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I got to spend the day with the guardian of fun himself. Gotta say I really have a thing for a boy with white hair.
Jack Frost : @trampycosplay
Hiccup : @yourawesomenesscatcosplay

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Clyde: Heh, too easy. Dumbass never changes his password. So peeps, whatcha wanna know about the gays? I’m here to spill. (Karma’s a bitch Craig.)

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Let’s start off the Katsucon 2014 photo spamming with my Hiccup cosplay!

Photos taken by Matt Sanders

Hiccup(HTTYD) – Me

Ryuko(Kill La Kill) – galactic-pineapple.tumblr.com

Godtier Jade(Homestuck) – nuclearwintercoat.tumblr.com

Jack Frost(ROTG) 1 – nervous-neon.tumblr.com

Jack Frost(ROTG) 2 – zacktherippercosplay.tumblr.com

Elsa(Frozen) – Unknown, but she was really awesome!


[Oh hi everyone! Thanks for all the answers, we’re glad people would be interested, so it looks like we’ll be broadcasting tonight. 

The question is… What time? Since the muns live in Sweden we’re not really sure what time that’s workable for everyone, but we’ll try and find a time when people can show up. And we’ll probably be live for a couple of hours, so no rush.

See you around?]

Watch on frostplayers.tumblr.com

When you talk to Hiccup about dragons… #Hiccup #jackfrost #hiccuphaddock #frostplay #hijack #HTTYD #HTTYD2 #HTTYD3 #cosplay 

Hiccup: Queenofyoursoda