Poem i had to do for school... blah. Hella Dope tho

See yawl don’t understand me….

I give my heart, my body, and my soul to my family. From Arkansas and Mississippi, my grandparents marched to Chicago without a plan B.

See granddad told granny that the plan be to go the Chi and accomplish a few things.

 Get green, raise kings, reign supreme.

Though they lives ended the plan never foiled, ‘cause the same spot that they was buried in, is where my family tree rooted up out the soil.

And though it was the windy city in which I was born and raised, I guarantee that this tree with never fall or bend on the windiest, thundering, rainiest of days.

I swear I love my family even if they got some crazy ways.

Sometimes they’re embarrassing I gotta’ say.

At times they get on my nerves to the point where I can use words such as hate.

I’m sure they don’t mind because if hating them is a crime then I’m guilty of it and love at the same time.

Lock me up and throw away the key, ‘cause I’ll always ride for them and I know they’ll ride for me, no matter how many enemies or how far in the wrong I may be.

You can say you hate this poem, turn your head and roll your eyes as I recite these poetic lines.

You can curse my name, curse it a million times!!

You can call my family what you want…

I’ll just call them mines