I’m trying to come up with a proper introduction.. usually people tell facts about themselves right? Well hm, I almost got in a car accident once because I got distracted staring at my own cleavage on a billboard ad for The Island - BUT before you judge me, the thing  was too digitally enhanced so I couldn’t help to stare and be like ‘seriously?’. I have a twin brother named Hunter. I auditioned for The Parent Trap but Lohan got the part. I have a two year old that I love to death.. am I talking too much? I’m Scarlett, and I’m obviously not good at introductions. 

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Hii can u rec me the darkest fics you have read? Thanks

Oooh darkest fics you say :D I love them very much! I think they are quite rare in our fandom, but maybe I’m wrong? (I only focus on reading Larry fics from 2016 so I don’t know much about those before.)

Frozen by @thebookofjacinth​ [M, 5.7k]

Despite being forced into an arranged Mating, Omega Louis sees the opportunity for happiness when he first looks into the eyes of his intended. However, the naive Omega quickly learns not to judge a book by its handsome cover when his Alpha, Harry, turns cold-hearted, indifferent, and sometimes utterly cruel, leaving Louis to wonder what he’s done wrong. When an accident occurs six months into the miserable Mating, Louis is forced to care for a man who so clearly despises him. ~ 01.2016

Stalker. by @iamnoteternal​ [E, 5.5k]

Louis being followed who leaves rose petals and fragrances in his home for him to find. ~ 01.2016

nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby by @kingsoftheimpossible​ [?, 9.4k]

Things were a lot easier before Louis’ hallucinations decided to give themselves a body and a name. ~ 02.2016

For You by WreckedPrincess [M, 17.8k]

Harry is Louis’ neighbor that he sometimes sees when he collects his mail. Louis is Harry’s prime obsession for which he crosses all boundaries.
But the truth is, Harry really just loves Louis. Can love have limits too?
~ 02.2016

Converging Fates by ForeverRememberLarryStylinson [?, 82.9k]

The one where the world has mutated and become far more vicious, harsh, and deadly than ever before. It’s a survival of the fittest world, and only those whom are able to conceive children are kept to live. Most who aren’t, are left out to die.
Louis Tomlinson can conceive. Harry Styles is the leader of a cult. Together, there is fire. ~ 

Lockdown by caballero78 [E, 93.4k]

Making the move from the City to a small town should’ve been the best decision for Louis; urban to rural, busy to tranquil. Pursuing a Masters degree in Architectural Design, he’d secured an internship and needed to escape to somewhere smaller that will allow him to focus and build a life. However a local, elusive criminal turns all that on its head when he learns a bit more about the six foot something monster that lives on the hill. ~ 07.2016

Only Natural by @louisovermyknee [M, 6.3k]

It might have been the latex. It could have been the leather, the bondage, the corset—Either way, the captor took his prisoner’s breath away. ~ 08.2016

The Werewolf by @iamnotfranca [E, 25.6k]

It’s hard to know what love is when you’re damaged inside. ~ 09.2016

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Hii, i thought BTS was supposed to be on weekly idol this week? Is there a link anywhere?

That was false, which is why we didn’t make any posts on them appearing on Weekly Idol.

TWICE were the guests for this week, and the boys have not been confirmed to appear on Weekly Idol next week either. 

Ben içi çok ponçirik birisiyim ya gelseniz bana soru sorsanız ama yok illa gidin sizi tersleyen bad boy bad girl bloglara soru sorun HII TM TM

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Hii can I have a bts and Exo (I wasn't sure if we can request two at one time...😅if not please do only one of them please^^) mtl to date someone who ist not their actual ideal type? ( I could imagine all of them doing that but I still wanted to ask since I'm also curious about your opinion ^-^) thanks in advance and have a nice Day!!!

Two groups at once is fine :)

Since all of them totally would, this is more of who would just go for it and wouldn’t even give things like that a second thought.


  1. V
  2. Jimin
  3. Suga
  4. Rapmon
  5. Jungkook
  6. Hobi
  7. Jin

Taetae and Jimin are puppies and would just love you for you, it wouldn’t matter if you didn’t fit their ideal type. Suga just wouldn’t give a shit, tbh. If he liked you, he liked you. The rest of the boys are pretty even and would date you without much of a second thought.

The reason I put Jin lower is because I feel that, just in general, he puts more thought into dating. He would want a relationship that would last and would think about if the person was really right for him. He still would though if he felt that he really did like you.


  1. Suho
  2. Baekhyun
  3. Chanyeol
  4. Chen
  5. D.O
  6. Lay
  7. Kai
  8. Sehun
  9. Xiumin

Suho is a sap and the type to fall hard and fast so if he liked someone it wouldn’t matter to him. Baek and Chanyeollie wouldn’t give it a second thought and would date anyone they felt a connection with.

The rest are pretty even. They would all date someone if they felt a connection. The lower boys are just ones who put more thought in before getting into a relationship and about whether or not the person was right for them.

Thank you for requesting!

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Hii!! I know I'm YSL you said you were going to be busy with life and such and I just wanted to pop by or well into your box and say hope all is well 😊🙃

Thank you babe! Things have been busy but I’m doing alright 😊I’ve actually started writing a little bit of YSL’s next chapter so the November update will definitely happen! xx

The Monkey Head Nebula - NGC 2174

The Monkey Head Nebula (also known as NGC 2174) is an H II emission nebula located in the constellation Orion and is associated with the open star cluster NGC 2175.It is thought to be located about 6,400 light-years away from Earth. Within the Nebula small dark clumps of gas can be seen. These dark clumps are the birth places of stars. Gas will continue to condense in these local regions until the pressure of gravity causes it to ignite and form a star.

Credit: NASA/Hubble