My friend wanted me to draw Hijack Anime Tropes so:

Jack: Typical Tsundere Animu Protagonist (Like this)

Hiccup: The Snarky Best Friend Whose Been In Love With The Protagonist For Years And Has Hid His Feelings Because He Doesn’t Want To Pressure Them Into A Relationship AKA The One We Are ALL Rooting For And Hoping Their Target Of Affection Would Stop Being Such An IDIOT And Just Admit They Like Him (Kinda Like this)

An AU where Jack is a DJ that is really into dubstep and Hiccup just really wanted to hear the original version of his favourite song, not some wub wub bzzz shit

Ghost Part 22

Prompt: Jack is a ghost and Hiccup is alive and there are many feels between them.

Prompter: queenofyoursoda

This one is Pitch and Dementia centric because…well…she’s got a taste for revenge on him too. And more information will be provided my little darlings. And the ending has a little bit of scary imagery.

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