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  • “you were really drunk last night and that creepy guy wouldn’t take a hint and give up even though you clearly weren’t interested, you passed out before you could call someone to pick you up and i couldn’t find your contact info so that’s why you woke up on my couch, hi” au
  • “i moved in the apartment next door and you brought baked goods to welcome me, i didn’t have the heart to tell you that they were terrible and now you think that i loved them and make some for me every other weekend” au
  • “i was on my way back from the library at 3am and saw you sleeping on a bench” au
  • “you’ve rented this movie at least 7 times now, you’re cute but i seriously worry about your taste in films” au
  • “you happened to be walking by while i was playing a contact sport and i accidentally tackled you and holy shit did i break your nose?!” au
  • “you died, but now you’re suddenly alive?? also why are you acting like you’ve never met me?” (character A dies in one universe and character B is unknowingly transported to one where they’re still alive but have never met) AU au
  • “our friends set us up on a blind date and even though we work/have class together we’ve never actually talked” au
  • “my friend convinced me to go camping in the woods and i thought you were a bear because of all the nose you were making but you’re actually just really lost” au

Written by: @titaniasfics

Rating: T

Prompt 27: Katniss’s father is an undocumented worker, Peeta is a sympathetic federal agent sent to investigate or an employer willing to do anything to help. [submitted by @567inpanem]

Author’s Note: I’m late (as usual) but I went for the second option on this one. I jumped at this prompt because of my own feeling about this whole situation. Hope I didn’t hijack a lovely prompt by being politically didactic. I relied on my experiences with my family regarding picking fruit and the migration of workers as they follow the different harvest, together with the research on how the ICE conducts raids in this current political climate. It’s a different world from when my grandfather was a migrant worker.

A million thanks to @eala-musings for betaing this piece for me, @567inpanem for the amazing prompt and to @everlarkficexchange for hosting this challenge!

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au ideas

“i’m on a date with this creepy dude and now i am trying to escape from him so could you please help me through this window” au

“we have been taking the same train since forever and you always sit in front of me doing nothing but glare at me, what’s up with that dude? did i offend you with my face?” au 

“hi, i know we have never talked before but my room mate just sexiled me. can i please crash on your couch? and borrow some clothes maybe?” au 

“your cat snuck into my house to eat my plants which have taken me forever to grow” au

“my friend over there has the biggest crush on you. can you please ask him out? i cannot listen to an other rant about how perfect your eyebrows are.” au

“listen, i have had the worst week ever so please do not make it worse by taking the last box of cheerios” au

“our friends are trying to set us up but i still haven’t forgotten that one time you peed on my sand castle when we were like seven.” au  

“we are the only ones not drunk at this party. wanna make everyone in here do embarrassing things so we can blackmail them later?” au

“i have been trying to draw you since the last hour but you keep moving. could you please stop? you are very handsome by the way.” au 

“i broke into your house thinking it was mine because i was drunk af and now you are making me breakfast.” au

“your doctor made you take the elevator because you needed to learn how to deal with small spaces and now it’s stuck. please don’t die on me.” au 


Day 9 - Rosewick - Fiendship from psychocorps

I apologize if it doesn’t fit your prompt and for whatever reason Neo hijaked the story …and I did say I would do a parody ala gintama, apparently it turned into a direct Gintama parody… No apologizes here I just love Gintama.

Also I doubt Roman would ever have any game if you ask me, he is kinda the Team Rocket of RWBY, I do enjoy him Ham’ing every time he appears though XD

Right and apparently I’m the only person on the internet who would love to see Winter and Neo in a relationship…call me insane but those two would just scream SEX if they ever got under the sheets ^^

I know that comedy is subjective but I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I loved drawing it XD

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Prompt List:

  • Prompt 1: I’d like an AU with Peeta as a single dad with a kid who’s always getting in trouble. Katniss is the kid’s teacher. Love follows :) [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 2: Before the Quarter Quell. The victors decide to include Katniss and Peeta in their plans for the rebellion. [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 3: Historical everlark (Georgian or Victorian era) and with Peeta as a ‘reformed rake’ and a jealous Katniss at one point… an E rating would be the icing on the cake(!) thank you so much for what you do!❤️ [submitted by Anonymous]

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Anonymous said: I’m rather curious about when Jack marked Hiccup. Were they nervous? Was Jack really careful and gentle?


It would be Toothiana. Hiccup felt certain of that, a pang in his chest that he hadn’t wanted to admit but that he couldn’t deny any longer. Or it might be Jamie; the boy was still on the younger side, though he was old enough to mate, and those two shared an incredibly deep bond that Hiccup would never be able to experience. It could be beautiful Astrid, who already had the attention of every other alpha in the pack. It could be anyone. It just wouldn’t be him.

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First Day in My Creative Writing Class
  • Professor: So everyone go around the room, say your name, major, favorite author, and what you're currently working on.
  • Me: What we're working on?
  • Professor: Yes, what stories are you working on at the moment?
  • Me: *thinks of BillDip Week 1&2 and upcoming HiJack Smut Week*
  • Me: *sweats*
  • Me: Uhhhhhhhh, right now, just a bunch of short stories.
Stolen - [EXO] CEO!Chanyeol Au

Originally posted by iyeolie

[A/N] I wrote this like yesterday.

Italian restaurant. By the three-cornered junctions. Nine thirty. Is she really that busy? Or is she just saying that?

Maybe he shouldn’t have hung up before she gets to say her answers. He tried to be soulless, a little more professional. But it’s pretty difficult to remain vague and ambiguous when all Chanyeol could think of is those pretty lips and how it’ll taste like. It gets harder as the years go by, but you’ve set the boundaries too firm and too high for even a good looking lad like him.

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ninjaboots  asked:

IMMA DO THE PROMPT THING AWW YISSSSS. Sid/Geno, Sidney accidentally comes out to the team when he sees his ex-boyfriend at a bar.

“Sid."  Geno all but collapses into the booth next to him, Flower, Tanger and Nealer shoving at each other as they slide into the other side.  Geno’s clutching an enormous, half-empty beer glass and bumping Sidney with his hip until he scoots over to make room.  "Sid, Sid."  He tsks under his breath as he slings an arm over the back of the bench behind him.  “Hide at table again?”

"I’m not hiding,” he says quickly.  Too quickly, judging by everyone’s raised eyebrows.  “Actually, I was thinking I might go home soon.”

“What?  No, it’s not even nine o’clock yet."  Flower looks genuinely distressed by the thought; it makes Sidney wonder just how much he’s already had to drink.  "Come on, some of us have babies at home and we’re still making an effort to spend time with the team, Sid!”

Stop saying my name,” Sidney hisses, hunching down in his seat.  “Shit, is he looking over here?”

“Who?” Nealer asks.

“The tall guy in the jean jacket, over by the pool table.  Don’t look, what are you doing?”

"I … dude, I don’t even know how to respond to that.”

“He’s not look,” Geno says, and Sidney lets himself relax a hair.

“Okay.  You’re sure?”

“Hey, how come G doesn’t get told off for looking?”

“Because he didn’t look like he was auditioning for Cirque du Soleil when he did it,” Sidney answers absently.  His eyes are still stuck on the area around the pool table, trying to keep watch without looking like he’s keeping watch.  “I should probably just get out of here,” he adds, mostly to himself, and Nealer snorts.

“Shit, Sid.  What, do you owe this guy money or something?”

“No, he’s my ex.”

It’s not as though the whole bar goes suddenly silent, but it seems that way to Sidney as the words hang in the air over the table.  It’s too late to snatch them back; too late to do anything but stare blindly into space as the fact of what he’s just done comes crashing down around him.  The sounds of laughter and shouted voices and the terrible music piping over the speakers all fades away, leaving nothing but his own thundering heartbeat echoing in his ears.

“Well."  Flower clears his throat, loud as a gunshot, and drains the rest of his beer.  "We can go somewhere else, if you want.”

“Yeah."  Tanger nods thoughtfully.  "There’s gotta be some gay bars around here somewhere.”

“I meant somewhere he wouldn’t have to be around his ex-boyfriend, teton.  Not that we couldn’t,” Flower adds in Sidney’s direction.  “I bet most of the guys would be up for going; I don’t know where, but that shit can’t be hard to Google, right?”

“Oh my god,” Sidney chokes out, somewhere between hysterical and horrified laughter as relief and embarrassment spread through him in equal measures.  “Guys, the Penguins descending en masse on a gay bar is not subtle.”

“Come out is big deal.  If you’re not want, no one is push,” Geno rumbles with an entirely unnecessary warning glare around the table, every bit as close to Sidney as he was a minute ago, and Sidney will just add that to the growing list of ways in which this night as turned completely fucking surreal.

“It’s not that–I mean, I wasn’t, that’s a big part of why he dumped me in the first place; and I’d be okay with doing it now, for someone special, but not for a freaking field trip to a gay bar.  Look, it was just kind of a shitty breakup, and "  He sighs, staring for a moment at the beer that Geno offers him before downing the rest of it.  "Yeah, maybe we should go somewhere else.  Asshole,” he mutters under his breath as he deposits the glass on the table with a heavy thunk.  “This is a fucking Pens bar; he knows that.”

“Okay, look,” Nealer interjects.  “I’m down with going somewhere else, whatever, if that’s what you want to do, but seriously, you’re doing this all wrong.”


“Hiding, running away–fuck that, man!  You’re a fuckin’ sports star, you’re a legend, you’re Sidney Crosby, for chrissake.  What you need to do is win this fucking breakup.”


“No,” Flower says slowly, brow creased in thought.  “Actually … he’s right.”

“Fuck yeah, I am!”

“Fuck him, anyway” Tanger says.  A scowl is building over his face–the same one Sidney’s used to seeing when somebody tries to start shit on the ice.  “Like he can do better.”

“Yeah, he probably cries himself to sleep after ever game.”

“I doubt it."  Sidney shrugs.  "He was never really interested in hockey.”

“He …"  Flower simply stares at him for a moment as the information processes.  "Wow.  The sex must’ve been fucking amazing.”

“Anyway."  Tanger clears his throat and pretends he doesn’t notice Sidney turning red.  "Nealer’s right; you need to win this.”

“How the fuck do you even win a breakup?”

“You’ve gotta prove that your relationship was a low point,” Flower suggests.  “And that your life’s pretty much perfect now.”


“Have hot boyfriend,” Geno says, letting his arm slip from the back of the bench down around Sidney’s shoulders, eyebrows waggling over a grin when Sidney stares up at him in surprise.

“Thought you said a hot boyfriend, G.”

“Fuck you, Nealsy, I’m catch.”

“Actually, I think he was kind of jealous about you.  All of you,” Sidney clarifies quickly.  “You know, me spending so much time around the team, a bunch of sweaty, half-naked guys.  He was kind of a douche about it sometimes.”

“Perfect,” Tanger approves.  “That’s a good start.”

“Thanks."  Sidney clears his throat, glancing briefly up at Geno as the others start arguing over the best way to rub Sidney’s success in his ex’s face.  "You really don’t have to do this, but it’s nice of you, in a really weird sort of way.  You, uh … you’re sure you don’t mind?”

“Most sure,” Geno murmurs, tugging him in closer until Sidney’s leaning against his side, the warmth of Geno’s body seeping into his, the words he’s speaking all but whispered in Sidney’s ear.  “I’m not mind at all.”

“Okay."  Sidney swallows hard and wonders if Geno can feel the way his heart is pounding against his ribs.  "Good to know.”


“You’re definite win breakup,” Geno says, pulling back from a hard, hungry kiss to set his mouth to Sidney’s throat.

“He doesn’t–oh, fuck."  He digs his fingers into the muscles of Geno’s back, trying to get better leverage to grind their hips together the way he wants to.  Geno’s bedroom is upstairs, and Sidney’s honestly not sure they’re gonna make it there.  "He’s not even gonna k-know we went … home together,” he manages to pant out, and Geno smiles, slow and wicked, before he kisses him again.

“We see.”

Voltron Fluff Week 2017:Day 6 - Shopping trip

Very rambly because I can’t fluff. Also, Colleen hijacked today's prompt.

Colleen Holt was on a mission.

The store had only just opened. 8 AM. It had taken her two hours to get here, but it was a long drive to the rendezvous point, and she had a lot of shopping to do.

She hadn’t slept. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to being tired, but today was going to bring it to a whole new level.

The boy had shown up last night, craving pardons and ensuring that he had reached the residence of the Holts. She was about to chase him off – too many nosy voyeurs of her grief, too many reporters needing the scoop from the widowed Holt – when he turned the pad in his hand toward her and her husband’s face was staring back.

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Anonymous said: Hiccup’s in heat and Jack decides to try overstimulation? (Is this worded weird? I’m sorry!)
Anonymous said: Alpha Jack ties up Omega Hiccup and has his wicked way with him (toys, blindfolds and gags, the whole shebang).

There were no laws forbidding what he was doing. He wasn’t breaking any rules, he wasn’t going to face punishment. But sitting back on his haunches, the fine hairs on the plush fur hide that covered he and his mate’s den, he knew that if the pack leader found out, he would be in trouble. So much trouble. Jack bit into his bottom lip, sharp canine pushing threateningly against the skin, but the movement was hardly done out of worry.

Below him, all of the furs lining the floor of their cave were piled around and under Hiccup, a proper nest for an omega that Jack had proudly built. Only half of it remained now, with one of the raggy pillows supporting a wall being knocked aside with considerable force as the omega thrashed and writhed on the floor, tears in his eyes, streaming down the side of his cheeks. The omega was entirely bare, and his neck and chest were littered with bruises and slight punctures; Jack was having a hard time containing his canine side and staying human, and Hiccup was downright shifting wildly. Claws to fingers to claws in minutes, sharp fangs visible in his wide-open mouth, and his canine ears were already manifesting through the shaggy hair on the top of his head. Staying on edge between human and canine wasn’t comfortable, but that was hardly the pain Hiccup was in.

Slick was staining through in a wide pool on the fur, the aroma coming up from the wetness almost caused Jack to lose consciousness from the sheer strength of it all. He wanted nothing more than to stick his face in it, inhale the sweet scent of his mate in full arousal and full heat, but if he got too close like that, he’d either be completely overcome by the scent of the heat, or Hiccup would manage to get control of Jack physically. Hands tied above his head as they were, Hiccup was still the most resourceful memeber of their pack and Jack had no doubts that Hiccup would manage to flip them both and mount Jack in seconds if he made a wrong move.

Jack felt a heavy bead of precome fall simply at the thought of that, his arousal already at the max, his knot fully popped though he wasn’t inside his mate. He couldn’t even think of the last time he’d popped a knot outside of an omega. But he could hardly be arsed to care right at this moment.

“Pleasseee Alpha. PLEASSEEE,” Hiccup was pleading through the tears and the squeaks and the moans that put Jack precariously close to coming on top of Hiccup like this. Hiccup was struggling against the restraints on his wrists with no success. There was something in Hiccup’s eyes — half wolf, half human, and all mate — that Jack couldn’t meet without caving in, and so he diverted his attention to biting at his omega’s chest, the pace he’d been stroking Hiccup at staying the same. The slight bite with his fangs choked a pained scream from Hiccup as he came, come shooting to coat the underside of Jack’s chin. Without stopping his left hand on Hiccup’s heat-addled cock, Jack wiped the come from his chin with a finger, straining to make eye contact with Hiccup while he slid the finger into his mouth. Hiccup tasted just as perfect as he had the past two times.

It was wrong to keep a mated omega in heat away from their alpha; heats were painful, and neglecting an omega in heat was an almost torturous thing to do. And even though Jack was far, far from neglecting Hiccup, he still felt guilt. He was giving Hiccup pleasure — so much pleasure, too much pleasure — but it wasn’t what the omega’s body needed to sate the heat.

Which was exactly why Jack was doing it. Hiccup’s body — Jack’s own body — were in sync, were in a mode of pure sexuality. Every sense, every feeling of pleasure was heightened during the heat, what would normally be pleasurable suddenly driven to extremes by the pain of the heat, by the mating scents of the pair, by the instinctive desire to fuck with wild abandon and sire as many pups as possible. That three day window was always filled with the most mindblowing experiences Jack had ever felt, and he wanted to give pleasure so pure to Hiccup the way that his perfect mate deserved. And he wasn’t going to neglect his duties as an alpha; all he had wanted was to push Hiccup past his limits, and then Jack had become so enthralled by the broken, wimpering, strung out, pure omega he had turned Hiccup into. The sunlight streaming in through their cave entrance had been much, much brighter when they first started.

When Jack released his hand from Hiccup’s cock, the omega actually cried, though Jack didn’t know whether it was out of relief from the overstimulation or out of the wave after wave of what had been described to him as an incessant, burning fire. Jack couldn’t bring himself up, letting his chest pin Hiccup’s aching cock against the omega’s body, savouring the skin contact, and determined that he’d take his omega in his mouth next, since he tasted so good. He wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer — the heat had long ago overpowered him and he was fighting an already-lost battle (not that he in any way didn’t want the final outcome) — but he had just enough control left to be able to savour the fullness in his mouth, the curve of his mate’s erection down his throat, the reward of warm come coating his mouth. Jack grinned, shuffling down a little as he prepared to lick at his mate.

“P-p-please Jack, I thought I’d been a good omega to you. I’ll try to be better, I-I promise. But please don’t keep punishing me, I’m so sorry. Please don’t leave me like this.”

A rush of pure cold ran through Jack, freezing him in spot and sending an all-encompassing awareness through his mind as though he’d been doused by frozen water: Hiccup thought this was punishment. Jack’s perfect mate thought that he hadn’t been good enough for Jack and that Jack wasn’t going to help him through his heat, that this was Jack inflicting torture on him in revenge. Jack’s stomach leapt and he only kept from being sick because he was on top of the most important being in the world to him.

Instantly Jack was up, pressing his body against Hiccup in every place he could make contact. Jack crashed his lips against Hiccup’s firmly, the omega clearly (painfully, for Jack) taken by surprise, and Jack’s hands were scrambling in blindness to try and untie the bonds around Hiccup’s hands.

“I’m so sorry,” Jack whispered between breaths, returning to kiss Hiccup fiercely. “I didn’t realise— I wasn't— Hiccup— you’re the greatest thing— I’ll ever have— and the best omega— in any pack and— I—”

Jack wasn’t able to continue any further, Hiccup’s arms finally free and gripping the back of Jack’s head fiercely, holding it tight, holding their lips together unrelentingly. Despite the hormone-riddled air, neither boy moved, Hiccup clinging to Jack with every limb like a death grip and Jack trying to stroke his omega’s hair, stroke his face, wipe away the tears that had actually been from something he’d never guessed.

The sunlight was mostly gone when Hiccup’s fingers relaxed a bit, draped and exhausted underneath Jack. Heat hormones were still wafting from Hiccup in dizzying amounts, but the fear and fragility of the situation had all but overpowered them. Giving Hiccup a hard squeeze and a kiss, Jack gently detangled himself from their web of limbs, moving only far enough to light the candles so they could see again in the darkness; they were running low, and would need to go into the city in the future. But not tonight. Tonight is all about Hiccup. As it always should have been.

Jack gently entwined their fingers together, pressing them between their chests as he settled back down on top of his omega. He wanted to say something, but there weren’t words enough to be able to convey what he needed, and so he just squeezed Hiccup’s hand hard, and the green eyes showed understanding. When Hiccup began to shift under him, tentatively rutting against Jack, the alpha took the omega’s face in his hands and pulled him close.

“I love you, and never forget that. And I will never leave you like this.” A wave of relief washed over Hiccup’s face, and Jack nuzzled against Hiccup’s cheek before gently setting the boy back to the floor. The alpha moved his way down Hiccup’s body, placing kisses across the omega’s chest, until Jack’s slender but firm hands gripped the boy’s ass and lifted his lower body into the air.

The scent was overpowering and Jack’s head went dizzy at the perfectly sweet scent of Hiccup’s slick just inches from his face. Primal instinct hormone-induced lust overcame the sombre guilt of only moments before as an alpha’s biological drives took control of Jack. Hiccup let out a high-pitched moan when he felt Jack’s face press into his ass, the noise only hiking higher as the alpha began lapping at the slick that was pouring out of him. Hiccup’s head thrashed and hit the floor painfully when Jack stuck his tongue inside.

Hiccup had been in heat for so long and hadn’t been knotted that his body was leaking slick like a river, trying to entice and prepare for an alpha to knot him. And that’s what he was going to use it for. But there wasn’t a single thing that Jack had ever had that tasted better than his mate’s slick, and a particularly lewd slurp sent a shiver down both of their spines. When Jack finally lowered Hiccup’s legs, the omega’s slick was covering Jack’s face and running down his neck, and the alpha felt the best kind of drunk. Hiccup’s lower body rested on top of Jack’s and the alpha hiked the boy’s legs over Jack’s own shoulders. Jack looked down at Hiccup, meeting his eyes, and the understanding he shared with his mate was enough.

In a single fluid motion that only came from years of practise, Jack pushed into Hiccup, rolling forward with the boy until the omega’s knees were only inches from his shoulders. The scream of pleasure Hiccup let out echoed off the cave walls, and Jack knew that the rest of the pack would be able to hear him from their own dwellings. Hiccup’s claws were raking down Jack’s back, scratching him and threatning to break the surface, Hiccup trying to find purchase in the taut muscle and make Jack move. But Jack was already beyond any semblence of control, and he pulled out as far as his burgeoning knot would allow him and thrust back into the tight omega, the sound of slick against skin smacking into the air. Jack had inherited the ample thickness of an alpha and within moments, he was completely filling Hiccup and hitting every spot inside the omega that made his mate writhe and scream in pleasure on the floor.

There was no way that Jack was going to be able to keep it up. Hours and hours of foreplay, of making his mate spill over the edge, of eating his omega’s come and scenting his slick and his hormones. As much as a cold wash of fear had done, his knot had only diminished slightly, and when it popped, locking him inside Hiccup, both of them howled in unison. Jack continued to rut faster, holding out for no purpose other than to wait to watch Hiccup come once more, to watch his mate find bliss before he did. But Hiccup wasn’t staying in one form, the sensory overload driving him wild, and when Jack felt the browl fur of his mates tail brush against his inner thigh and caress his perenium, Jack let out a final scream before slamming forward, legs extended and pushing Hiccup’s ass in the air as the alpha’s muscles went taut and he came in his omega. However much Jack would come normally (and as an alpha, that was quite a lot) compared nothing to now, the stimulation and preparation of hours of foreplay filling Hiccup so fully that Jack could actually feel some slick-mixed come dripping from Hiccup from around his knot.

Jack was blissed out, eyes completely unable to see anything but stars and white for several seconds. When he finally regained control of his head, he looked down at Hiccup, whose face was completely covered in his own come, but who was smiling in pure relief, the heat sated for now. These moments with Hiccup were the ones that Jack chose to remember when his mind wandered during lulls in a hunt; they were the reason why he chose to survive.

As best he could, Jack maneuvered the two of them down, doing his best to get horizontal on top of Hiccup. The omega wrapped weak arms across Jack’s back, each hand gripping at Jack’s shoulders as the white-haired alpha lapped at the stickiness coating his mate’s face. When he felt that Hiccup was thoroughly clean, he nuzzled his forehead against Hiccup, the omega’s eyes already closed in weariness.

“Hiccup,” Jack whispered, gently trying to bring the love of his life from his rest. The omega opened bleary eyes, and Jack knew he had every reason to be utterly exhausted. “Hiccup, I’m so sorry. I only wanted to give you as much pleasure as I thought you deserved. I never meant for you to think I was punishing you, and I never want the thought that you’re a bad omega to ever cross your mind again.” Hiccup’s weary face, eyes still just barely open out of exhaustion, cracked a small but purely contented smile. “Having you as my mate is the greatest blessing to have ever be given to me, and I will always treasure you. And I will never— never— leave you to suffer through a heat alone.”

Hiccup didn’t respond, sleep (or perhaps unconsciousness in general) having taken him. But Jack felt a warmth in his stomach as he laid down to join his mate. He hadn’t seen Hiccup’s smile so bright since the night of Jack’s coming of alpha festival, when the white-haired alpha had scented the scrawniest omega in the crowd over everyone else.

And he would do it again, every day of his life.

Jack fell asleep with his nose tucked into the crook of Hiccup’s neck.


anonymous asked:

Know you're busy but if ya got time DR3 Future prompt: Munakata makes it just in time to say goodbye to Sakakura

A/N I’m hijacking this prompt and turning it into hope

here’s my honoring to this episode’s hero

You are not Abandoned aka Juzo Sakakura’s IF - Munakata/Sakakura

“No matter what I must sacrifice…”

Munakata ran forward.

“All we had to do was keep going forward, toward our ideals…”

He had been so obsessed on destroying despair that he had forgotten to create hope alongside it. All this time he was just eliminating obstacles until he could purge the world of despair. But that was wrong. He had been so blinded by his goals that he was willing to sacrifice anything and anyone for it. Even his best friend.

Despair had already taken so much from him and he won’t let it take any more.

“I believed that the world would change. That I could change it.”

But of course the world wouldn’t change by just his own power. He couldn’t do it alone but it wasn’t like he planned to do it alone either. He had his two best friends to support him all throughout. He was only able to make it this far with them, despair or not. Even if they were despair, he doesn’t regret meeting them at all. He was truly happy to have met them and he wanted the good times to have lasted longer. These two were the pillars that held him up when he couldn’t stand.

“I always thought supporting you was my job.”

He had already lost Yukizome, he’s not about to lose Sakakura as well. Munakata pushed forward with all his might. Even after Munakata tried to kill Sakakura, he was still trying to save him. He was mistaken. Sakakura wasn’t despair at all, he was hope. He was giving his hope to Munakata even as he’s bleeding to death.

“I also believe in you.”

Sakakura believed in him and still believes in him so it was only right that Munakata should answer his faith.

The trail of blood was getting worse and he couldn’t help but be filled with a sense of dread. Every second that passed was another second piling up to his lateness. No, he wouldn’t be late. Not this time. He’d make it. He held on to the hope that he’d make it in time.

He would not give in to despair and he would not let despair get his best friend.

“Sakakura!” He yelled as he finally made it to the power room, out of breath and desperate.

There sitting in a pool of his own blood was Sakakura with his eyes closed.

Dammit! No! No! NO! He didn’t make it in time again! Not again! Munakata cursed himself as he strode toward him. No, it’s not yet confirmed. He hasn’t even checked for his pulse. He would not easily accept this. His hope was not this weak to be deterred. His right hand reached out to Sakakura’s–

Only to find that it was missing.

Sakakura had cut off his hand. Not just any hand, but his dominant hand. The hand that gave worth to his title, to his talent. The very thing he held pride in the most. He had chopped it off so easily even when Munakata had just as easily stabbed him. Munakata had been so focused on his own sacrifices that he had never noticed others making their own sacrifices as well.

Like how Sakakura was sacrificing everything just for him. For his future alone.

But Munakata didn’t want to be alone. The point of creating a hopeful future was to share it with the precious people in his life. People like the one in front of him. He’d be damned if he’d let lost him as well. So his hand reached out to Sakakura’s right hand instead.

But before he could register his pulse, his eyes opened first.

“Hey… Munakata…” His eyes weren’t even fully open, it was obvious just how little life he had left. “I’m glad… you’re still alive…” He spoke slowly, just forcing the words out of his throat, but even so there was a weak smile on his face. “The world… needs you… you know.”

Munakata gritted his teeth at the sight. “What are you talking about Sakakura? Don’t sound so defeated!” He angrily yelled at him. If he stirred him up, he’d most likely fight back and that could buy them some time.

“I can’t… help it…” He tried to laugh but it came out as a cough which also included blood. His vision was already failing him and his heart was barely even beating. But even so, he couldn’t help but feel like he had accomplished something important. “At least… I got to help you out… in the end.” With this, he could die without regrets now.

Sakakura weakly raised his right hand.

And Munakata firmly held on to it like he held onto hope.

“It’s not the end.” He said it as if he was stating a fact. He would make this a reality. If he believed that he could change the world then he also believed that he could save him. And with that hope, he injected what’s left of the medicine he had used before into Sakakura.

Sakakura’s eyes immediately widened as his life was being brought back to him. But it wasn’t just because of the medicine. His eyes widened because he was surprised. Munakata was saving him… him who had betrayed him.  "Why would you… help someone you already abandoned? Just… why?“

Munakata proceeded to do first aid on him, trying his best to keep him stable and alive.

“You already know.” He answered curtly and the deja vu in the words made him pause for a second. No, now was not the time to be distracted. His life was on the line so he pushed the memory aside and continued his treatment. But Munakata also knew that he deserved an explanation.

Sakakura deserved better.

“Because I still need you.” He answered in all seriousness. “I was wrong. I never should’ve betrayed you. I’m sorry.” His voice broke but even so his spirit was not broken. As long as he still had him, he would not break. “So please, don’t leave me.”

And when Sakakura’s vision finally returned to him, it’s only then that he sees Munakata’s face stained with tears.

“That face doesn’t suit you at all.” He lightly scoffed.

“Whose fault do you think it is that I’m pulling this face at all?” Munakata quipped back.

“What? No smiles for me?” He joked, the medicine must be working since he still had the strength to banter like this.

And then he did smile. Not just any smile. It was a genuine smile filled with hope. “When we both make it out of here alive, I’ll be sure to smile for you as much as you want me to.”

Sakakura felt his heart beat back to life.

“If you’re with me, it is no dream. It is a plan. It is our plan.”

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Imagine Steve's art evolving until he branches off into pottery or paper mache, too. Soon it's just as common for avengers to see Steve's hands covered in drying clay or paste as it is paint.

It took Steve a while to realize he was being watched. Often, the Avengers would eat together, but some nights, when someone had a date, or half the team had been called away for some mission or training, they’d be on their own. This resulted in Steve eating something quick and microwaveable, in the kitchen and on his feet. Clint would tease him about it, and once, Bruce, biochemist that he was, gave Steve a lecture on how unhealthy it was to scarf his food down like he was. Tony never commented. He’d spent enough time overseas on demonstrations that he knew most soldiers ate quickly. He figured it was an old habit, and those certainly died hard.

So when Steve looked up and saw Bucky staring at him, he paused, fork midway to his mouth. “What?”

Bucky seemed to have been shaken out of whatever trance the rainbow of colors on Steve’s fingers put him in. “Is that… paint?” He gestured towards the blonde’s hands, and Steve set his fork down.

“Oh. Yes, it is. It doesn’t come off easily.”

“So you’re drawing again?”

Steve nodded, running is colorful fingers through his hair. “A therapist suggested it.”

“You’re in therapy?”

Steve nodded again. “SHIELD mandated, and while I don’t think it’s entirely necessary, it’s…. helped. I got into painting from it, and I kind of do sculpture and pottery, too.” His cheeks flushed crimson at admitting this, and so far, it’s the most beautiful color Bucky has seen adorn his skin. Steve ignored (or missed) the look Bucky gave him that screamed nothing but pure adoration, and added, “I still have some clay under my fingernails, too.”

Bucky felt the need to break the tension between them before he lost himself and did something stupid, or something very, very right, and quipped, “Think you can paint me like one of your French girls?”

Confused, Steve stammered, “I don’t get that reference.”


Here are your daily prompts for Hijack March Madness!

As I mentioned, we’ll be doing a 31 Day challenge for March Madness this year.  The prompts as listed above are completely open to interpretation, so I will not be giving any explanations like I typically do for prompts, but I think these are all pretty straight forward anyway.

“Free” days are just what they sound like, they’re free.  At the beginning, you can use them to get ahead in your work, or later on you can use them as catch up days.  Or, if you’re neither behind nor feel the need to get ahead, you can just do whatever your little Hijack heart desires.

You have a month to get working on these, so start now!  Or, you can challenge yourself to work on prompts the day they’re assigned.  You can spend a ton of time to make masterpieces, or you can do sketches and drabbles as the days go on.  You can do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Remember, you are under no obligation to complete all these prompts.  If you want to, go ahead!  If you only have time for one, no big deal!  Do what you can :)

If you have any questions, please let me know!