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Your little "rant" just changed my opinion. I can totally see Hiccup as more of a bottom now, I never really thought much into the sex part of their relationship, but I can see what you mean. I can still see Jack as a bottom however, not to Hiccup, but in general. I mean, I can see Hic and Jack switching it up MAYBE once, just to see what its like. But thats it really. Wow. Ok. I have a whole new point of view on Hijack now. Thanks(this is a good thing btw).


Thank you for letting me know! This put a smile on my face! : D I mean, just that people actually understood what I was trying to say or maybe helped someone decide on an opinion or helped someone see this side of the opinion— wow this ask is lovely, thanks caged-angel! I agree, I do think that Jack is more versatile in this regard— well anyway, even if he is dominant by nature, I think he would probably bottom given that he wants to challenge if his partner can “Reaaaaaally dominate” him (hence my point with power struggle). 

not that either of them mind, anyway

Yup! I also agree, as I have pointed out in my rant. I do think at one point they would try it out and then realize that it’s just not their style. : )

[[[[& FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO READ THE “RANT” : http://kohichapeau.tumblr.com/post/53621201351/this-influx-of-topping-hiccup-asks ]]]]