Fictober ~ 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 18 - Haunted House

Fandom: Hakuouki (Modern AU)
Prompt: Haunted House

“You got banned from a haunted house?” Hijikata asked incredulously. Then his tone grew harder, more suspicious, as he asked Souji, “Just what the hell did you do?”

To his surprise, Chizuru flushed scarlet, turning her face into Souji’s chest and mumbling something incomprehensible.

Souji snickered. “Well, you see…when startled, apparently our sweet Chizuru here has a wicked right hook.”

Fictober Day 19 - Black Cat

Hijikata glanced around to make sure Souji really had left the room before he carefully approached the black cat sitting on the back of the couch. Much like it’s pain-in-the-ass owner, the cat seemed entirely unwilling to warm up to him despite the fact that it didn’t seem have any sort of problem with Saito, Kondou, or Tamako.

He had tried everything from treats, to catnip, and even all manner of embarrassing noises, but all the cat ever did was stare at him disdainfully with those pale turquoise eyes.

After one more glance to assure himself that Souji wasn’t secretly spying on him - he’d never live it down if he was caught - he pulled a colorful mouse toy from his pocket and offered it to the still impassively staring feline.

If it was going to share his name, the least the damn thing could do was like him.


Some Hakuouki faces!
This is a Disney art style study that I enjoyed a lot. I tried to give each character special features to emphasize their personalities, so I hope it turned out well. At least I’m quite glad with the result :D

Finaly my exams are over and I’m able to breathe again! Don’t have a lot of time for art now, but still my favourite guys kept me company through this rough couple of weeks c:

Also I’m super inspired about Hakuouki fandom, so if you want to chat and discuss something don’t hesitate to use messages and ask, I really want to make some new friends *_*

wagakki band -  senbonzakura
wagakki band - kishikaisei
hans zimmer – the attack

You’ve probably read this post by @fuusenchan​ which breaks down the details of the scenes in Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu opening, say - Mutsunokami and Ryoma’s death, Kane-san/Horikawa and Hijikata’s death, Yagen and the Honnouji Incident, etc.

And we have all probably come to the same conclusion that this opening is already pretty sad as it is.

But wait, what about the ending?

From Wikipedia: Tōrō Nagashi (灯籠流し) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns down a river. This activity is traditionally performed on the final evening of the Bon Festival in the belief that it will help to guide the souls of the departed to the spirit world.

And what do we have here?

The Shinsengumi - where Izuminokami Kanesada and Horikawa Kunihiro were part of with their former master, the Vice Commander Hijikata Toshizo.

The “Father of the Imperial Japanese Navy” Sakamoto Ryoma, who was the owner of Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki. The lady beside him was most likely his spouse, Narasaki Ryo.

Tadakatsu Honda, “The Warrior who Surpassed Death” and the former owner of Tonbokiri. It was said that he had never once suffered any significant wounds/injuries despite having participated in more than 100 battles in his whole life.

Now I might be wrong with this one…

The sword seems to be Tsurumaru Kuninaga. I’ve tried looking up his previous owners and I’m not sure who this guy was. My closest bet is Hojo Sadatoki during the Heizen Gate Incident where he purged Taira Yoritsuna and 90 of his followers.

Now this one’s just a wild guess, but if we were to follow the opening, only Yagen Toushirou is left, so this person could be Oda Nobunaga (sorry if I’m wrong though).

Conclusion: Katsugeki OP features the sword reliving the memories of their late masters. Meanwhile the ED features the masters themselves while they were still alive. Thus, be prepared to say goodbye to your hearts as Ufotable and the gang rip your feelings to pieces throughout the episodes.


So apparently these are from “the 2015 version of Hakuōki Zuisouroku”??? I didn’t even know that was a thing, and I’ve never seen these before, so I’m putting them up here in case you haven’t seen them either!! (special thanks to @soujiswife​ for leading me down this rabbit hole with her icon~)