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Umm.... I'm not sure either, lol. I guess just your general beliefs and your God and stuff?

Well, this got kinda long

Idk if this is what you meant but: 

  • So obviously the basics: Islam is a monotheistic religion. We believe in one God.
  • We also believe in the Prophet Muhammad who preached the religion (kind of??? Pretty sure there’s better wording than that)
  • I’m guessing you’re wondering about hijab (I mean a lot of people do)
    • So it really depends
    • Some people believe that you HAVE to wear hijab
    • Others believe it’s optional
    • I mean I’m more with the first group tbh but each is to their own
    • Also: hijab is not oppressive
      • Like sure you can make it oppressive
      • I mean you can make wearing shorts “oppressive” if you force somebody who doesn’t want to wear them to wear shorts
      • But hijab itself is not oppressive??
      • It’s a piece of cloth, man
      • Bc like if somebody chooses to wear it then… are you saying that they’re…. Oppressing their own selves??
  • Also where did anybody get the idea that Muslims are intolerant of people of other religions??
  • It literally says in the Quran (that’s our holy book) to treat ppl of other religions with respect and justice
  • Those “““““““““““Muslim”””””””””” terrorists that y’all see on the media are?? Not real Muslims?? Like??
  • Seriously what type of religion would promote killing people and more importantly who would follow it?
    • I know I wouldn’t 
  • Also: “Islam” comes from “salam” which means “peace” in Arabic
  • Y’all can even look it up on Google translate if you don’t believe me
  • Also a common misconception is that the highest percentage of people who follow Islam are Middle-Eastern
  • I’m pretty sure it’s only like 20% or something
  • Let me check
  • I knew it!! (well I was 0.1 percent off)

Anyway if you have more questions just ask!!


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