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since you delivered the first kiss one so beautifully (THANK YOU THANK YOUUU) how about the detention one like in your tags? omg im living for these rn thank you so much for writing you gotta tell me to stop when you want me to cuz im gonna keep asking probably 😂

ur sweet <3 and i might probably never tell u to stop tbh haha. IDk if this is longer or shorter or cuter but in the SuperBroJocks AU timeline this is the beginning.

SuperBroJocks AU + Detention

It was freshman year;

  • Percy is a frequenter of detention, he tries to stay out of trouble, he really does (he’s got to keep a clean enough record to not be kicked out of the swim team you know) but when he sees something isn’t right and he has the power to do something then he will do it which just causes a ton more trouble for hi
  • Jason, on the other hand, is the golden boy. He stays out of trouble and he’s just got that Mr Good-Two-Shoes going on for him. (He’s really pressured about not doing anything that could jeopardize being on the football team okay) 
  • They both have reputations going around school usually of the opposite spectrum. 
  • So, understandably, Jason and Percy at first didn’t know what to make of each other. Aside from being both student athletes they don’t run in the same circles. 
  • Until second semester when they get paired up for a project.
  • They were really wary of each other because of this so when they got paired up they were definitely some reservations about it.
  • They were both going on what they’ve heard about each other and yes, maybe they were a little too judgy about each other.
  • Percy thought he was getting paired up with some uptight asshole who’ll just do everything himself and complain about the whole time and think little of him.
  • Jason thought he was getting paired up with some trouble maker who couldn’t care less about doing the project with him and skates off other people’s help. (there’s a rumor going around that that’s why Percy was bffs with Annabeth Chase)
  • Jason’s perception of Percy almost gets proven right when Percy gets detention the day they were supposed to work on their project. He warms up to Percy a little when Percy looked genuinely, deeply, and just so very sorry he had to cancel.
  • Taken by this Jason makes a spur of the moment decision to also get detention because he thought it was a good plan at first and hey it’s the thought that counts.
  • Percy is in detention waiting for time to move a little faster when Jason comes in and sits next to him.
  • Before Jason could explain his half baked plan Percy was already trying to explain how he got into detention
  • If Jason thought he warmed up to Percy before, now he just straight up admires him and he tells him so which makes Percy’s smile a bit wobbly like he couldn’t believe
  • Then when Percy asks why he was in detention all Jason could do was stutter out his plan
  • Instead of laughing at him like Jason expected him to Percy just looks at him warmly and maybe Jason’s heart also stutters a bit
  • So, they start out from there. In detention, they became friends. 


  • Mr D hates Percy Jackson.
  • Percy wasn’t even in the fight, he was in the vicinity of the fight and yet–
  • “Jackson, detention!” “I wasn’t even doing anything!” “You were going to! Call this pre-detention!” “What?” “And bring Grace with you!” “Hey!” 
  • “Don’t look so glum, Jason. That’s where we met you know. Formally.” “That’s sweet, but shut up”

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