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Can you do a Homeless au? One where Hiccup is like loaded from Stoick owning some big shot company, but they had a fight so hic moves out and is still going good. Then hic finds Jack being beaten by some snotty kids and takes him home to clean up. Hic convinces jack to stay after a while and they get together after sometime? It sounds so much better in my head, man!

I tried?? Idk it’s not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it’s close enough. If not I’m so sorry…

Warnings: Jack gets beat up, blood, and I think that’s about it? Idk slight age difference but they’re both legal.

I apologize for any mistakes made. 

“Daddy’s boy,” Hiccup muttered to himself, “that’s what they think.” He grunt as he threw the heavy trash bag into the dumpster. If only the kids from his class could see him now. He clapped his hands together as if that would rid them of filth and turned to leave.

“There he goes!” Hiccup jumped at the shouts and was nearly mowed down by a man with blinding white hair. Some other guys followed after, shoving Hiccup against the brick wall in their hurry.

Hiccup rubbed at his shoulder and was nearly ready to leave them alone when the sound of flesh hitting flesh stopped him. The white haired man was on the ground, covering his face as the three guys kicked and punched him. Hiccup chewed the inside on his cheek and cursed himself, grabbing his phone. “Hey! Hey, I’m calling the cops!” He held up his phone, daring any of them to argue.

One guy, the ringleader Hiccup supposed, looked at him with a snarl. “Fuck, let’s just go. He’s worthless now.” He spit at the ground, an inch from the stranger’s head. “C’mon guys, fuck this place.”

All three of them glared and leered at Hiccup as they passed, shoving into the wall once more before disappearing. Hiccup waited a moment, allowing his heart to calm down before going to the stranger. “Hey, are you alright?”

He groaned, pushing himself up. “What do you think, Kid?” He wiped at his nose and sighed at the blood he found. “Well shit,” he muttered. He spat and more blood showed up. “You got any tissues?”

Hiccup shook his head, suddenly worried if he just put himself in danger. “I can bring you some though. My apartment is right there.” He ticked his head to the building next to them. He backed away, pulling out his keys. “Just stay here, I’ll get some.”

He unlocked the door and stepped inside the hallway. He had to go up three flights of stairs and down the hall until he reached his door. He was about to put his key in the lock when a low whistle startled him. He turned and the white haired man was looking around, using his tattered tank top to wipe at his nose. “You must be loaded to live in a place like this.”

“I’m not really,” he said tightly. “I told you to wait outside.”

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Modern AU where Jack’s an amateur photographer and Hiccup is his reluctant model.

And one day, Jack decides to take him to the beach for some pictures cause the weather’s great and Hiccup’s in a pretty, flowy sundress and floppy sunhat and there’s a light breeze and Jack helps him loosen up and Hiccup’s all happy and smiling and laughing and Jack takes the perfect picture~

…after he manages to snap out of his stupor…


Hijack Week - Day 3: Seasons

Jack offers Hiccup a frost flower in an attempt to flirt with him, but Hiccup isn’t impressed. At least not on the surface - he’s not willing to admit that Jack’s many efforts to woo him are beginning to work.

“A frost flower is a name commonly given to a condition in which thin layers of ice are extruded from long-stemmed plants in autumn or early winter. The thin layers of ice are often formed into exquisite patterns that curl into "petals” that resemble flowers.“

Being that Jack’s the winter spirit and Hiccup is the spirit of autumn, I thought it’d be pretty to neat to have frost flowers as their uh…"thing” haha.

Hiccup’s autumn spirit outfit is of my design from a long while ago (i’ve abandoned my own concepts haha shame on me ;o; ) he’s got a cool scarf now too but that’s gonna appear at a later time…when i draw the big four as the season spirits again

if i have time to draw that is sobs


i’ve been so busy with my swimming-titan-dang-rope animes i forgot how to hijack! shame

i’ve seen debate about their height difference so it’s kinda up to you - either Jack is standing up or straddling him. I prefer the latter but that’s just me¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reasons why @hijackedhoneybeeez is incredible and I’m getting bro-married to them:

-They’ve never judged me for anything stupid I’ve done, ever

-I trust them immensely, and for good reason

-They’ve always got my back

-They always support me when I’m feeling down

-They put lots of exclamation marks at the end of their sentences which I think is adorable

-They never cease to cheer me up and make me laugh

-They’re an incredible writer

-They do their best, always

-They never give up

-They got me obsessed with HiJack

-They help me out when I’ve messef up, and trust me, I mess up a lot

-They’re an incredible roleplayer

-They come up with the coolest AUs

-They put up with me

-They help me with panic attacks

-They agreed to roleplay AbeMiha with me even though I suck

-They agreed to bromarry me even though I suck

-They’re just as obsessed with baseball as I am

-They are a genuinly good person

-They’re absolutely wonderful to talk to

-They send me lots of internet hugs and high fives

-They always forgive me, no matter how stupid I acted

-They are someone who really and truely cares about me

-They always keep a cheerful attitude

-They make me smile and/or giggle at least 23,4500 times a day

-They’re freaking awesome


-They do so much for me

Honey, I know this is supposed to be funny, but in all honestly, you’re incredible. I’m really glad you answered my ask when I was having that panic attack, and I’m really glad I met you. You my bro, dude. You my bro.


“Jack! You’re finally back!” Hiccup exclaimed, picking the guardian up into a tight embrace. He gave Jack a tender look. “I almost missed those cold winter nights because you weren’t here.”

Jack didn’t know how to reply, staring at the small braid in Hiccup’s hair and the faint appearance of stubble on his chin. And to think it was only 3 months ago when Jack still had a few inches over the young viking.

“H-Hiccup…” Jack managed to sputter out, “You…uh, grew.” ’In more places than one,’ he continued in thought, uncomfortably shifting his left hand.

finished commission for the ever so rad sheepishspace!

i had fun coloring this. although i totally screwed up drawing hiccup’s armor.


so i started this a few days ago for some practice with new brushes after seeing some fanart in the Hijack tag of Hiccup crossdressing, because..well, i don’t see Hiccup as one to agree to crossdressing at all whatsoever lol

i think Jack would be the one to pull this kind of thing just for the hell of it in their relationship, especially to screw with Hiccup’s head b/c that’s obviously his favorite pass time

this outfit design for Jack is komapsunida’s btw, so go ahead and check that out too!