A Message to My Niqaabi Sisters ❤

Sisters who wear niqaab and eye makeup, or sisters who wear niqaab and jewelry, or sisters who wear niqaab and carry really sparkled-up bags/wear sparkled-up/bright colored shoes, sisters who wear perfume…
Please, please, please, fear Allaah in what you’re doing. And please realize that you’ve sacrificed SO much to go as far as wearing the niqaab ma sha ’ Allaah! So why don’t you actually make it worth something instead of nullifying it with something so so silly, yet so attractive, as eye makeup or a cute pair of shoes or bag or jewelry, etc.
I’ve been seeing so much of this on Instagram and it breaks my heart. If you want to wear makeup to an event, simply cover your eyes with the top piece. If you want to wear jewelry, wear gloves [and make sure the jewelry is inside…not on top of…your gloves], take some body mist with you and spritz yourself after you take off your jilbaab when you go somewhere. Save the shiny shoes for a get together with just sisters or something.
Fear Allaah, wa Allaahi I know it’s hard, but it’s not worth it. It’s just simply not worth Allaah’s curse and anger and displeasure to display yourself like that.
We need to set examples for the sisters who don’t wear proper hijaab; because when they see us do something wrong they take us as an example! They say, “well I saw this niqaabi with a bright bag/shoes/eye makeup”…etc.
Not to mention the men who you attract to yourself and cause fitnah for.
May Allaah grant us tawfeeq to be like the mothers of the believers, ameen.

The ‘Bee Hive’ Hijaab

Shaykh Al-Albaani (my Allaah have mercy upon him) was asked:
“What is the ruling on a woman gathering her hair above her neck and behind her head such that it takes the form of a ball, whilst knowing that when the woman puts on her hijaab, her hair shows from behind it?”

He answered:
“This is a mistake that many hijaabi women commit where they collect their hair in a bundle behind their heads so that it sticks out behind them even though they place their hijaab over it. This act contradicts one of the conditions of the hijaab, which I have mentioned in my book “The Muslim Woman’s Hijaab in Light of the Quraan and Sunnah”. One of these conditions was that the garment she wears should not describe the shape of any of her body parts. Based on this, it is not permissible for a woman to bundle her hair behind her head or on the side of her head to the point that it sticks out like this, thus revealing – even if it is unintentional – the fact that she is either long-haired or short-haired. So she must let it hang down and not put it up.”

[Masaa’il Nisaa’iyyah Mukhtaarah, p. 117]


psygopathic asked:

To be honest, you're gorgeous and the hijaab is beautiful on you. So let never somebody put you down or let you feel you aren't! Keep that always in you're mind. Keep doing you, i love your for the sake of Allaah. 🌺❤️ and keep rocking your awesome blog rocking.

Ahhhhhhh this makes me like so so so happy. Honestly bless you. You’re a sweetheart and same to everything! <3

I always justified my actions by saying that people are gonna judge no matter what.
But even if what im doing is not wrong and even my intentions are pure…what does it come across as to others? It matters. Your image matters.
Yes theres a point where people judge to the extremes and say things and you shouldnt let their words effect your confidence, but think twice about your actions.
Know your limits, know your reason, know your worth, know who you represent and what you represent. Know that people watch. Know Allah is watching you. But also know that Allah is also watching those who are judging you. You are not at fault all the time. Just be careful. Be wise. Your hijaab is your deen, your image…although it may not define you, its a part of you. Just…be mindful of what you do and say.

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98 91 84 ❤

84- What is your favorite clothing store?

Hmm I don’t really have a favourite clothing store in particular, but hijaab stores are my fave. 😍

91- Describe yourself in one word.

Awesome 😄

98- Coffee or tea?

Tea tea TEA. ❤️

There’s this girl in my chemistry class originally from Somalia who wears a hijaab and I think she is utterly gorgeous.

This is truly beautiful!

The definition of beautiful stupidity.

I am truly appalled by this. Cultural appropriation - this is it. When a “superior race” adopts the elements of one culture, that culture usually being persecuted. I am being persecuted. People around the world are being persecuted because of their religion and culture and white people do these things and are praised for it.

Why are Muslimah not praised for wearing hijaab in 100 degree weather? We wear them everyday, all day, and all we get is “go back to your own country” and “terrorist!” Why are people not praised for showing their culture/religion? Why are we still being attacked in a free country (America, apparently is a free country btw) Why are people who oppress culture/religions getting praised when they “take part” in the culture/religion they are oppressing?

Oops, my bad; ignore everything I just said. I forgot that Kloe is famous and she can do whatever she wants and not be hated because she’s “trying new things”. Woops. But I will still rant anyway for those who aren’t famous because famous people are exempted from these kind of things.

I am harassed everyday. I have had STICKS AND SLURS THROWN AT ME!!!! I’ve had KABOOM and TERRORIST YELLED AT ME!!!! I’ve had people talk under their breath, call me a freak, my colleagues WERE BEATEN UP BY NON-MUSLIMS!!!! I’m scared to even pass a police officer or a group of kids my own age because I am terrified that they’ll harm me. All because I wear a hijaab. All because I am proud of my religion and culture.

But Kloe Kardashian will never face these problems. Sure, she’s got personal problems too, she’s human, but she will never have terrorist yelled at her. She will never have people yank her hijaab. She will never be hurt by a group of people who don’t share the same religious beliefs. But she will suffer from something; praise and acceptance.

Cultural appropriation is a serious thing, and I though it just stopped at tribal patterns and bindhis. I never thought someone would risk their life (because being a Muslim in America is the hardest and most dangerous thing human beings could face) and put on a hijaab and dare use Arabic (but those are the only words Kloe can fit in her empty skull so we’ll leave it at that). Unfortunately, we have come this far in disrespecting cultures and religion.

Tbh they should make a tv show - how white are you? And contestants are judges based on how “hipster” and how “aesthetic” and how “cute” they are in oppressed cultural/religious icons.

TLDR; Kloe Kardashian stole a hijaab and niqaab and is being praised. We (not only Muslims, but every other culture and religion) are being humiliated, harmed and our people are being tortured. Kloe Kardashian is wearing something we get attacked for, and is being praised for it. But the depressing side (this side - the oppressed) will never make it on TMZ or any news reports.

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Aww. Hijaab and awrah applies to only humans and jinns. Tell ur friend that the milk she drinks everyday came from the cow who was without any grazing my farmland without any awrah.

lmbooooooooo ( pippipcheeriopeasants​ - a message for you) ok but anon the more important question i think is: does this mean you support my icon???? XD