously means so much to me. Even though we might be strangers (some of y’all), I already feel like family. I am just so blessed to have to know some of y’all and to just have you guys overall. If you guys, EVER .. EVER .. need any help on anything, don’t be afraid to drop my inbox! (o'u≦o) Haha, I will try my best to look out for y’all (especially that I’m probably older than most of y’all). If I can hug all 596 of y’all⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃; I totally would. You guys are so precious. How did I deserve such people who would go out their way to help me out? (・´з`・)  /sigh I’m seriously so blessed and I just feel like nothing I say/write, would be enough to express my gratitude towards y’all! Haha, well just know that I love each and everyone of y’all and that I’m here for you guys. ヽ(o♡o)/

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WOW. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ  I’m like utterly-speechless like I ALWAYS AM WHEN IT COMES TO THIS??! I can’t believe I already hit a followers milestone (200+ folowers) in this account! It’s been less than a month since I officially shutdown closed ‘chai-soo’ *tears* ಥ_ಥ … but like in 'chai-soo’… I’ve still received so much love and I’m just in awe. I am so blessed to have you guys join me in this , 'little journey’ of mines (a.k.a being a big ass Yixing & BTS trash). I love you guys so much ≧◡≦ . Each and everyone of you … whether your my mutual or my follower… I’m always here for you guys. Just reach out to my ask box ~ I dont bite! I promise (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  - Kitty

SO… Anyways ✿ Let’s get the main point – the follow forever list!                 BOLD = i want to talk more (n˘v˘•)¬ [& yes, I mean everyone]                     ✧ = my lovely bees [a.k.a the ppl I talk to ♥ ]                                                   ✿ = my queens & kings [♥ y’all already know ♥]                                          sehowontrash - dinosaur-anus✧ - yixingisthehealingbae - whynotkyungsoo - fatheryixing✧ -  heonia -  rapgodzhang - whyamiafool - sami-dare ✿✧ - kris-eyebrows - hobiswife ✧ - jinniestjin - rollingballade - jonglame - chanyeolandstuff - bitterbluewell - azuredragon0309 - glitterjin - babyzyx(i miss u dear :c) - sonyeon-damn - jiminteresante✧ - frozen-apes - gotta-love-that-baozi ✿✧ - baobei-rapper - inspiritted - exoownsthisass ✿- pcysglasses - jungkookismybias - thenocturnalwarden - eggnogtheeggheadblog - show-me-the-mwoni -  darklordkyungsoo ✿- promixing - yixingssensitiveneck - baekypoo - planetkaisoo27 - bootyful-jams - elle-x-x-x - baektrackd - sehunjebal - taoinc - baby-baek ✿- kothdad - jungkooks-left-shoe - lugeismycar - fallibleparadise - kai-high - jiminychoos - luhandyman - hunseyeol - kimjonginhearteu - hoosier1124 ✿- affectare - celery-sehun - h-a-j-i-m-e-ru  ✿- exoticbabyandproud - jhcbi - bowlerrootx  (i miss u boo -i hope ur doing well! c:) - chansootrash - miniseokjin - escape-society-and-have-a-laugh - wuyaoifan - sydneyiskpoptrash - baesofexo - yixing-senpai - melliibearr ✿- kim-jongmin ✿- littlest-deer - minseokbby - krisdeul-is-so-real - ohnonotexo - baeknopeyeol - monihyun - memoriesfromacamera - reinedeselfes - stormei - soo-nim - iibambichan ✿- taekhyunn- yaboyyoongi - shingeki-no-problemo - ksoos-mom - pupyeols - taezawr - syrinfin - absolute-overdose - absolute-exo-trash - chancasso ✿- yoongisf - tadashiburns - coffee-laytte - substantiallysizedbang - idontgiveasuga - parkoyeolo- paige-isqueen - chen-booty - exotic-by-night - kim-taehug - daddy-exo - hellomellowyellowjello - chanyeolandstuff - youresoadwhorable - pcyoshie - hikari-chingu - meadowstar0915 - samira-ah - theonewayintomyheart - kyungsoosfanboys - hotcrosscum - fcksoo - amazing-hoseok - mtndewgiraffes - kyungsoos-eyebrows-on-fleek - toffeeyeol - dem-exo-feels - youremyexodus-extra - sehunicornbaozi94 - taebull - kailaystan hayisgf - xiningstar - wet-sehun - kpopunicornbaozi - chan-yeol-o - koreaboo-trash-af - deaniner - lionessarcadia - kpop-is-her-style - lavstar- choi-min-no - jiminsrose - redheadsoo - hansolvc17 - itsmythief - sugabyun - kimnamdayum - mellifluousperusal - zyxxhan - pandabearlikes- softguava - igiveuponfindingadecentusername - daceyoftheminority - laymerence - honestlykrispycandy - clis4evermine - baekkyungie - tangledface - definitely-not-a-psychopath - exostrash - suga-to-ur-coffee - g-e-e-k-y-exophan - playboyjongin - damnkyung-soo - awkward-asshole - itsghostx - hellnohelen - arcuirli - chocoltaechipkookies - fairlytae - lutheman - moonlightoasiis - kai-bai-no - our-happyendings - gaybunnie - leebathehealingunicorn -  protectyixingfrombirds- tinyexoticpixie - blondejonginnie - wolfpcy - suho-sblackcreditcard- the-ultimate-szuzanya

p.s. I FINALLY WORKED ON GIFs. Even tho it took me hrs… i feel quite accomplished c: OH! Thanks to my dearest, laymerence, for the video advice! I was asking for this… :P sadly the other videos didn’t work TT^TT but as always, you’ve inspired me to get to this video ♥ Thanks again love.

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I recently hit a milestone of followers nad I still don’t understand HOW that happened. °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° Anyway I’d like to thank you ALL again, it really means a lot to me. It’s thanks to you that I always have a great time on tumblr, and even if I don’t share or talk a lot here, just remember that you’re like a family to me. We’ve been through bad and good times together this year and I hope we’ll be together in the future as well 。^‿^。 To honor all my beautiful cuties, I listed some blogs I pretty much check everyday plus some blogs I just found and followed recently that really left a great impression on me! Keep in mind that I follow 600+ blogs, so I’m pretty sure I forgot someone… I’m really sorry about that! Please don’t take it personally! Be sure to check out my blogroll anyway; you’ll find a lot of lovely blogs there as well (*´꒳`*)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Taking A Hint (2)

Summary: Because Sasuke was never really good at handling rejection.


Sasuke didn’t want much from her!

Just… like two kids…

He rubbed his temples hoping it would alleviate some of the pain- No, bullshit the dobe was spitting out. “-Sasuke, maybe you should just leave her alone?”

Tch, just plain bullshit.

He grunted and the blond sighed in relief. Little did that idiot know, Sasuke already had a plan ready to go and it was called ‘Wear Hyuuga down until the Hyuuga caves.’

“Dobe,” Sasuke placed his cup at his lip slowly. Azure eyes blinked at his friend. “What is that Hyuuga’s name?”

The sound of a chair scrapping the floor pierced the brief silence. “What the Hell!?” Naruto shouted. “You’re stalking her without even knowing her name!”

While he was NOT ‘stalking’ her just ‘loosely following’ Sasuke nodded. What was the big deal? Not like he needed to know her name for her to give him offspring. Naruto’s face practically glowed with anger. “I’m not telling you,” he bit out.

Onyx eyes rolled over coolly as his friend stormed out. Sasuke exhaled looking at the check. “Leaving me with the bill,” he said more to himself.

He stood ignoring the bartender yelling at him to pay. One flash of his eyes sent the bill to the Hokage’s tab. That’s also when the idea of scaring her came to his mind.


Hinata sat on the forest floor just as a familiar chakra approached her. Before she could run, the creepiest guy in all of Konoha…maybe nations was staring down at her.

“Hyuuga,” he greeted again. She blinked at him a few times. She concealed her chakra so much that it took almost all of her strength and she even went the extra mile to change from her usual perfume to Sakura’s.

And yet here he was…

Wait, “Are you s-stalking me?” asked Hinata. The thought alone made her skin crawl.

Sasuke inwardly growled, LOOSELY FOLLOWING! HE WAS NOT CRAZY!

When he didn’t reply, she stood quickly with a frown. “W-what do you want?” She left off the ‘Leave me alone’ only because she hoped it was implied.

Sharingan flaring at her. “First, your name,” he demanded then within seconds her blood line limit flared back at him. Sasuke almost felt her Byakugan blocking his Sharingan. Sasuke inwardly smiled. Look at her, proving herself more as the mother of his kids.

Hinata probably would have told him (most likely not) if he wasn’t such a… weirdo and didn’t try to put her in a genjutsu. She narrowed her opal eyes at him before leaving the Uchiha in a cloud of smoke.

Sasuke fell onto his back and stared at the falling Sun. If only he was truly asexual…

He closed his eyes, “If only,” he mused. No, maybe she was just repulsed with the idea of making a child! Didn’t, uh, Hitomi…was that it? Hikari? Ah fuck it, didn’t Hyuuga know there were other options than intercourse!?

He sat up with a new hope. Naruto would be proud. “I will have a child with Hyuuga,” he clenched his fist. “That’s my nindo.”

Was that proper use of the word? No matter. He had a second part of a lifetime goal to accomplish!