hihihihi giggles

anonymous asked:

Jungkook acted different when it come to Jimin, it's visible. For example, the look on Jungkook face is different when others caress his head and when Jimin caress his head. But Jimin, somehow idk if this is the good word to express it but he's good at hiding it except for one thing, that is he knows everything about Jungkook. Jikook is showing their affections in different ways but at the end, they both feel the love.


I swear with everyone else he’s the same annoying, easily excitable piece of shiet but with Jimin he’s always tamer. Jimin was right, Jungkook is like his puppy lmao. 

Joking aside, I swear to god Jungkook acts cuter when he’s around Jimin. That averting eyes thing he always does? The slight, but cute af smile. That reserved “hihihihi” giggle that he always does. You can picture it in your mind, right? You all know exactly what I’m talking about, even without a visual aid. >:)

(but I added one anyway ;P)