hiit circuit


Ab and cardio day:
Adrian James beginner X2
Adrian James intermediate X2
Plank X4

Adrian James HIIT training 15 minute circuit. (I thought I was very fit cardio wise until I had to pause the workout about eight times.)

anonymous asked:

ive been trying to lean out for about six months now & i still cant see a difference in my body body fat-wise. i can see a bit of muscle growth but it is still covered in body fay which i try to get rid of. i eat vegan & 90% healthy with the exception of alcohol about once a month & not even that much. youve leaned out a lot lately & im just wondering how your cardio routine looks like. do you warm up before gym & do you cool down (with cardio)? you inspire me, tess <3 / sweden

I do cardio and weight training. For cardio I do any of these: skipping(intervals 30seconds), ropes (until my arms fall off), rowing(500-1000m), boxing classes(1hr) & HIIT training/circuits(30mins)

If I warm up I do a quick row or skip but on that day if I’m doing weight and cardio, I do weights first then cardio after so I have more energy that way! My ab workout is my warm down generally 😊


I tried the class a second time !!
It was really great! The structure is: aerobics, HIIT circuits and abs… She counted 400 but I did my best (probably 300) anyways I’m really happy!
Having a group of women (for some reason I feel more comfortable!) and realising that everyone is concentrated on doing the best they can is really powerful!!


Wanna burn super calories?! Well I took my friend @pjstahl’s class yesterday and he showed me some cool new moves! Try this HIIT circuit. 45 sec on, 15 sec off.

1. Flying Sumo Plank
2. Rocket Jump
3. Jumping Mt Climber
4. Tick Tock

Repeat 4x! Tag a friend to try with you!

Song is: Hold Me Down by Halsey

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