Chibi Project Part 2

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[Part 1]

Keep in mind that everyone’s OC may not be completely accurate. I had to simplify certain things, usually small things, however.


Why are you people so damn amazing?

Thank you so much for following! It just blows my mind how many of you like this blog! :D


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Sorry if you didn’t get featured. I tried to feature as many as I could.

I love you all!!!


So, as most of you know, I’ve come back and been quite active lately, and this blog suddenly exploded. I’ve passed a couple of firsts, so expect the next updates to relate to that.

As for why I made this? The mods of some really fun and awesome blogs stumbled upon my streams while I was making my most recent update and this is my way of saying if you weren’t already following these guys, you should:



and http://asktyrantsombra.tumblr.com/