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Can we all just take a second and appreciate the way this girl slayedddddd she just did a full face with no brushes INCLUDING THE FREAKING EYE LINER???? Omg bruh

Muslims are not perfect. 

Some don’t fast.

Some don’t pray.

Some drink.

Some party.

Some have pre-marital sex.

Some smoke.

Some lie.

Some cheat.

Some gamble.

We all sin differently.

But will all be judged equally.

Stop the “good Muslim” vs. “bad Muslim” narrative

Accept that being Muslim means to be a work in progress.

Embrace the fact that anyone can be close to Allah.

Despite the imperfections.

Do we need to say it louder for the law makers in the back??!

In response to the news of Quebec’s ‘niqab ban’ this past week, people have been protesting against this bill being passed. It is ridiculous that in 2017 we are still policing women over their bodies. 

A woman doing her grocery shop in niqab is not a threat. A woman walking down the street in her niqab is not a threat. A woman working in the office in her niqab is not a threat. 

Stop policing women over what they can or cannot do in regards to their own bodies. 

Mad respect for all the women who choose to wear niqab - we support you.


Here are my favorite pictures of me at Abunaicon 2017! I was dressed as Sombra from Overwatch with my hijab. I was really nervous about this, but I got so many nice compliments of the community ♥️ If you told me years ago that I can cosplay as my favorite characters with my hijab I wouldn’t believe you, yet here I am. Can’t wait to continue doing this and make lots of memories 😙