Uuuh, so people who argue that there should be a ban on hijab and complete body-covering outfits because it opresses women:

  1. First, dictating what women can and cannot wear is misogynistic.
  2. “Free will” only goes so far; why is it that the last time I went shopping it took me a whole day to find something that I felt comfortable in because everything that the shops sell had either see-through fabric, a too low neckline, too short sleeves etc. I just want a shirt that I can wear during the summer without also having to wear a jacket, okay? But clothing shops mostly just sell revealing clothes as summer clothes for women. —> It’s not a “choice” to wear clothes that reveal skin if it’s the only thing that’s made and sold.
  3. I do not kid you, some politicians want to ban clothes that totally covers the body from school. ??? What does this mean? I don’t get an education? 
    1. There’s already a ban on religious clothing and symbols from public spaces (schools, job offices, government etc.) in some countries in Europe. This hurts people like muslims and sikhs the most. I mean, what does christians wear? Crosses that they can wear underneath their clothes anyway? Also, why is this not considered a human right violation? You know, the right to have whatever belief you want, “religious freedom” that Europe so much likes to brag about having, haha.
A small rant about the hijab.

I am so fucking tired of wearing the hijab. A couple days ago my family was celebrating Eid, and I of course was wearing a thick black abaya that was already hell in the Texas heat, but my mother still screamed at me to put on pants because she could “see my ankles” and apparently that’s enough to make some Muslim boy feel lust and then god would send me to hell for “tempting him.” How is it my fault some dumbass teenager is so sexually deprived he comes at the faintest glimpse of female flesh? And then my (male) muslim friends have the audacity to tell me that the hijab is a “choice” and if I don’t like it I don’t have to wear it, but I shouldn’t blame the religion for what my parents do. Fuck that.