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The lawyer chuckled and returned the kiss, one hand wrapped around her as the other cupped her cheek. “What was that for?”

Alathiel chuckled quietly at his words and looked up at the mistletoe hanging above them “Who put it up there?” She asked, pretending to be surprised when in truth it was her who had hang the branch of mistletoe in a few places around their house. “How was work?”

come on jump out at me

title: come on jump out at me
author: yoursongonmyheart
word count: 28k

“you know, i offered for you to fake out me, but, i don’t know anything about you other than you being my biggest celebrity crush probably since posh spice.”

louis almost chokes on his chicken, “jesus christ,” he sputters.

harry takes a swig of his beer with a smirk. “i was very disappointed when you didn’t say i was your celebrity crush after you came out.”

louis almost cries. “you know i did plan on it. then i ran into you narrating taking a piss and talking about my ass and i thought ‘wow this kid does talk some shit’ and decided against it.”

harry barks out a laugh, his ears tinged red. he takes a bite of his pizza. “i suppose i do have no filter while high.”

louis rolls his eyes, “bit of an understatement, mate.”

harry giggles, “whatever pal,” louis screams internally, “i expect the next time for you to say i’m your celebrity crush. since you’re going to have to be somewhat interested in me in order to sleep with me and take naked pictures of me.”

// Or, the one where Actor Louis Tomlinson and One Direction Superstar Harry Styles try to fake a sex tape to help Harry get out of the closet and they both get more than they bargained for.