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10 Signs Which Show You Are Addicted To A Game

1. Just two hours into the game and you are reading all the walkthroughs and guides available (spoiler-free, of course)

2. You can’t put it down and you go to work/school looking like this:

3. You spend the day at work/school planning strategies for the game

4. You eat your dinner at turbo speed to get back to the game

5. You cancel social engagements just to play the game!

6. The characters are now your closest friends

7. You HAVE to unlock every possible quest/scenario/boss/item/weapon/etc

8. You HAVE to walk every inch of the map

9. You are eager to know the ending but devastated when you finally reach it

10. The moment your first playthrough ends, you start your second

But that’s the joy of gaming!

More Post-Episode 23 Thoughts

Little things

Did anyone notice how Kaname turned his head to face Tsumugu right after he asked Chisaki whether she thinks she’d be better off not loving someone? I’m sure he did it on purpose, though I doubt it was a clever move.


  • Manaka accidentally overheard Chisaki telling Tsumugu that she liked Hikari.
  • Chisaki accidentally overheard Tsumugu telling Hikari that he liked Chisaki.
  • Manaka ran away after Hikari’s confession
  • Chisaki ran away after Tsumugu’s confession
  • Chisaki did not run away after Kaname’s confession
  • Hikari did not run away after Chisaki’s confession
  • I hope Kaname will run away after Sayu’s confession

Next episode’s preview is a convoluted mess.

  • Manaka: Who do you like Hii-kun?
  • Tsumugu: Why..?
  • Kaname: My feelings…
  • Tsumugu: Was I mistaken?
    (I hope not…)
  • Chisaki: Why just after five years
    (Seriously, Chisaki, five years are a lot of time…)
  • Sayu: Stop acting like the tragic heroine!
    (Who’s she talking to? Chisaki or Miuna?)
  • Tsumugu: This is a talk between guys
    (Incoming bro moments between Tsumugu and Hikari or Kaname)
  • Miuna: The sound of the sea
  • Kaname: Manaka has nothing to do with this
  • Hikari: This is messed up
    (Yes it is, everyone has issues except for Sayu)
  • Miuna: Something I can do
    (I believe in you, Miuna! Lately, the landkids have proven to be more mature and rational than the sea kids. Miuna is supporting Manaka even though it breaks her own heart. Sayu thinks they shouldn’t decide what’s best for Manaka behind Manaka’s back. Tsumugu wants to move forward. No matter how you look at it, the landkids are saving the seakids.)
Nagi no Asukara - 25

I honestly don’t even know where to start. What a great episode. One more to go. I don’t want to wait. 

Also. I am going to be pretty unforgiving with spoilers so I highly suggest blacklisting ‘Nagi no Asukara spoiler’ or just avoiding my blog throughout the day. 

SPOILERS. Spoilers everywhere. Kind of. I saw most of this coming, so I don’t really feel surprised but I am extremely pleased nonetheless and even if I wasn’t surprised, I was extremely emotional and had lots of adrenaline and crying moments. lol. 

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