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Casablanca, Morocco

It was a great pleasure to work with this sister. Her and her brother gave me a souvenir which was a traditional Moroccan dish known as tajine. It was the actual dish that houses the food. When she gave it to me and explained it’s function and lauded about the deliciousness of tajine, I proceeded to ask them why they had not taken me to a restaurant that had tajine, instead of where we all ate, and we both had a big laugh about that.

Her brother and her self came up to casablanca from the south of morocco on a commute that was over 7 hours to photograph. She said to me, “can you make sure you take a pic of my brother and me so my mother knows that he was with me the whole time!” We both got another laugh out of that!


I want to use the Hijaab. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also an icebreaker. Wearing the Hijaab makes it easier to get in touch with people. It shows that I belong to a religion which believes in a God, and then people can therefore assume from it, that that is a topic that interests me. If they also believe in God, then we automatically have something in common.”

do y'all not realize that when you say wearing a hijaab is sexist you are literally the ones making it about men? hijaabis chose to cover as a display of devotion to Allah in the same way that Sikh men chose to wear a turban to show their devotion to their religion. why doesn’t anyone call that misandry? lmao y'all don’t even see the sexism in your dumb logic it’s so tiring. I really don’t see you guys as being incapable of understanding that a Muslim woman has agency of her own life, that she can feel liberated in her choice to be modest. just admit you hate Muslims man stop trying to defend your hate of brown women with feminism or egalitarian secularism y'all are boring

at oslo pride we find that even is wearing a “bisexual, bipolar” shirt

isak is wearing a “i’m not bi but my boyfriend is” shirt

eva is wearing a “i love my bisexual and muslim girlfriend"

sana is wearing a rainbow hijaab and a shirt that says “lgbt muslims exist”

and eskild… well. he’s wearing a shirt stating “i’m single pls save me from third wheeling”

Many humans live the life of this world, seeking the best that it has to offer, while ignoring what lies ahead of them upon death. This is a result of weak faith, for such people live only for what is before their eyes. The adornment of this world are but temptations to distract you from the true purpose of life and the reminder that you will indeed be responsible for all you do in this life.

Unlike some people’s belief that the remembrance of death and the Resurrection day makes one negligent about worldly affairs and material gains, our belief is that the remembrance of the Resurrection day prevents us from heedlessness and indiscipline. He who is cautious about his performances big or small will not commit any wrong thing.

Of course our belief in the Resurrection day is not sufficient, but we should remember this day of accountability and we should scrutinize our behaviour at the same time. It is just as only liking the flower is not enough to give us mental pleasure but it is necessary that from time to time we should enjoy its pleasant fragrance.

Ibn ‘Umar,may Allah be pleased with them both, said, ‘I came to the Prophet along with nine other people, when a man from the Ansaar (residents of Madeenah) stood up and asked, ‘O Prophet of Allah! Who is the wisest person?’ He replied:“The one who mentions and contemplates death the most, and the one who prepares for his death the most; these are the wise ones; they gain the glory of this life and the honor of the Hereafter.” - At-Tabaraani, Al-Munthiri.

Ibn Mas’ood, may Allah be pleased with him, said, ‘The Prophet drew a square and in the center of it he drew a line, the end of which extended beyond the square. Further across the center line he drew a few smaller lines, then he said: “This illustrates man (i.e., his ambitions) and the encircling square is death which is encompassing him; the center line represents his desires and the smaller lines are the adversities he faces through life; if one of them misses him, another one distresses him and if that one misses him another one strikes him.” [Al-Bukhari].

Can we take a minute and speak about this prevalent trend of “Hijabi fashionistas” Before anyone gets defensive and feels they’re being attacked, this is not about anyone’s *personal* journey, rather more about *public journeys* and how we are influencing our youth. So no one is judging anyone, nor being holier than though, this is a bit of #FoodForThought.

Recently i’ve been seeing fashion shows/cat walks, Muslims women on the runways etc highlighting “modest fashion” where the idea is to cater for Muslim women.

I completely understand Muslim women fall into many many categories when it comes to implementing the Hijab in its entirety, and by that I do not mean just the headscarf. I understand the difficulties in implementing the hijaab (been there, done that). I understand all the thought processes before finally making the decision to implement the hijab outwardly and inwardly. I also understand wanting to look nice and presentable.

What I do not accept nor understand is the category of women who outright reject the command. Our attire and what we have been commanded to wear is clear cut, stated in the Qur'an and ahadith. It’s fine for you to do business, also fine for you to cater for Muslim women as there is a huge market, but I feel somewhere in all this business and making a name, the true essence and identity of a Muslimah is getting lost behind make up, pouts and excessiveness.

There are so many problems with the Muslim Fashionista era that we are living in.

[1] Our attire is being commercialised and we are condoning it. Initially it was just within, now it is also external. We do not need Nike to promote our hijab, we do not need Debenhams to start endorsing our clothes. We do not need approval or validation from any mainstream companies. They are not doing us a favour, they are not “accepting us” they are thinking with their business hat on and how to make a profit. So firstly, it is important we do not fall into that trap of thinking finally the world is starting to accept us.

[2] When Muslim women are walking up and down the runway, there are male photographers present, male audience present, men reading and seeing about the fashion show in the news, does this defeat the purpose of hijab? Whilst we flaunt the “modest clothing” on our body, we are being watched and ogled at. Beautified faces, beautified clothes, is this really modest, if we think about modesty in its entirety and not just a piece of cloth? Does this thought process make me extreme? O_o

[3] We are seeing Muslim women bloggers who categorise themselves as hijaabis and whilst they may be struggling to wear the hijab in its correct form, showing your hair and neck is not hijaab and should never ever be promoted as hijab. Whilst these bloggers influence our youth to wear turbans, show their awrah yet call it hijaab, surely we should be challenging this and not encouraging when these bloggers “make it” and become “famous”.

Honestly it is a great thing to see sisters excelling and making a name for themselves, but at the expense of a lost identity?

Are Muslim women having an identity crisis, trying to fit in between the “modern world” and the Islamic world? What are WE doing to lead our youth and what CAN we do to lead them? To ensure our youth do not feel like they need validation? To ensure our youth are looking up to the correct figures as their role models?

May Allah allow us to excel in His beautiful Deen, and forgive us when we fall short.

- M. A.

yall are so so so so so tiring idk why u put islam up on this pedestal as if idek what?? like they cant do anythin and every single decision is 100% restricted. just fyi if you didn’t know: there are muslim women who are gay/bi, who are teachers, who are single, who dont want kids, who are infertile, who want 8 kids, who dont want a husband, who do want a husband, who are mentally ill, who use drugs and alcohol, who sing, who write, who dance, who have sex, who cook, who wear a hijaab, who dont wear a hijaab, who date, who dont date but get married.

just like any other woman, no matter their religion and their ‘rules’, women deserve to have control over their own lives so fuck you for saying otherwise.


again with the hijab issue

It’s fascinating how a small word could catch millions of eyes, or millions of minds to think of what it really means. In Islam, hijab doesn’t bear only words of meanings but thoughts and rules and regulations, it is but a code of modesty both for the believing men and women, yes you read it right, Islam also have hijab for men.

The thing is it is always the issue with the women that arises, because the media has focused on it like its some kind of a big fish in the sea. 

I will not comment about those videos we see on the internet or comments we see roaming around the cyberworld carrying both good and bad words pertaining to women in Islam. I would just like to send a word to my fellow Muslim women and also to those who wants to understand our struggles, because we always have something to say on some issues without knowing what these people are going through.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

Dear sister, I am one of those millions of your sisters in the deen that are hurt.

I am hurt for YOU, I am hurt for those who are struggling to wear their hijab properly, I am hurt for those people who are bad-mouthed with comments because of a little misunderstanding of how they should wear hijab. I am hurt at the state of our sisterhood in Islam.

I am hurt and my heart is crying, indeed it is crying.

My dear sister there is nothing wrong of you making yourself beautiful because i understand that you want to show that Muslim women can wear good clothes too ma sha Allaah, but is there something wrong if you wear the “boring” plain black abaya or single colored abayas? Is there something wrong if we wear something very simple, not too loud, clothes that are not catching much attention? Or is there something wrong if you wear the hijab in complete simplicity, nothing much going around the sides of it? is there something wrong if the khimar covers almost the entire body, do these ways of wearing the hijab make you less of a beautiful creature?

Wallah No.

Habibti, in the eyes of those who fear Allaah Azza Wa Jall and in the eyes of Allaah Azza Wa Jall, indeed you are beautiful. 

When you wear the proper hijab, you are indeed making a statement, that you are a Muslim woman, from that very step you have stand out already, you have delivered the message to the people that you embody the rules and regulations of Islam, that you by that very time you stepped out of your house wearing that proper hijab, you tell the people, i am worshipping my God and i do not care if i please your eyes or not, what i care for is if i please my God and protect myself. 

My lovely sister, always, always before you wear your clothes, remember why you wear the hijab? Ask yourself, why am i covering myself? Why do i need to wear these loose clothings? Why?


And queens do not show skin, they cover themselves. Well preserved and with proper etiquette. 

Hijab has and always been synonymous to the word modesty- it has no brand nor is it a fashion/clothing line but it is an act of faith, a worship to Allaah Azza Wa Jall and a respect for yourself and for our husband or even future husband. 

I know sister, most of muslims women who go out with hijab are seen as terrorists or extremists by people, so sister if you think that wearing the proper hijab would harm you when you go out, then remember when you are woman you are advised to only go out when you have a mahram with you, realize that Islam has given solutions to these issues before they were even to arise.

Remember that the more you understand about Islam, the more you would cover yourself. Learn more about Islam, study more, read about the great women around the Messenger of Allaah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

• And for those other sisters who speak ill of my sisters in Islam,

Oh dear sister, can you for a second remember in which state you were when you were not yet wearing hijab or when you were just wearing it because your family says so?

Did you not go into stages? 

Did you not pass these stages where you were wearing on shirt then hijab to long sleeves with jeans then hijab …. indeed there are levels, do you know what level you are now? Are you on such high level that you find it in your heart to criticize people who are in the very stages where you were few days, months or years ago?

Does your better understanding of modesty make you feel you are better than them when you know in your heart you are not free from any sins, that like them until now you are struggling?

Wouldn’t it be better if our understanding was to be made as an instrument  for us to “encourage” than to “discourage” our sisters in islam? 

When we are Muslims, we are Islam, we represent our religion so let us be most moderate, most sensitive and most careful whenever we speak about our deen.

We can motivate, uplift and make others understand better our deen if our tongues are are also embodied with hijab.

No one had successfully invited a person to islam with a sharp tongue. Remember Islam is not to show that we are better, rather it is a way of showing something that might be better for them. 

Realize my sisters, that this is a fitnah for us, it is the time where we should use more of our hearts than our tongues, if you see someone like that, then advice in private if you know her, send her a message, let her know, and if you are the one being advise, then before you take it as something bad remember why you were advised, what were you doing that it caught someone’s concerned heart to advice you? 

Remember a nasihah is given out of purity both from actions and niyyah, and it is most better when said in private.

• And to all my sisters in Islam, i know all of us are struggling in her own ways so let me remind you,

“O Muslimah, you staying firm to your faith, protecting and guarding your modesty (both by dressing and by your tongue) is what makes you beautiful, what makes you stand out and unique.

You being able to shun off the "trends” and  what is in" and keeping the sunnah and all, girl you going High with your ajr, so keep it up, please Thy Creator. I along with the millions of your sisters in the deen,We got your back girl. We got your back.“


Sometimes what a sister in the deen really needs is just to be assured that through her struggle someone understands her, that she is not alone in this journey, that when she looks back she doesn’t see her shadow rather she sees millions of people who are supporting her, and that is our duty my dear sisters, so be one of those. 

Who else would guard our backs but our own kind? Let us rebuild the sisterhood, let us rebuild it. 

So sister, I am telling you, i am struggling just like you, but this doesn’t shun me from telling you that I love you for the sake of Allaah and I am with you, and as long as i am breathing through the Mercy of Allaah, I am with you, I may not be physically there but know that in my du'as you are there.

Please habibti you do not need to follow the trends, you just need to follow your heart, where Allaah lies. 

Moderate the watching of these hijab tutorials, keep the modesty, read a book, learn about the life of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wassalaam, the life of the sahabah radiyallahu anhum, learn about the manners of an ilm seeker, there are so much other things to do than getting hooked up into these tutorials. I’m not saying stop it but recommending you to moderate it, in sha Allaah.

If there is anyone or someone that got offended from the words i wrote above, then i am sincerely asking for your forgiveness, i pray Allaah sends us His Mercy and Guidance. Amin



“You’re completely psycho. You threw water in Ingrid’s face. You’re crazy!” “Do you get acid thrown in your face if you don’t wear the Hijaab?” “She’s psycho! I heard that she put someone in a chokehold when she went to Urra.” “Sana, are you circumcised?” “No wonder she’s psycho.” “She’s supposed to be a good representative for Islam.” “You’re so lucky because you don’t have to think about all of that stuff. Heartbreak and stuff. Maybe I should convert to Islam.” “Hope you get forcibly married … sent to Africa so we won’t have you at Urra.” “Why do you wear that shit on your head? It’s fucking ugly. Want me to pull it off you in the big break?”