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A tutorial for how to use a square scarf for a hijab ^_^


I agree… like the 14 women executed in Iraq last year for not wearing a hajib. Or those imprisoned for it in Saudi Arabia, or the myriad of other female rights violations due to sharia law involving just the Hijab… that’s before we look at who is FORCED by LAW to wear the Hijab…

that’s also before we enter into the various other womens/human rights violations, like getting stoned to death OR lashed AND imprisoned for getting RAPED… or the fact that women cant even drive in Saudi Arabia… or the 150 women executed in Iraq for refusing to convert… or the THOUSANDS of Iraqi and Syrian women who are currently being sold into sexual slavery…

The Chapel Hill Shooting is a tragedy by one bigot, lets not use it as an excuse to overlook the very real oppressions and murders happening EVERY DAY throughout the world. The greatest threat to and killer/abuser of Muslims is AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN other Muslims.    

Taking off the hijab...

I’ve seen some posts here and there about how the hijab has become a safety hazard now. It saddens me, really. Even before the Chapel Hill shooting I heard of well meaning coworkers, parents, and friends telling Muslims to shave off their beard, or take off the hijab because of the situation now. Because they fear for us. They fear for our lives.

While the deaths of our brother Deah and our sisters Yusor and Razan has been a source of sorrow in my heart, their lives have been a source of inspiration. Their work in the community has inspired me to do more for mine. Their smiles remind me of the beauty of Islam. Their success and achievements inspired me to strive for more. And they reminded me that I am proud to be a Muslim.

If anything, this event should remind us of death. Death can come at any moment. They were newlyweds, only 6 weeks into their marriage, so much ahead of them, so many dreams. But subhanAllah, Allah planned that their death would be this way, and truly Allah has granted them honor, not only in their community but in the nation.

Taking off my hijab does not guarantee my safety. Safety is in the hands of Allah. If I take off my hijab I could still die, Allah knows. And I’d rather die with pride and honor in my hijab, than admit defeat by taking it off. If some bigot comes and shoots me in the head because I was wearing a hijab, then All Praise belongs to Allah, that I died for sticking to my beliefs.

At times like this we need to strengthen our iman. We need to stand together and help each other and give each other encouragement. Brothers and sisters in islam, Allah is there for you. The King of all kings, He will protect you. Do not fear the hatred of people. Out of all the people Allah chose you to be Abdullah, the servant of Allah. Take that title with pride and honor and walk the streets proudly and fearlessly in your beard and your hijab. Allah is watching over us.

For all my Muslim sisters in hijab - 

I am SO SORRY that some of you feel like you have to debate between taking off the hijab and being safe. 

the hijab is a huge passion of mine and I’ve studied it personally and academically and I love what it stands for and I think that every single woman who wears the hijab is so brave because you are all visual symbols for Islam, whether that be good or bad. 

I know that now it is bad, and I want to say that I am here for you. I am in Boston, if any sister in boston feels unsafe going somewhere, you can message me and I will do my best to help you in the coming weeks. 

You have people who are supporting you, I promise.

Stay safe, be strong.

I havent been able to watch the news these past few days. So I wrote a poem to capture some of my thoughts. Its perplexing to me, well, no it isnt.. that these three young people were exemplary AMERICANS among other things..more so exemplary than the man who supposedly used every opportunity to intimidate them with his weapons. 

If people killed each other over parking, pretty sure most of my university would be wiped out. If such behavior is specific to him, where are the other people he attacked? How can the police ignore the fact that he’s harassed them before? What about his other neighbors? WHY WAIT UNTIL A TRIPLE HOMICIDE TO REALIZE HIS “ALLEGED INSANITY”

I cant get over how angry I am. Then, I remember Razan and Yusor and Deah and what they stood for, and the humanity in them. Even for someone who struggles with her faith, there is no doubt in my mind that I would die defending it and defending the right of those who choose to wear hijabs. 

So yeah. I am humbled and so are millions of others to have been in the presence in this world with these three. Even in death, they bring joy. Even in death, they guide others. 

Hey guys!  Meet Sara, she’s Hijab Hills stylish sister from Rotterdam, Netherlands. I snapped this photo in Amsterdam shortly after a meet & greet. I immediately noticed how it resembled the shots that inspired me growing up, looking back to some of the Japanese cultural exchange photo books and other documentary literature that I enjoyed collecting. There’s just so much I appreciate about it. Not to mention the stylish Sara, and the European Citroen that makes up the backdrop.

By: Langston Hues

Amsterdam, Netherlands