pannyexpress  asked:

I'd been leaning towards HufflepuffAllen myself( bc friends and food lol) so I'm super interested to know why you put him in Slytherin

allen has all the things that slytherin value in a person, its smart and sharp with his mind, u know how he cheat and that is a good quality for a slytherin, not in a bad way.
he follow what he think is right and forget to others when it comes to win the game, he really dont care much about other things if he can pay the bills(like that time when he took his clothes off for a photoshoot)  be in slytherin doesn’t mind allen cant eat a lot and love his friends, actually we have a different slytherin view now, they can be loyals and good friends too, their love for people can be long and brave like a gryffindor or hufflepuff.
(plus neah)

he tried to make philosopher’s stone but fail and make rocks yellow