You know what Cedric?

I never said I was your friend especially after what you did. I never said that I forgave you either. I do appreciate how you were there for me during that time, but we can never go back. Even when I was your friend, you never cared. You never valued our friendship. This is what you do- you have all these people who care about you yet you continually bitch about how they don’t do enough for you. You don’t appreciate what they give you, and you dismiss their kind actions and words with a wave of a hand and a sigh of pity, not for anyone but yourself. Grow up. Just because people don’t wait on you hand and foot doesn’t mean they are not your friends. Get over yourself.

And no, I’m not afraid to say this to your face. If you need me to repeat this and confront you about this in person, I gladly will.