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A blond-haired, blue-eyed actor named Chris is playing an American named Steve, who’s fighting in a world war. Along the way, he meets a scary foreign brunette woman and takes an unlikely band of friends of different nationalities through an event, and goes up against a couple of Germans, one large and deranged, one smaller and a scientist. Steve, at some point, hijacks a plane and destroys it (and a weapon) for the greater good. Someone is looking back at it from the future, and will eventually team up with a millionaire with daddy issues and cool toys. There’s also a shield involved.

Am I talking about Captain America: The First Avenger, or Wonder Woman?

3 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as dead bodies 

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It was a lot to take in.

“You’re kidding, right?” Were the only words you could summon, your voice a small pained whisper. You shook your head violently, frowning in complete disbelief. He had to be lying. He had to be.

“I wish I was.” Jimin chuckled humourlessly before sighing, his small warm hands finding their way to your shoulder to rub soothing patterns across your skin. 

“I-, I don’t believe you…” You whispered, utterly heartbroken upon your recent discovery.

“I never wanted you to know-, I’ve kept this from you for so long, I couldn’t risk anybody knowing about you…” Jimin explained further, his handsome face contorted with disappointment and guilt.
“You’re my only weakness Y/N. I can’t stand the thought of something happening to you-“

Stop.” You waved your hand in front of his face animatedly as you tried to come to terms with the situation.
“None of this is real… This isn’t happening right now.” You broke down, sobbing into your hands as your brother pulled you tightly into his toned chest, smoothing out your hair with his fingers.

“Shh, hey-, I didn’t want to believe it either. But that’s the truth I swear to you.” Jimin sighed, he’d always wanted to hide this part of himself in front of you, but it was too late to keep up the charade now.
“I’m sorry I lied to you.”

Your entire life was a lie. Everything you were told, everything you believed, everything you knew… It was all manufactured. How could your brother do this to you? He went behind your back and continued your fathers dirty work. The apparent prostitutes, drug deals, and all of the other illegal activities that went on inside the house didn’t phase you half as much as the truth about your parents. Their death was no accident, Jimin believed that their plane was hijacked by a rival gang, and has dedicated the past five years to finding the truth; wanting nothing more than justice for your parents. That’s what hurt the most, all this time he’d kept you ignorant to the truth. You had no idea just how fucked up and dysfunctional your relationship really was.

“Did they… Kill people?” You asked, referring to your parents, almost shuddering at the words you never thought would leave your lips.

“She didn’t, but he did… Fuck. I’m so sorry you found out… Especially like this.” Jimin wiped away a stray tear that had fallen onto his cheek, his face pink and puffy from crying while his bottom lip still quivered with sadness.

“What about you? Do you…” You inhaled, locking eyes with him. “Kill people?”

Jimin stared at you in genuine shock, his mouth ajar as he began blinking rapidly, nervously trying to conjure the right words to say.
“I uh… Yes.”

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Fictional women that I look up to (kinda long, kinda spoiler-y)
  • Tessa Gray Herondale Carstairs: she transformed into a freaking angel, literally.
  • Catarina Loss: even Magnus Bane looks up to her. Raised a Herondale baby by herself as her own, knowing the grave punishment of her actions.
  • Emma Carstairs: so smol in cohf, now deadly as fuck. Lost both parents, GOT WHIPPED BY A BUNCH OF FAIRIES BUT IS STILL STANDING STRONG.
  • Clary Fairchild: can draw new Runes and make drawings come to life. Also, she's one of the very few people who can manage Jace. How's that for bad-ass points?
  • Cecily Herondale: miniature Will. Slew her future father-in-law's demonic worm form.
  • Cristina Mendoza-Rosales: Emma's POC partner in crime who's dealt with two horrible boys(lol). Brilliant shadowhunter, and we have yet to see what else her bad-assery can do.
  • Charlotte Branwell: proved to all the men in the Clave that she is strong and absolutely fitting to head the London Institute. Became The FIRST female Consul.
  • Isabelle Lightwood: whip-carrying slay all day vibe 24/7. Supported Alec in his struggle to come out of the closet.
  • Helen Blackthorn: is being treated unfairly because of her faerie blood. Still compassionate and kind as ever.
  • Aline Penhallow: stood by her girlfriend's side, even during her exile to Wrangel Island. Married her, even. Suck on that, Clave.
  • Lily Chen: Head of the New York vampire clan. Fiercely loyal to her friends.
  • Maia Roberts: victim of racism, abused by her brother, lost her boyfriend, nearly her entire wolf pack. Came back like a bad-ass and is now the leader of the New York werewolf pack.
  • Ruby Daly: her transition from fearing her abilities to controlling them is empowering. Got hurt WAY TOO MANY TIMES MAN.
  • Vida Connor: "a charming young woman with a mouth that could give a sailor a heart attack."
  • June Iparis: the prodigy babe of the Republic. Graduated college at fifteen. Headstrong and selfless as fuck. Taught fighting tactics even when she was sick.
  • Kaede: skiz fight & flying queen. HIJACKED A COLONIES PLANE LIKE U GO GIRL.
  • Penelope Bunce: fought side by side with Simon in all of his missions. SHE WAS ABLE TO STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION WITH BAZ THE FIRST TIME BC OF HER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT POLITICS AND STUFF.

Roger Holder of the 11th ACR, 1967.

Holder was seriously wounded when a landmine hit his M113 APC. Later, after serving time for marijuana possession, he went AWOL. Then, in 1972, he hijacked a plane with his girlfriend.

From Wikipedia:

June 2, 1972: Western Airlines Flight 701 from Los Angeles to Seattle was hijacked by Willie Roger Holder, a Vietnam War veteran, and his girlfriend Catherine Marie Kerkow. The hijackers claimed they had a bomb in an attaché case and demanded $500,000 and that Angela Davis, who was then on trial, be freed. After allowing half the passengers to get off in San Francisco and the other half to get off in New York on a re-fueling stop, they flew on to Algeria, where they were granted political asylum, joining the International Section of the Black Panther Party. It was and still remains the longest-distance hijacking in American history. Later, $488,000 of the ransom money was returned to American officials.

The story of the hijacking is chronicled in Brendan Koerner’s book The Skies Belong to Us.


On September 5, 1986, Pan Am Flight 73 flying from Mumbai to the United States was hijacked by four armed men at an airport in Karachi, Pakistan. 22-year-old Neerja Bhanot, the senior flight pursor, was able to alert the cockpit crew as soon as the hijackers boarded the plane, allowing the three-member crew to escape through an overhead hatch. For 17 hours, Bhanot took charge of the situation on the plane. Her acts of courage and compassion included hiding the passports of the American citizens the hijackers were targeting, opening the airplane doors and helping passengers escape when the hijackers opened fire, and ultimately sacrificing her life while shielding three unaccompanied American children from a hail of bullets. For her bravery, which helped saved the lives of 359 passengers, Bhanot was posthumously awarded the Ashok Chakra Award, India’s highest award for bravery in the face of the enemy during peace time.

                                                                     - Neerja [2016]

Dan: In cars two at the airport the cars have to go through TSA checks and take off their wheels and stuff which implies the cars Universe had a 9/11

Phil: Wait. Oh my god. But planes are sentient in the cars universe. Did cars hijack the plane or did the planes fly themselves

Dan: Nobody knows

Pj: Buddy they have car pope. A car Jesus died on a car cross and we’re worried if car Bush did car 9/11

okay, but like can we talk about Diana Prince and Steve Trevor and the rag tag bunch of ‘misfits’ and how two of the most important moments in the film show them drawing strength from the other?

Like they’re down in the trenches at No Man’s Land and Steve is telling Diana that they have to keep going, and the history of this place, and why it’s been given that name, but Diana is like I’m not going to leave these people. So, she sheds her coat and starts up the ladder and begins to cross this section of land, and this is after she’s seen other Amazons, her family, taken out by bullets, but she is going to risk it because that is the kind of person she is. She’s taking on the firepower, and Steve sees this and realizes that because of Diana they can flank her and get across. She inspires them and gives them the strength to cross what had before then been uncrossable

Then there’s the moment at the end when she’s trapped under the metal stuff by Ares. Before she even starts to battle them Steve tells her that even if she won’t help anymore that he has to do something. He and his friends are still going ahead with their plans to take out the gas. They know his plan, but she doesn’t, and she can’t hear him clearly before he runs off to the plane. In the moment where it looks like Ares might win she looks over to see Sameer, Charlie, and the Chief out of ammo and what looks like a moment of prayer cause that’s all there is left, and we, the audience, see Steve inside the plane as he proceeds to push the button and the plane explodes, destroying the gas inside. This is when it starts to become clear to Diana what Steve had told her before hijacking the plane. “I can save today. You can save the world” Which is exactly what happens. Steve saves more soldiers and innocent people from dying that day by sacrificing himself, but Diana will live her life saving the world.  It’s all because of people like Steve Trevor and Sameer and Charlie and the Chief that, in the end, that she stays and fights for humanity because despite the darkness in it she knows what the world can be because of them, and their willingness to sacrifice everything to be just a flicker of hope. 


Bones Meme / Every Character: Squinterns - Arastoo Vaziri

This was not the work of religion, it was arrogance, it was hypocrisy, it was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day too. They insulted my God. So no, this isn’t too difficult. It’s a privilege to be able to serve this victim, to be able to show him care and love that was so absent that day.

The Room is the cult classic that is widely considered to be the best bad movie ever made. It’s mind-bogglingly awful, yet painstakingly produced – it was not a lazy project by a disinterested hack. It was a full-fledged $6 million production by a desperate, unrelatable maniac.

Because of this, the entirety of the $6 million was funded by writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau. How did an obviously insane Eastern European man come up with that kind of money? Nobody has a goddamn clue. He had no wealthy relatives or successful business ventures that anyone knew about. He simply showed up one day with a bag of crazy money and a bigger bag of crazier ideas. He’s stated in interviews he got the money from Korean yo-yo and pleather jacket distribution, but that’s more a pile of strange words than a business plan, and he’s been so misleading and cagey about his past that nothing he says can be trusted.

The mystery surrounding the money has sparked a number of conspiracy theories, and they are batshit insane, but not as insane as this man having a perfectly ordinary backstory. Castmates have alleged in interviews that Tommy had mob connections in San Francisco, and he amassed his fortune doing favors for them. Others have taken things a step further, alleging that Tommy Wiseau is actually D. B. Cooper, the famous plane hijacker who stole $200,000 then jumped out into the stormy nether below. Was he never seen again, or did his head hit 25 different trees and turn him into Tommy Wiseau?

The Bizarre True Stories Behind 6 Crappy Movies

while they see a breathtaking
deep blue ocean with endless beauty,
i see giant waves and storms engulfing everybody as they are left as sustenance for the petrifying creatures of the sea.
while they see a once-in-a-lifetime
adventure traveling from place to place filled with everlasting memories,
i see unpredictable drivers
violently colliding with one another
as their lifeless bodies begin to drown
in their own pools of blood.
while they see an enchanting view
from the clouds above,
i see hijacked planes plummeting
to the ground never to be seen
or heard from ever again.
while they see wondrous life
i see intoxicating death.
these freak accidents may be
improbable but the fear of them
holds me captive so whilst
everybody is having the time of their lives,
i’m cowering away in angst.
—  Fears can kill #16 // S.T.
Undercover Love - Prologue

So once again; Just like the characters, the back story is a bit hard to portray in a story. So with further ado.. Undercover Love - Prologue : Backstory.

(P.S : Please be patient with the chapters of the story; I’m also writing my other series Amazing Surprises, so I need to take time to write both. Please bear with me! XD)

Kim Seokjin. One of the most powerful names in all of South Korea. Legend says if you call his name in vain, his extremely skilled men will hunt and kill you. To me on the other hand, Kim Seokjin was a loving, caring, special big brother anyone could ask for.

When Jin and I were only at the tender age of 10 and 7 our parent’s had unfortunately passed away. Jin and I afraid of becoming orphans and being split apart became on the run. We lived on the streets either begging for food or stealing it on our own.

At age 16 and 13, Jin and I had encountered two men in black. Unfortunately for us, they were not like the men in the movies; They were merciless, ruthless, and uncaring for our safety. They captured us and brought us to a huge mansion looking house.

We were met up with a big looking man. He offered Jin and I a place to stay but when Jin refused we were threatened. We were brought down to a basement prison where I was forced to sit and watch my older brother get tortured.

One day Jin was finally taken back up to the boss. I cried so hard that day, believing he was taken to be killed, but when he came back Jin seemed calm, at ease almost. I was baffled of course, he was just tortured just hours ago and now he looks almost happy.

Jin explained that he was fine and he would no longer need to be tortured. I thought they had brainwashed him but nothing was different about Jin other than his decision on staying with them. Jin tried convincing me to stay as well but as much as I trusted my older brother, no way in hell did I trust any of those men.

I decided to leave and live on my own, hoping to get a decent job and work my way up. I still kept in touch with Seokjin, texting and calling him every single day; We would update each other on our status. I had found a well paying job to be a teacher at an art school, using my skills of painting to good use.

Seokjin on the other hand had become the owner of the company he was working for, the same company that had offered us a place to live. It was great news but it was still suspicious by how every time I mentioned his job he would quickly change the subject.

It wouldn’t be until a little later that I found out Seokjin wasn’t only a boss of a huge company, no. He was a boss of a mafia gang company. It has been said our great, great, great-grandfather had started the family “business”. It started only as a selling business but as time passed the “selling” business elaborated and became larger, soon becoming a mafia gang.

Our grandfather was the first to announce it a mafia gang, the first to recruit anyone in need of a home and money to be his men, and the first to handle deals illegally. Our father on the other hand was the first to officially buy a mansion and making it the head quarters. That is until he passed away.

I had lived my entire life believing my parents died in a tragic car accident. Unfortunately that’s not what happened at all; A rival gang didn’t exactly like how my father double crossed them in a deal. They hunted them down and hijacked their plane ride, killing them before they could even reach their destination.

When Jin took over he was told not to tell anyone, not even me, unless I wanted to join as well. Unfortunately I didn’t, which forced Seokjin to keep the family business a secret.

Meanwhile Jin had recruited some of his own men. His best man being Jung Hoseok, a professional hitman. Hoseok never misses when he shoots, they nickname him “Domino”, based off the American comic superhero who never missed a shot in her life.

Hoseok was our friend for as long as I can remember, soon becoming the stereotypical “over protective brother”; Any guy I liked he had to approve first, any decision I made he had to hear first. It broke his heart when I had to explain to him I was no longer a little girl and now graduating college to take my teaching in art. But Hoseok will always be an older brother to me, maybe even more than Seokjin himself.

Some of Seokjin’s other men I had not met yet though; Like Kim Taehyung. Taehyung was a professional hacker. Normally one wouldn’t consider hacking a profession, but to Taehyung, it was his life. Seokjin found him on the run from attempting to hack into the highest and most guarded facility in the world; The Pentagon.

Fortunately for Taehyung, Seokjin was able to convince The Pentagon that Taehyung was caught and Jin would “take care of him”. Unfortunately for him though, that meant he would have to live in secret with a fake identity, the entire government believing he was killed by my brother.

Park Jimin was their personal trainer. If you needed to get back at someone without loosing or even just a workout, Jimin is the person you go to. Seokjin found him cage fighting, living off the clothes on his back and the single travel truck. He is now their best fighter and can take out any threats that come their way. Many people fought over him, paying lots of money for him to be on their team, but in the end he went to Seokjin.

Jeon Jungkook was a professional bomb maker. Most people wouldn’t exactly consider bomb making a mafia defense or offence, but for Seokjin’s gang, bombing was one of their trade marks, so of course he needed the best of the best. Jungkook had almost died multiple times making and setting off bombs but the thrill is what kept him from quitting.

Although Seokjin found him in an unfortunate state; When his girlfriend had accidentally detonated a bomb, he couldn’t save her in time before she blew up right in front of his eyes. It destroyed him, and he swore never to make or sell bombs ever again. When Seokjin found him, he gave him hope again. It took some time-And a lot of ice cream-but soon Jungkook was back to building bombs.

There are still others in his group, but they are still working their way up to big leagues. Including; Jackson Wang, Park Jinyoung, Choi Minho, Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo, Chae Hyungwon, and Lee Minhyuk [Monsta X].

Every now and then you will see some females walking around as well, some just being one night stands or others being payed to do anything the guys want. I even once saw Hoseok’s sister at the house-but that’s another story-

Jin even had his first rival gang; “The Vampires”. Their leader, Kim Namjoon, used to be one of Seokjin’s best friends, that was until Namjoon double crossed him and decided to take all of his money to spend it on drugs. It messed up his mind, and now Namjoon is the most lunatic gang leader in all of South Korea. Anyone who crosses his path doesn’t stand a chance.

Namjoon has a knack for recruiting unstable people; he doesn’t give them enough time to train, and when he does train them, he teaches them to kill anything and anyone in their path, no matter who they are unless said otherwise.

His recruits consist of; BamBam, Kim Yugyeom, Lee Taemin, Oh Sehun, Byun Baekhyun, Shownu, Jooheon, Wonho, and a new recruit no one knows of yet.

Unfortunately for me; keeping the secret from me, made me a secret to everyone else that I was Seokjin’s sister-other than Hoseok of course-It was a risk for me to visit, so Jin tried to keep me away as much as he can. It was a bit hard to do that to a stubborn 22 year old.

But of course; I had not known any of this until a certain special day I had decided to visit my big brother; Kim Seokjin.

~To Be Continued~

Come From Away: the musical that dares to deal with 9/11
The musical tells the story of travellers grounded in the remote Canadian town of Gander on 9/11 – yet despite the sensitive subject matter, it has received huge ovations and is now on Broadway.
By David Smith

When hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania 15 years ago, US airspace was shut down and planes ordered to land. Some 38 planes with 6,579 passengers were diverted to Gander, a remote town in Newfoundland, Canada, because of its vast airport that hosted the Queen, the Beatles and Muhammad Ali before the jet engine rendered it superfluous. And then they were stranded far from home.

With the new arrivals, the population of Gander has almost doubled overnight. The hospitality of the locals is inspiring as they take passengers into their homes, give them free food, clothes and other essentials and rally with Blitz spirit. Lifelong friendships are formed in this strange limbo. The aircraft, meanwhile, sit slowly sinking into the tarmac.

The “plane people” are from more than a hundred countries and react in different ways. A mother is desperate for news of her son, a firefighter in New York. A pioneering female airline captain fears for her friends and colleagues. A man is worried that his wallet will be stolen but learns to worry less. A gay couple fear the reaction of a seemingly conservative community. Romances are forged and others unravel. Some find that being stranded is escapism, a chance to reinvent themselves.

All of this could so easily have descended into earnest schmaltz with a “the darkest hour is just before the dawn” homily about hope rising from the ashes of 9/11. But like Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, the show is tougher than it first appears. A Muslim man heard speaking Arabic on the phone is treated with hostility and suspicion. After days of being stranded, tempers begin to fray. And when the passengers finally leave, there is a sense of emptiness on both sides.

Hein observes: “It was not sunshine and lollipops. It was a real event that happened to real people.”

Dale Cooper’s kid in Twin Peaks Season 3 is named Jim Jones.

Dale cooper has switched places with his doppelganger Dougie Jones, aka Mister Jackpots.  Dougie is married to Janey, and their adorable little boy is Sonny Jim.  

Sonny Jim Jones.  

Dale himself is named after notorious long-vanished plane hijacker DB Cooper.  since Dale vanished like his namesake, i can’t help but wonder what little Sonny Jim might talk his schoolmates into later in the show.  

Sunset w/ Izaya: Afterword

For those being a first time, nice to meet you. For those that have been around a while, it’s been a while. It’s Ryohgo Narita.

And so thank you for reading “A Sunset with Izaya Orihara!”

Although the name is in the title, this story is not necessarily an adventure ballad about a man Izaya Orihara overcoming hardships and growing. I hope you think of it as a story like that of a kind of calamity panic movie (disaster movie) where a city that maintained its form while also on the edge crumbles by a foreign person named “Izaya Orihara” getting into the mix.

And so this work is a spin-off of my own work called Durarara!! which is set in Ikebukuro.

He is one of the main characters in that work, and Izaya Orihara was someone who secretly maneuvered events as an intentional troublemaker, stirring up the city. This work is drawn up on what he is doing somewhere after the last volume of the original.

For those who do not know Dura I hope you think of it as “I don’t really know, but it’s a story of a city being trifled with by a man with abnormal information collecting abilities.” For those who know Dura, I hope you enjoy it as “a spin-off on the man Izaya who was released from the constraints called Ikebukuro.”

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>2p Prussia:</b>  In Cars two at the airport the cars have to go through TSA checks and take off their wheels and stuff which implies the Cars universe had a 9/11.<p/><b>2p Canada:</b>  Wait. Oh my god. But planes are sentient in the cars universe. Did cars hijack the plane or did the planes fly themselves?<p/><b>2p Prussia:</b>  Nobody knows.<p/><b>2p America:</b>  Buddy they have car pope. A car Jesus died on a car cross and we’re worried if car Bush did car 9/11.<p/></p><p/></p>

anonymous asked:

So apparently when E and D entered the library, a girl heard one say to the other, "Are you still with me? We're still gonna do this, right?". I've wondered who was the one to say it and i wondered your opinion on who it was? (I love your blog so much btw)

Lisa Kreutz’ (page 62 of the 11k) account: The boys entered the library and started yelling then and one said something about blowing up the library. She heard an explosion inside the library then and she heard one of the gunmen say that they hated the school and that the school had messed them up. Then the shooting began inside the library, setting the fire alarm off. The girls pulled the chairs in closer to the table to hide behind but that didn’t stop the bullets when [Dylan Klebold] began to shoot under their table. Lisa’s right wrist was grazed by a stray bullet. She heard the “Do you believe in God?” exchange between Valeen Schnurr, which occurred about the same time that [Dylan] fired again under the table where Lisa was still hiding. She was hit several times, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds to shoulder, hand and both arms. She lay bleeding in the library for 2 1/2 hours, unable to move due to the severity of her injuries, before she was rescued by officials on scene. She was the last survivor to be pulled from the library.

When the shooters entered the library she heard one say: “Are you still with me? We’re still gonna do this, right?” 

Which time the shooters entered the library- that is, when her mind recalls she heard this -  is key.  

Which boy said this really is hinged on when Lisa Kreutz actually heard the alleged question and whether her recall of precisely when she heard this is correct.  If Lisa had heard one of them say this at the start of the library massacre, while the boys were first approaching the library doors, then I believe that Eric was asking Dylan for reassurance that he was still on board with the ‘make it up as we go along Plan B’ - to continue on with their KMFDM agenda to shoot, kill, maim classmates trapped in the library. This would’ve been before Eric had broke his nose and so he would’ve still been very enthusiastic and pumped up, thirsty for kills and revenge, in addition to the mere taste of it they got outside with some potshots at students on the school grounds.   Upon entering the school, they’d stalled and dicked around in the hallway by shooting and throwing pipe bombs at lockers and walls and randomly shooting at fleeing students in an ineffective free-for-all manner. The two even separated a good bit of time. Dylan killed no one in the hall, Eric killed Dave Sanders.  So, Eric was ready to head into that library and take revenge up close and in a personal way.  Was Dylan ready for this?  Eric had to be sure he was ready for the next level of destruction that was left up to them to accomplish since the bombs hadn’t yet gone off, and might never.

Since, Lisa was heavily wounded and remained in the library somewhere near  an unconscious Patrick Ireland the entire time after all the other students fled, her recall may have been hazy as to when exactly this alleged question was posed. It’s quite possible that it occurred when the boys returned for the very last time to the library.  By then, their mindset had become more distracted and aimless after failing to make the bombs go off in the Commons.  The blood lust against classmates had fizzled and committing suicide was rapidly becoming forefront in their minds since the cops were now closing in.  If the alleged discussion had occurred the second time, the last time, they ventured to the library, I believe Dylan would have asked Eric for reassurance that he too was committed to the act of suicide because this is what Dylan wanted most of all out of that entire day.  Oh sure, the rest was the ‘have fun!’ journey but the end was his destination he so longed for.  

I do believe that Eric may have been hesitant to commit suicide at some point or another, since he was seen to be remorseful on the Basement tape videos made two and a half weeks before the incident, and in their final testament video, Eric was seen to be saying how much he would miss his boss, Bob, at Blackjack, how he would miss some special people, how he wished he could go back to Michigan and see some old friends first, and how he knew his parents would be so hurtful, and his statement of “to everyone I love, I’m sorry about all this” or something to that similar affect. Dylan, on the other hand, was on a suicide mission from the very beginning, and made his suicide a key point in NBK, more than a year prior to the incident. Eric had also wrote that he and Dylan could escape after the incident, and destroy as much as possible, move to Mexico or an island where Americans couldn’t find them, or hijack and crash a plane into New York City afterwards. His alternative exits may have been wildly far fetched fantasy but it equates to a certain amount of disbelief and hesitation that NBK was a revenge mission which could only end unequivocally in suicide - either romantically by cop as he envisioned - or by their own hand.  At the point they made their way back up to the library, Eric would have had to rapidly come to the terms that he would have to do the job for himself in their failed mission.  Even though Eric knew that he wouldn’t live after the incident, and that he eventually would go ahead and commit suicide, he didn’t make his own suicide a key part of the event, something that was absolutely necessary, while Dylan did.  It’s not likely that Dylan would have been the one to have ideas of backing out since it was his utmost goal to complete NBK for the reward of freedom that awaited him.

Anyway, that’s my take! Glad you enjoy E-C. :)