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Last week, I decided to go back up to Canada to finish up a week of study at my alma mater. I live in the US, so I cast my ballot as I was leaving the country on Sunday, hoping that I’d make a difference. 

I’m staying in a Hostel that’s right over a bar & grill, and last night I went down for a drink to wait out the election (and maybe get plastered in the face of a Trump presidency). I knew Hillary was losing. And I didn’t want to think about it. 

This morning, after putting off the results for as long as possible, I finally got on tumblr, and my heart broke. And kept breaking. I read about muslim women fearing wearing the hijabi today. I read about how, for the first time in almost a century, the white house, the senate, and the house of representatives are all controlled by republicans. And I broke down in tears, over and over.

Then a housekeeping lady came in to reset the sheets on the bunk above me, and I did my best to dry my eyes and pretend nothing was wrong, but she was very perceptive. 

We got to talking. She asked if I was religious, I said no, I don’t really believe in God, and she replied, that is your problem. Because even if you don’t believe in God, God believes in you. And God loves you. 

And she kept repeating that. God loves you as you are. You are loved. God loves you.

You are loved.

To all my poc friends that come from all sorts of religions and background; I want to let you guys know that you need to remain strong we are all in this together and have each others backs. I am especially worried for the hijabis, sikh men than wear the turban, the lgbtq community (esp if you’re a minority), the people with think accents and broken English, the undocumented, and nearly everyone that is not white. Trump’s supporters think they are able to open hate and parade their prejudice views without fearing the consequences. Honestly Trump’s supporters believe that they can get away with their horrendous actions. Children are being bullied, hijabs are being pulled off, people are scared FOR THEIR SAFTY! Never has it come to a point when a large portion of the population actually fears that they’ll get deported back to their country. This election was pure madness. Now since Trump will become our next president one of the MANY important institutions he will be defunding is the education program. As he destroys the education system less people will have access to a proper education, less people won’t be able to afford college. Without education these citizens are not provided with enough knowledge to actually think about what happens if certain people/parties get elected. These poor and unfortunate class of Americans just vote for the issues that are presented in media, and the media instills so much hate that some citizens actually believe that minorities are a real threat. I feel bad for these people for not being as privileged as others are…If only they were properly educated then they could have known better… THIS LACK OF EDUCATION IS THE PRIME REASON WHY TRUMP RECEIVED SO MANY VOTES! I could go on abIout the other aspects in our country that might suffer (CLIMATE CHANGE, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, LGBTQ RIGHTS, WOMEN’S RIGHTS, & MINORITY RIGHTS) but i’m just going to stop.

I have a large desi and muslim following, and I want to remind you guys once again that we are all united against this giant tangerine looking kutta. You guys we need keep our head up high and protect EVERYONE that’s facing discrimination. Its our duty. So if any of you need someone to talk to I am here for ALL OF YOU :’)


Shout out to Hijabis.

Shout out to Hijabis who have worn their hijab for as long as they can remember.

Shout out to Hijabis who just started wearing their hijab.

Shout out to young Hijabis.

Shout out to old Hijabis.

Shout out to the Hijabis who spend hours on their hijab every day just to make it look perfect.

Shout out to the Hijabis who lazily toss on their hijab and still rock it. 

Shout out to the trans and nonbinary Hijabis.

Shout out to the traditional Hijabis. 

Shout out to the non traditional Hijabis.

Shout out to the religious Hijabis. 

Shout out to the non religious.

Shout out to the Hijabis who feel guilty for wearing the hijab because they are no longer religious.

Shout out to Hijabis who face danger and discrimination every day, just for being who they are.

Shout out to all Hijabis, because ya’ll deserve all the love you can get. You’re so brave and beautiful and perfect; I’m proud of you for being strong enough to be who you are. <3

  • me in the summer: i want it to be winter so i can wear thick hijabs without worrying about too many layers!!
  • me in the winter: i want it to be summer so i can wear long flowy dresses and hijabs and turban hijab styles!!