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Name: Kristy
Nickname: Krist, Krispy Satan.
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: $$
Favorite Color: Pinkkkk (& carolina blue)
Time and Date: 10:06 PM on 3/14/2015
Sleeping Hours 6-7 on weekdays, 8-10 on weekends
Lucky Number: 13
Last Thing I Googled: Hack for Webcams (kinda paranoid about my tablet camera!!)
First Word(s) That Come To Mind: TAR-HEEEEEEEEL.
Favorite Character: Um… Hermione Granger? Chihiro and Haku in Spirited Away?
Drink: Half seltzer water, a third of cranberry, a sixth of apple with a slice of lemon!
Last Film I Saw In Theaters: Interstellar!
Dream Wedding: Lots of flowers, lots of lace, nice sunny day! Tulips ♡
Dream Job: astrophysicist.
What Are You Wearing?: Besides Tarheel pride, gray sweats, pink tee, and neon lime zipup. Gonna exercise after the Tarheels win. Hopefully.

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Name: Kristy

Nickname: Krist ( cripotle thankss), krispy satan is what my phone calls me.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: $$

Height: 5'1" (yes, I am aware that I am elbow height.)

Favorite Color: No denying it… pink.

Time and Date: 3:25AM on March 11th, 2015. Send me to bed.

Average Amount of Sleep: 6:30-8 on weekdays, maybe 9-11 on weekends.

Last Thing I Googled: Erm… Why do people need to know this part? If you must… Lady Catherine de Bourg is a Red Giant (it’s for an English assignment, I swear!!)

First Word That Comes To Mind: Hongdae (place in Seoul, SK)

Place That Makes Me Happy: Tokyo, Japan- only place that makes me happy, tbh.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep Under: Um… Two at home and college? I think??

Favorite Fictional Character: You expect me to pick one. Fuck you. Okay, maybe Hermione Granger. Or Geol Oh of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I have intense feelings for this man.

Favorite Book(s): Once again, fuck you. I’m doing more than 1. I read hella lot of fanfic and reccing them can be awkward so I’ll stick to real literature. Harry Potter, The Good Earth, Romiette and Julio, Pride & Prejudice. That’s it so far.

Favorite Drink: I’m picky- loose leaf green tea brewed with roasted brown rice. It’s SO good. Also, matcha green tea is ambrosia.

Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: Interstellar because space is bae.

Dream Vacation: I have/will be going to them!! Seoul, SK and Tokyo, Japan ♡♡

Dream Wedding: To someone I love! Hahaha, just kidding. Anyway, I’m going to say in the outdoors, maybe under a beautiful oak tree or with the sky exposed? I worry about bugs, so idk.

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