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Pairing: jealous!tom x reader 

“Babe, I promise you I’m flying out tonight so I’ll be home tomorrow and I’ll definitely make it to the show. I’m bringing Harrison so he can get with that costar of yours.” Tom said trying to reassure his girlfriend. “You know I wouldn’t miss this for the world, right?”

This was (Y/N) first ever big broadway show; she felt she had the right to worry if her boyfriend was going to go to her first big show. Tom knew how much this meant to her even when she didn’t express her excitement all that often.

“So did you ever tell Tom that you had to kiss Dylan?” Her costar asked her after their rehearsals. “Oh god no, I’m kind of afraid to.” (Y/N) admitted to her friend. “I just don’t want him to feel bad or anything, ya know?” She knew her boyfriend and Tom wasn’t the type to show his feelings; especially when he is insecure. “Well when he comes to the show on Friday, how do you think he’s going to feel seeing you kissing Dylan?” Now this had opened (Y/N)’s eyes; she knew keeping this secret from Tom was going to hurt him so she had to tell him as soon as he got back home.

“(Y/N), are you okay? You’ve been zoning out ever since I came back. What’s on your mind?” Tom was a lovely boyfriend; he always made sure to put (Y/N) feelings and wants before his own. So of course he was going to worry about her especially around the time that causes her so much anxiety. “Is it because the show is around the corner? I hope you know that you will kill it, baby.” He was rubbing the back of her hand gently with his thumb; trying to soothe her.

“I have to tell you something; please don’t get upset.” She was trying to calm him down even before she confessed what was going to happen. “What is it? You’re scaring me, darling.” He laughed nervously.

“Well, I kind of have to kiss my costar Dylan..” (Y/N) quietly admitted to Tom. His small smile had faded away and (Y/N) heart had broke a little; she has never seen Tom look so upset. He was quiet and that is what was terrifying (Y/N); he’s never been that quiet and not even when he was mad at her. Tom would’ve stayed and fought but he just didn’t know what to say to her; his girlfriend was going to have to kiss some asshole.  Well he wasn’t really an asshole Tom thought; he was just an asshole for having to kiss his girlfriend. 

“Tom, please say something. I need you to say something,” she desperately begged him. “I don’t know what you want me to say to you (Y/N). Do you want me to be happy that MY girlfriend will be kissing some asshole?” Tom was getting upset and his voice was gradually getting louder and louder.  “If I knew you were going to be kissing some asshole; I wouldn’t have bothered coming home.” That little statement had broke (Y/N)’s heart and she was pissed now, “Tom you’re such a fucking hypocrite. I just sat around watching you kiss Laura for Spider man and I never said a word. I sucked it up and I knew it was for your role, why can’t you do that instead of being a jealous dick?” By the end of her little rant, (Y/N) was fuming with anger. She began to pack her bag to spend a night at a friend’s house. “Come watch the show when you’re not being a jealous prick.” She yelled and slammed their front door.  

Tom knew he messed up but he was too angry to realize. He called up Harrison trying to tell him the situation but he only ended up getting yelled at by him. “Are you bloody stupid? She’s not kissing this guy because she wants too. She’s doing it for the role.” 

Tom knew he messed up but he was too angry to realize. He called up Harrison trying to tell him the situation but he only ended up getting yelled at by him. “Are you bloody stupid? She’s not kissing this guy because she wants too. She’s doing it for the role.”  He ended up hanging up on Harrison because he didn’t need anyone else to yell at him; (Y/N) already did all that. 

He had to fix his mistake and he knew he had to go to the show and watch her perform. Tom was going to have to suck up his own pride to please (Y/N). Even when she was mad at him, he knew how important this night would be for her. 

On the opening night;  he made sure to bring Harrison, roses, and a teddy bear the size of him. Tom bought tickets right in center stage so (Y/N was able to see them. He knew she was going to still hate him but he wanted to support her. Whenever she had walked out, he made sure to be the loudest one in the auditorium. He even caught her eye every once in awhile.

The show was about to end and he saw her walking out with Dylan and his jaw tensed and his nails were digging into his palm. While (Y/N)’s arm was around Dylan’s she used the other hand to blow a kiss to Tom; in which he gladly caught in his hand.

Harrison nudged his arm; “see, you had nothing to worry about. You were just being a jealous dick to her. She really loves you and same for you.”

(Y/N) opened up the door with the widest smile, “I knew you weren’t always going to be a jealous asshole.” She wrapped her arms around him and he gave her the biggest kiss on her forehead. “I missed you too much, and I am honestly so sorry for the way I overreacted.” He was rambling but (Y/N) just shut him up with another kiss.

“Well, come with me. I have to introduce you to Dylan.” She dragged Tom around the chaos of people that were backstage, Harrison closely following behind.

“Tom and Harrison, meet Dylan. Dylan, meet Tom and Harrison.” The three all shook each other’s hands.

“Oh, meet my boyfriend Alex guys.” Dylan introduced Tom and Harrison to him. Tom was in absolute shock; he got upset for no reason. He whispered in (Y/N)’s ear, “why didn’t you ever tell me Dylan was gay?” She never replied; Harrison and her both had went into a laughing frenzy. 


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hiiiii u wanted cute stuff so imma gush bout my friendos. i dont have many but the few i do have are amazing wonderful balls of sunshine and kindness and i just really love them and wanna keep them safe an make sure they kno that they're loved

friend appreciation is the best kinda appreciation thank you

Hiiiii @taylorswift I’ve been so busy with my FIRST JOB (!!!) and grad school (!!!) applications but I just wanted to let you know that I am SO EXCITED for reputation to come out and can’t wait for what this new era is going to bring (and as always, so proud that 13 year old me decided to stick with you for the past ten years 😜, best decision EVER)

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Hiiiii. Can u please recommend me a long manga with a love triangle. Like ao haru ride. Thanks very much. 😄😄

Stardust Wink

Tonari no Atashi

Love Sick

Love so Life




Otona Pink

P to JK

Sekai no Hate

Sensai ni Ageru

Strobe Edge

Pin to Kona

Yumemiro Taiyou


Lovely Everywhere

Mishounen Produce

Kyou no Kira-kun


Katakoi Triangle

Hirunaka No Ryuusei

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hiiiii do u have any favorite johnlock fics? i really need some nice building up of the perfect romance between them that is not oc and not pwp and not 99% angst and drama :(

Friends to lovers/romance fic recs:

hey anon, heres some fics I think you would enjoy!

Second Chance - 15k, explicit

Now that John’s divorce has gone through and the dust is settling, Sherlock thinks that he would very much like to see if there is any possibility of moving their friendship in another direction. The only thing is, he has no idea how to go about doing that…

Back to the Start - 14k, mature

Sherlock hasn’t played the violin since John’s wedding (which is long since over), and when John returns to 221B, Sherlock relearns the violin as he and John relearn each other. 

A Lifetime Together - 8k, mature

John and Sherlock falling in love. (really fluffy and sweet overall.)

The White Lotuses - 20k, explicit 

One day John realises that he just isn’t where he belongs, which is back at Baker Street with Sherlock. So he goes back and Sherlock, in his own way, courts him. Romance.

For you, there’s only me - 19k, explicit (slightly angsty, brief mention of an oc- john’s date)

Sherlock realizes he has fallen in love with John, but believes he is unlovable. Cue lots of pining and jealousy on Sherlock’s part, followed by our favorite cuddly marksman making it all better. Because for Sherlock, there’s only John. 

neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it

Demi pridefully strutted through the canteen with her tray of food. She didn’t really want to eat the shit that was dished up but she wasn’t going to tell anyone that. In addition to that, she didn’t want to give anybody reason to think that she was miserable or grumpy. The brunette was feeling super confident today as her dark hair waved over her shoulder. She was too in her own little bubble that she didn’t even notice the person talking to her until they touched her shoulder. “I’m sorry, what?” She blurted out, revealing that she hadn’t been paying any attention to anyone or anything.