hika yagami


Got my Mew Mew Livestream prizes from @hikayagami today! In the package was the Mew Ichigo cell phone strap (which package I have yet to open XD), a Mew Ichigo plush strap (that too is still in it’s cellophane, but not for long), a Mew Lettuce finger puppet (currently watching over me from my computer screen). Although I do believe in the stream she showed the Mew Pudding one, but Lettuce is my favorite of the main 5 so I prefer this actually. Lastly, a 2kawaii4me Mew/Neko Ichigo mechanical pencil (a little rusty from age but no complaints from me-very well made and detailed for something so small in size) and a very gracious note form Hika with a chibi doodle of my alien son Deep Blue and Jet Bruce Chan Yuebin Long based off of her upcoming Mew Mew Funnies/Wulin Warriors video

As a thank you gift, please accept this drawing of Irio (among other things XD). I’ve been doing a lot of digital art lately so my traditional art isn’t coming as naturally to me at this point, but I still like how it turned out, and I hope you do too!

Just noticed that I’ve finally reached 500 followers. If I’d been paying attention, I would’ve had time to make a better Thank You card.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who’s following me. There’s more great stuff coming, including 2 new videos for this Saturday’s livestream (Not Mew Mew related but, hopefully, entertaining), which has been hinted at with this Twitter Post.

Although, there will be another all-day Tokyo Mew Mew Livestream this winter break which will have new fanmade Mew Mew stuff. The date for it will be posted sometime in November.


Yep, I’ll be going to Anime Expo this year and I hope to meet some fellow Mew Mew fans! More details are in this video.