Seh, una semana después subiendo mi HiJack de San Valentín xDu En mi defensa, tuve un San Valentín de hartos días con mi polola, así que no tuve tiempo oxo Fue muy bonito, espero uds lo hayan pasado bien también :3

Anillos de compromiso para la feliz pareja~ Y mi oportunidad de poner a Hiccup en sus 2 versiones xD

Yeah, posting my Valentine’s HiJack a week after xDu In my defense, I had a Valentine of several days with my girlfriend, so I didn’t have the time oxo It was really great, I hope you guys had a good time too :3

Engagement rings for the happy couple~ And my chance of drawing both versions of Hiccup xD

Deviantart: [X]

Hace tiempo que no subía algo. La universidad me ha mantenido muy ocupada.

Empezó el otoño en mi país así que, como es mi estación favorita, quise dibujar algo con ese tema. Oh dioses, me encantan los árboles con hojas amarillas y rojas.

Además, estoy tomando comisiones :). Más imformación aquí: [X]

Long time since I’ve uploaded something. College is keeping me very busy. 

Autumn has began in my country so because it’s my favorite season I wanted to draw something with that theme. Oh gods, I love trees with yellow and red leaves.

Also, I’m taking commissions :). More information here: [X]

Deviantart: [X]


This was inspired based on my love for the show Penny Dreadful ;w;. It’s my very own Frankenstein!au. I wanted to dedicate this as a birthday gift to derpfire, who’s always given me the creativity of ideas when it comes to this ship. She was one of the first Hijack fans I met and became friends with. I adore her greatly, and always admired her art since the beginning ;w;. Stay cool and awesome sweetie, no matter how old you get! Though it’s impossible for you to lose it anyway xD. I know you didn’t want me to make you anything, but you’re just going to have to deal with it :P.