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Greek mythology AU headcanons for both groups?

Okay guys. Something I have to say before I post. The plot ideas for the legends and myths are MINE. I took bloody long to think these up so PLEASE. If you want to use them, ask me beforehand. Thank you.



🏵- He was a child born to a poor family. As Zeus was upset with the family for not keeping their promise to hand over their fifth child to the god, he came and took away Otoya, taking him to Mount Olympus where he was raised by Hera. Otoya wasn’t like other godchildren, he was a mortal. He couldn’t cast magic like them and was always left out. So, after getting Zeus drunk one night, he ran away and now he wanders, looking for his true family. He searched for a place where he could be accepted. Taking pity on him, Hestia granted him a compass to guide his way out. Zeus was enraged and yelled that Otoya was to forever be a wanderer. Will he ever find settlement and love?
🏵- when he reached the land of mortals, he was a messenger for the Royal family. (Thus, he shall always wander)
🏵- As a demigod, he is the child of Aphrodite or Ares
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Apollo.

🏵- Born to a noble family, he was a loyal swordsman who trained for the army although he wasn’t as well built as his other siblings. He preferred to read or wander the plains at night. On one such night, he found Artemis’s bow, with which he turned out to be the best archer in the land. When Artemis found out, she was not pleased. However when she saw how pure and full of chastity, Masato was, she decreed that he must be not an archer, but a priest against his will. Masato was hence moved to the temple where he argued daily with Artemis, begging for his freedom. Aphrodite came to his aide and said she could reverse Artemis’s decree if Masato stopped being afraid of women and bared his heart to love instead.
🏵- He was either walking on the plains, or at the temple. He studied more of philosophy than theology. He wasn’t keen on worshipping Artemis as his family were followers of Ares.
🏵- As a demigod, he is either the child of Demeter or Athena
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Artemis. the irony lol

🏵- As a mortal, he is that man whose smile charms one and all. He plays the harp. However, Hades cursed that though Natsuki will have the brightest smile, the music that comes out of his harp will reflect the darkness and despair in his heart. The dark and tragic songs he plays are beautiful. Unfortunately, the curse can only be broken when someone revives Natsuki’s lost trust and happiness. Till then, he shall only be able to play music that shows how he TRULY feels in the depths of his heart.
🏵- He is a philosopher and musician
🏵- As a demigod, he is the offspring of Demeter
🏵- If Natsuki was a Greek God, he would be Persephone or Harmonia

🏵- He was blessed by Aphrodite but cursed by Zeus, out of jealousy, when he was born into the mortal, royal family. His curse was simple yet its results were tedious Attraction. Pointless attraction. He would attract a lot of people, being the beautiful man he is and they will all fall over him but he will never be able to love them as a lover does. He would have eyes everywhere on him and wouldn’t have much of a sense of privacy. His curse would be broken only when he falls in love sincerely with someone.
🏵- A Prince who enjoys walking around vineyards and moonlit beaches.
🏵- As a demigod, he would be either the child of Dionysius or Aphrodite.
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Eros.

🏵- He was a siren, a creature of the sea. His voice caused destroyed many by its charm. Poseidon was awed by the man’s beauty and pitied how he destroyed all who heard the songs of his heart. Hence, he granted Tokiya immortality which he didn’t want. Tokiya brought his plight to Aphrodite who pitied him and said that he shall be immortal as long as nobody finds him and loves him without being afraid of his voice. The one who truly loves him will be immune to the destructive effects of his beautiful voice and he shall be freed from immortality.
🏵- He was always in the ocean but from time to time, he walked by the streets and library, making sure to not talk.
🏵- As a demigod he would be the child of either Athena, Artemis or Poseidon.
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Hades or Athena.

🏵- Favored by Athena who was the goddess of war, she granted Syo the power to be agile, that is, he would be the fastest at dodging any sort of heavy blow. However Ares disagreed, wanting Syo to be strong and powerful, rather than agile and the two of them, Athena and Ares broke out in a fight, accidentally cursing the child to be the weakest of all. Artemis, pitying the boy said that when he grows older, he shall be strong but she was unable to fully reverse the curse. The child was strong everywhere else but his heart was weak. The only cure was by finding a herb which was too difficult to be plucked and most importantly, it was in a field which men could not enter only a woman with a strong desire could enter. See the connection?
🏵- He would be found training while suffering from chest ache from time to time, wondering why his heart was so weak.
🏵- As a demigod, he would be the child of Ares or Apollo
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Ares

🏵- A worshipper of Harmonia, Cecil was the one who was always found in the temple, smiling and greeting all those who passed by him. He also was blessed by Harmonia and was very good with music. His curse was given by his family as the Oracle prophesied that he shall be the bringer of change. He was given off to the temple to be raised and he was there, his heart hiding all the disappointment he felt that his family abandoned him. He now searches for a place he can call his own where someone would love him.
🏵- He was found in the marketplace or usually in a clothing store.
🏵- As a demigod, he would be the child of Aphrodite
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Hera


🏵- The one with the beautiful voice. In exchange for superior musical talent, he had to give away his heart and emotions to the gods. His voice lured everyone of all ages. He was also favored by the royalty. However, he couldn’t feel happy or sad. Angry or peaceful. This would only be reverted when someone comes and teaches him how to feel all over again.
🏵- He would be found singing on a rock, facing the seas. Or he would be absorbed in books of human philosophy and psychology.
🏵- As a demigod, he is Athena’s child
🏵- As a Greek God, he is either Hermes or Athena.

🏵- The one who had it all- looks, money, fame and fortune. He had people falling all over and being envious of him. The gods favored him for his voice but Dionysius cursed him because he attracted one of Dionysius’s lovers with his looks, manly pride and voice. Camus didn’t mean to attract the woman but she was persistent. His curse was done out of envy and anger. Camus had it all but his heart was frozen. He could never feel happiness or warmth. Someone has to melt his heart.
🏵- He would be by the forests, taking long rides on his stallion as he rode ahead, indifferent to all.
🏵- As a demigod, he would be the child of Artemis
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Poseidon.

🏵- Reiji was the farmer whose crops always were of good harvest. He had a family he looked after- his siblings and parents. However his land was bad. The land was not supposed to be fit for cultivation but to help his family survive, Reiji made a trade. If Plutus would grant fertility to his land and crops, he would give anything in return. Plutus smirked and asked for Reiji’s happiness. Which our brunette gave up for the sake of his family. He always smiled at them but they were fake. He was depressed and down inside his heart and he was an emotional mess. He thought this was okay as long as his family was fine. Someone has to restore his happiness
🏵- He would be found at the fields or the tavern or by the stables, looking after animals
🏵- As a demigod, he is the offspring of Dionysius, or Apollo.
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Demeter.

🏵- Ranmaru was the man who angered Zeus by directly challenging his authority and saying he wasn’t fit to be the King of Greek Gods. Hence, the god, angered immensely by Ranmaru’s proclamation cursed that when Ranmaru turned twenty five, nothing shall be in favor of him. He shall only have misfortune and depression when he falls in love. Athena (not hearing the “fall in love” part from Zeus) found this illogical so she arrived to his aid and told him to pursue architecture so she can watch over him directly. Athena tried to work on a logical solution to end Ranmaru’s pointless curse but she once heard Aphrodite saying “Love conquers all” and considered the possibility. She proclaimed, by the blessing of Aphrodite, that Ranmaru’s curse shall end when he chooses to share his heart with a special someone(Thus, she unknowingly created a counter-curse). Ranmaru of course, didn’t believe her.
🏵- He would be found working on sculptures or sketching buildings. He would also be at the tavern.
🏵- As a demigod, he is the offspring of Ares
🏵- As a Greek God, he is Hades