My name is Chicken McNugget on Skype #2
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:xD
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:...
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp
  • кαтαѕтяσρнє ★:herp
  • chicken mcnugget:/dances and fires a gun
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:O____o
  • chicken mcnugget:8D
  • chicken mcnugget:if you puictured a chicken nugget doimng it i understansd the scrring
  • chicken mcnugget:*scarring
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:haha just a little xD
  • кαтαѕтяσρнє ★:go girl go
  • кαтαѕтяσρнє ★:work that nugget
  • кαтαѕтяσρнє ★:fry my nuggets
  • chicken mcnugget:*shakes nugget ass*
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:you be crispy, gurl! XD
  • chicken mcnugget:you have nuggets?
  • ~{*LilJayCakes*}~:not as yummy as yours XDD
  • chicken mcnugget:oh snap

hikachuu replied to your post: Sometimes I do miss my old fandoms.. /runs to and…

noooooo i like ygo and pokemon and you!!! LET’S BE FRIENDS OKAY SHHHH

SOMEONE WHO HAS MUTUAL INTERESTS AS ME? YES I APPROVE THIS *u* WE ARE FRIENDS! oh gosh, my tumblr actually started out as a ygo blog so the majority of the people i follow are from that fandom. adakfhjkd; looking back at my archive, i could see where I started getting into other my fandoms..