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Gintama is that kind of anime where you start laughing so hard because of the absurdity going on, but then 3 min later you are staring at the episode trying to put you heart’s pieces together one by one.


Can we just talk for a minute about the “Resting Bitch Face” epidemic? I mean… It’s hit me hard the last few weeks and not much seems to make me smile, feel better, or laugh… Unless I am criticizing myself. (Not even going to talk about how strange that R.B.F. thread I had with myself got on Easter/Ostara. That shit was intense)

Honestly, I thought R.B.F. was reserved for people like Hijikata-san… It surely doesn’t have any business being on my face… So wtf? I am enlisting my friends to help me smile again, because…. Because. Save my face ;-; it’s broken 🤕

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Anyone really! Rally the troops! S.o.S. ;-;🤕

These cool guys fingering their s/o

(I just wanted to start this blog with a sin)

Gintoki:  “You’re so perverted. I`ve barely touched you….”  He`s trailed off, wrapping his lips around your soft breast.  His tongue toyed with the hardened nipple, lightly tugging it with his teeth. His eyes lifted watching your expression washed over with pleasure as he twisted his fingers so they hit all the right places. He gently rubbed your clit, getting another moan in response. Gintoki chuckled when you squeezed around his digits as a wave of release went through youur body.  “It seems that you are not satisfied yet. That`s good, we`re not going to stop”  

Hijikata: Lying on the bed you closed your eyes as he showered your face with kisses.  He propped himself up with one forearm above your head as his other went exploring, while he was gently sucking your lower lip. Toushirou groped your breast briefly before moving further, investigating the situation between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck desperate for more.   His fingers grazed the wet patch of your pantie, pinching your clit lightly.  “Fuck….”  He breathed after withdrawing from your lips.  Your cheeks flushed as he pulled the fabric off, touching you directly. His fingers slid inside you easily. “How can you be so wet already…”  With this words he bited your nipple roughly and pressed the sweet spot between your legs making you cry in pleasure 

Takasugi: He dragged you into his arms, pressing your bosoms against his bare chest while you were sitting on the futon.  “Too embarrassing?”  He asked smirking deviously  “There’s no need to be shy, you`ll forget about embarrassment soon.”  His hand glided down the camber of your back,  going under the blanket, in which you wrapped herself, trying to disappear from his sight.  Your cheeks flared as he touched your bare womanhood.  He spread your nether lips with two fingers before pinching your swollen clit.  He chuckled as your body fell into him, allowing you to cling to his broad shoulders.  “Too much for you? I`m gonna make it even worse”  He said, sliding second finger into you at the same time and enjoying your moans.        

Kamui:  He held your back up with one hand, raising you up to meet his lips.  He was rude but you were so eager to kiss him.  Melting beneath him as his tongue made you lost your mind, your arms wrapped around his neck.  Your gaze drifted from his lustful expression to his hand that was now in between your legs pressing fingers into the material of your panties.  Stroking your femininity up and down, until you couldn’t even think, he chuckled, kissing you cruely.  When you looked at him flushed, he giggled sending his hand underneath your skirt and panties.  You bit down on the inside of your cheek when his first finger entered you.  Playfully, swirling around making you squirm. He chided with a teasing grin as he added another finger.  “Now, now, you need to pay more attention to me when I call you next time.” 

Sougo: His eyes pinned you to the floorboards.  You lied with your hands trying to cover your naked breast.  “It seems that you’re expecting something.” The corner of his lip tugged back into a crooked smile, seeing your face turn beat red.  The innocence in his words ran dry as his hand delved between your legs beneath your skirt.  “Let’s see how much you wants it, shall we?”  He whispered as his fingers delved into your folds.   “Ah, now I see. You’re almost begging for it.” His smirk grew as you writhed beneath him, eventually toying with your clit between his forefinger and thumb. You practically oozed as he began to painfully slowly do scissor motions inside you.  When he was satisfied, he removed his now dripping fingers and lifted them in front of your face.   His lips touched your ear. “Open your mouth…” He whispered with such allure, you had no choice but to obey. “And don`t forget to look me in the eyes while doing it.” he smirked sadistically     


Hijikata's Adventures As "The Mom-Friend"

Hijikata: I am mom-friend

Hijikata: You best not be fucking texting and driving

Hijikata: Please don’t do that, you’re worrying me

Hijikata: Listen, my job is to make sure that everyone is okay

Hijikata: Who do I have to fucking fight?

And then…

Hijikata: Y'all are the literal bane of my existence

Something I Noticed....

Hijikata is predominantly right handed

And so is Gintoki

But we’ve seen Gintoki use his left hand to fight

As well as use both hands

We’ve seen Hijikata can fight left handed


annahakuouki  asked:

A flirty text from Hijikata to Chizuru, please. :3

A flirty text from Hijikata to Chizuru.

Thank you for leaving dinner in my room for me again tonight Yukimura.

These meetings with the higher-ups go on forever I swear.  Kondou-san doesn’t seem to mind though!

Hope this text doesn’t wake you but I never seem to remember to thank you properly during the day - always too much to do.  I really should thank you in person though. 

Feel free to join me if you’re up.  I’m told meals are better when eaten with others.  Saito’s fine and all but you’re better company.

[Imagine the sound of Hijikata realizing he pressed the SEND button too quickly:  “Fuck. Too tired, too many godsdamned meetings.  I sound like I’m fucking flirting with her - or worse.  Dammit.  Okay, time to be the bad guy again - incomprehensible muttering about being too f*cking tired and absolutely no admission that she’s actually really, really cute.“]

[Ed.’s Note: It could have been a lot worse. Among other things, he could have typed ”you’re better-looking company”.  Plus, at least he wasn’t drunk and discovering that even the lamp was tired of hearing him talk.]

Yukimura - don’t bother - tbh I’m really liking the peace and quiet right now.  I’m tired of listening to people talk. I can hear myself think for once.


Hope you sleep well.

[ “Fuck.  I’m getting soft.” ]

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anonymous asked:

ToT, please! Hijikata-san, is it hard being a single mother? Do you have any tips for raising so many children at the same time?? (im sorry, i had to)

Hijikata, in the middle of training, rolls his eyes. “Fuck off,” he says, brandishing his bokuto. “I’m not their mother, and in any case, they’re as much Kondou-san’s responsibility as mine. Leave me alone.”