🔥turbo charged🔥
Hey it’s Friday YAY! Do you go all out in your workouts or just enough to make it through?
💫did you know you can get a better workout in less time if it’s focused and you go 100%?
💫I love #HIIIT#workout that gets the heart rate up in bursts and small recovery times.
💫this is #turbofire hIIT 20 and it does just that
💫would you like to try it?
💫do you do interval training?
💫is what you are doing now working?

I had fun with this the other day and YES I did speed it up a tad (15 seconds is short ya'll😛)

Tell me your #workout plan of action 👇
#tgif #fitfriday

                                         ( repliicant​ liked for a starter )

░▒▓ ⎨♠︎⎬ ▓▒░
           “Shiiit, that looked like that hurt. Or -
            should have hurt, at least - “  [ ❄︎ ]